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Any other technophobes?!

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Honey1958 Wed 26-Dec-18 21:27:48

Hi anyone else on here who feels technology is beyond them?? Was thinking of getting an extra TV. I have a virgin package but have no idea if this would also work with the 2nd set. Then looked at TV's and came across smart TV's which link to the internet and download things?? No idea if I want one of these?! If I ask my daughter will probably not understand her reply. They have phones that do things like record TV when they are out of the house if they want to. Totally out of my depth and feel stupid and OLD! Thanks for listening to my rant.

MiniMoon Wed 26-Dec-18 22:56:58

No, I love technology. We own a smart tv, it is the most excellent device. I have a smartphone, a tablet and Amazon Echo devices in 3 rooms. Just received an Echo Spot for my bedroom, it's a smart clock, as far as I'm concerned. If love to make my house a smart home, but will start slowly by buying bulbs and plugs to begin with.
You really shouldn't be scared of technology, it's the way forward.

Vonners Wed 26-Dec-18 23:47:23

I'm totally out of my depth with TVs too. I bought a secondhand one intending to use it with a BT package. Moved house at that time and BT were just hopeless with changeover for phone, internet and TV. They wanted to do it one item at a time. Got phone line, then internet, by then I'd had enough so cancelled the tv part. I now have to plug a cable into the phone socket and then into the back of the TV. I don't get BT tv yet it doesn't work if cable not plugged into phone socket - I've no idea what I'm getting. A friend told me I'm getting internet tv. Whats that??? Also sure most people don't have a cable running across the floor when they sit down to watch the box.
I've no idea about these 'ask Alexa' devices, I wonder if you have to pay for a service?
I use a smartphone and laptop but just don't have the interest in all the complications. In fact most TV is watched on my laptop via catchup.
I don't think you're stupid and old, some of us prefer to spend time doing other things, for me its walking and gardening.

Anja Thu 27-Dec-18 06:46:52

Get a smart TV.

notentirelyallhere Thu 27-Dec-18 10:01:39

Very much sympathise OP. We have a smart TV, didn't think you could buy anything else these days. Yes, it has myriad functions including access to the Internet but it took my DH hours to set up and we use a miniscule number of its many possibilities.

We sometimes agree that we'd like to see a film and by the time it's loaded Netflix and we've waded through pages and pages of possible films, we're both bored and often shrug and go off to do something better. We only watch BBC channels, rarely the others because we hate the ads and agree that 70 per cent of programmes are rubbish.

I've used computers from day 1 and at work was told by an IT trainer that I was a power user. Now I'd like to throw my laptop out of the window with its endless Windows updates and annoying distracting clickbait.

We do have an Alexa which is mildly useful and amusing. I don't understand how anyone has time to make use of the so-called choice that these devices have given us. I think people don't concentrate anymore and have reduced powers of sustained attention and ability to analyse. Everything is surface as a result and I privately think that may account for the rise of fake news and the outcome of the referendum. That's my halfpenny worth. I don't think I'm a technophobe, I do fear for the world that is being created by these things not least out of control algorithms which is an entire story of its own.

Happy Christmas!!

Applegran Thu 27-Dec-18 10:40:06

We have a smart Tv and are slowly finding out how to use it. But we have super slow broadband! The result is that we cannot use many of the smart features - e.g. Watch a programme we've come to half way through, from the start, or watch something on catch up. I also have Alexa and love what she can do! Play Mozart piano music! And she does! Weather forecast ! Jokes! And lots more .

henetha Thu 27-Dec-18 10:42:36

I can only cope with technology because I have two sons who are both good at it and help me. I had a new smart tv this year and it's wonderful.

Oldwoman70 Thu 27-Dec-18 10:50:51

Since retiring I find technology has got away from me. I use a laptop and have a phone with lots of apps I don't use! I don't have a smart TV as I understand you need a good internet connection for them to work - I live in a rural area and it is a standard joke amongst neighbours that the internet goes out more often than we do.

