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First Passport - Anyone Had Photos Rejected?

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emiliedaniel Wed 21-Nov-18 09:54:11

We had T's passport photos rejected as apparently there was red eye (not that we could see it...). I've now had them re-taken professionally, so they should be fine, but does anyone know if I have to have one countersigned again? My friend who is an Accountant & signed the first set is away till next month & I need to get the photos re-submitted before the 30th Jan, or they keep our fee & I'll have to pay again.

Can anyone advise?

paddyann Thu 17-Jan-19 11:12:29

We've been taking passport photos for decades and never had any problems with them.Until recently when they get rejected for the stupidest reasons.We had one woman who returned to have retakes 4 times and to be honest the one that was acceted at last was no different to the others.We have now stopped taking passports pictures in the run up to our retirement

Jane10 Thu 17-Jan-19 11:23:11

For some insane reason my digital passport photo is rejected because, apparently, my mouth is open. It is definitely not. It has been retaken by the photo place several times and my mouth is grimly clamped shut but its still open according to the bleep bleep passport renewal website. The pic is absolutely appalling BTW. I look about 120 and homeless. ( no disrespect to homeless people intended, I just look like a rough sleeper)

Telly Thu 17-Jan-19 11:36:22

I had one rejected because I was wearing my very light framed glasses. I had them redone and it was amazing, the light erased every line, looked nothing like me, but that was fine!