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All those with an Amazon "Alexa" device who don't have a dishwasher!

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phoenix Mon 23-Jul-18 20:18:50

Evening all!

Next time you are at the sink, dealing with the dishes, ask Alexa to play "the washing up song", guaranteed to have you bopping about! grin

I suppose we could let the dishwasher owners listen whilst loading the machine??

GrannyGravy13 Mon 23-Jul-18 20:35:10

I am really sad - I say please and thank you to Alexa, and also bid her goodnight each evening, along with good morning each day.

I believe I have a problem lol!!!

In my defence she is far more amenable than 'The Husband'

gillybob Mon 23-Jul-18 20:45:07

I must be sad too then GrannyGravy I always thank “her” and bid her a goodnight. She’s very polite .

gillybob Mon 23-Jul-18 21:08:36

Alexa seems to have a playlist for every occasion and mood. I love it 😊

Charleygirl Mon 23-Jul-18 21:17:38

I have managed to stop myself saying please and thank you but it was difficult.

annsixty Mon 23-Jul-18 21:47:36

I am very sad because I don't know Alexa.😨

MiniMoon Mon 23-Jul-18 21:51:56

I still use manners when asking "Alexa" a question. I've had to change my wake word in the kitchen as my echo show will chip in with random pieces of information that I haven't asked for. I think DH's name and Alexa may sound rather similar when I'm talking. I've gone all Star Trek and call it "computer" now.
I have an echo dot which I keep in the bedroom. The Sweet Dreams music is wonderfully relaxing if you have trouble drifting off.
I usually have Classic FM playing when I'm in the kitchen, but I'll try the washing up song.

Charleygirl Mon 23-Jul-18 22:05:54

I also have an Echo Dot in my bedroom and sometimes if I ask Alexa downstairs to start eg a timer for 10 minutes, the one upstairs cottons on so I have to shout to stop it running on forever. I love my bedroom one mainly as an alarm clock and for flash briefings.

phoenix Mon 23-Jul-18 22:10:29

having only got my Echo last week (early birthday present) I'm still learning, but MiniMoon would love to know more about Sweet Dreams music, might even be able to justify getting a Dot!

(Although to be be fair, we did get the Echo when it was prime day, so 30% off, I see it's now back to full price)

NanKate Mon 23-Jul-18 22:14:10

If you fancy a short meditation Phoenix just say Alexa play a 5 minute meditation, they are lovely and very relaxing.

phoenix Mon 23-Jul-18 22:17:27

Thank you, NanKate but think I would need a dot in the bedroom for that, the Echo is in the kitchen with far too much distraction, will give it a go anyway, once the room is free of cats and Mr P.

Doodle Mon 23-Jul-18 22:34:23

phoenix my DGDs once spent an entire afternoon asking Alexa to meow or woof. Unless you have already tried it, please say Alexa meow and see what you get. The meows change and some are hysterical. My DGDs were rolling on the floor with laughter.

Doodle Mon 23-Jul-18 22:35:52

Our Alexa sometimes talks to us in the middle of a TV program and once we were sitting quietly reading and she started quoting poetry 🤔

annodomini Mon 23-Jul-18 23:28:14

I keep my Echo Dot beside my bed. It's useful to be able to ask her (it?) the time if I wake up during the night and can't be bothered to turn over and look at the clock radio. I also have Alexa on my Amazon Fire Tablet. It is a bit confusing if they both try to respond at the same time.

annep Mon 23-Jul-18 23:40:24

I'm sure you all love her and that she's very useful but I don't want to know Alexa.

MiniMoon Mon 23-Jul-18 23:45:55

phoenix just say "alexa, enable sweet dreams". There are different sounds and meditation to help you fall asleep. It is very relaxing, and you can time it, by saying "alexa play sweet dreams for one hour" etc.

MissAdventure Tue 24-Jul-18 00:01:25

I'm really intrigued and slightly unsettled by the idea, in equal measures, I think.
I would love to see one in action.

MissAdventure Tue 24-Jul-18 00:02:32

grin doesn't make sense, only to me when I wrote it.
But not now blush

grannyactivist Tue 24-Jul-18 02:00:09

A short while ago I mentioned to my son that I was contemplating getting an Alexa or similar device. He very strongly advised me not to and told me, in all seriousness, that he wouldn't be having any conversations within 'earshot' of the devices during his visits. He's not usually an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist, so I was really spooked out of getting one. confused

annep Tue 24-Jul-18 06:16:52

I understood Misadventure . made perfect sense, and I sort of agree!
Grannyactivist apparently they can record and repeat conversations. Anyone verify this?

Grandma70s Tue 24-Jul-18 06:55:54

My young grandson likes to tell their Alexa to burp. He finds that funny.

I haven’t got one. I don’t see the point.

OldMeg Tue 24-Jul-18 06:59:31

I tested the conspiracy theory that they listen in and try to sell you stuff. I repeatedly suggested to DH that we needed new dog harnesses.

Nothing. No hard sell. No ads or snails from Amazon.

OldMeg Tue 24-Jul-18 07:00:39

Indeed no emails either....still waitin for the 🐌 but they are notoriously slow anyway 🤨🤔

Grandad1943 Tue 24-Jul-18 07:50:04

We have fitted the house out with wifi lighting which can be voice controlled by Alexa. That allows you to turn the lights on and off from anywhere in the house, change the brightness and colour etc.

However, by far the best voice command to have is when you get into bed you just say, "Alexa all lights off", and they dim and go off all over the house and outside, brilliant.

No more running around the house turning all those lights and plugs off when you just want to go to bed. moon

TwiceAsNice Tue 24-Jul-18 07:57:06

I think Alexa ( daughter and neighbour have one) is decidedly creepy and I DON'T want one