Juggernaut Thu 27-Dec-18 10:51:49

Get yourself a smart TV, they're great!
You may find that your Virgin package won't work with a 2nd TV though. We have Sky, and although the 2nd smart TV works wonderfully as a 'stand alone', to use it with the full Sky package, films, sport etc we have had to increase our subscription to Sky Q (for any Sky users amongst us, Q is brilliant by the way!).
We tend not to use the TVs to surf the net, as typing using a remote control isn't the easiest thing!
The first smart TVs were okay, but didn't have many built in apps, and not many were full HD (high definition). However, with the apps built in to the newer TVs, there are loads of entertainment opportunities.
If your Virgin package includes HD, make sure you get a TV with Full HD, and if possible UHD 4K. The clarity and definition is fantastic.
Also, get a TV with at least 3 or 4 HDMI ports for connecting BluRay players etc.
Our TVs are both Samsung, can highly recommend the brand.
Get your DD to go with you to a big retailer, so that you don't get 'blinded by science' and have a look at them.
Check with Virgin first though if you want to use their package with a 2nd TV, it may be possible, but could also increase your payments quite a bit. You may want to give that some thought.
Good Luck!

Juggernaut Thu 27-Dec-18 10:57:07

Just had a thought, we have super fast fibre optic Broadband, so our smart TVs are really fast at downloading.
If you have a slow broadband service, you may find things very slow to download, or the screen may freeze for a few moments while it 'buffers' or catches up with itself!

nipsmum Thu 27-Dec-18 11:01:52

I don't understand much about modern technology but my son in law does thank goodness. He sets it up shows me what to do and then I get on with using it. If I don't use something for a while and have forgotten the procedure he comes and refreshes my memory and we are okay till the next time I need tuition. It's a great system for me an old technophobes.

LuckyFour Thu 27-Dec-18 11:03:32

My daughter has some complicated tv and video system. I couldn't even switch the telly on when I was baby sitting for them. I just sat there all evening browsing their book shelf.

EllanVannin Thu 27-Dec-18 11:11:39

My TV's a smart one but I haven't tackled it since new. Not even put a DVD in it. As long as I have the given channels to watch,it'll do me.
Even my laptop is supposed to do everything bar make the tea I've never used it to its full capacity and didn't even know there was a camera in it until this year-----after 3 years.
My Shark hoover is another up to date animal that I also haven't fully explored.

As long as things work when switched on is all that matters now. I've gone past the stage of " exploratory surgery " on my gadgets.

Jaycee5 Thu 27-Dec-18 11:16:32

I felt the same way but I am glad that I got my smart TV and it was much easier to set up and use than I expected.
The main difference is that you can't use old scart DVD players (don't buy a connection cord which claims to connect a scart player with a smart TV as they don't work unless they have a connector inbetween).
You record with a USB stick or a box but with catch up and YouTube instantly available I haven't bothered.
I don't use it for the internet as I don't like the time it takes with the remote. They don't come with a keyboard but you can buy one.
If you have any trouble setting it up there are plenty of forums and YouTube videos that go through it.
I had to get a new router password because I couldn't make mine work but that didn't take long and it pretty well takes you through the steps.
I have a Samsung which froze a few times after I first got it but I found a forum that told me how to stop it and it has been fine since.
I use my old one in my bedroom and I like having both kinds but if I could only have one I would definitely keep the smart TV.

hillwalker70 Thu 27-Dec-18 11:18:21

I’m with you honey1958 I don’t understand any technology at all, I don’t have a big computer or laptop, just an iPad which was a present, no printer, no fart phone, no smart tv, no microwave, no dishwasher, no tumble dryer and none of them horrid talking gadgets, what a waste of money. I have a landline which I use and write letters to friends, I don’t know what streaming is although people have tried to explain it to me and I play CDs on a CD player and I still manage to live a happy and purposeful life.

starbird Thu 27-Dec-18 11:19:13

I don’t have a smart tv but I have a smart dvd recorder/player which lets me see and watch programmes in the last week and watch i player etc , but it relies on an internet signal to do so and mine ( so called fast fibre) is not usually up to it. However, I can still change my incoming signal by pressing a button on the remote, to receive an ordinary signal from the aerial and watch ‘land’ tv. I cannot afford or have any desire to add more channels - Netflix etc and already have loads of progranmes - documentaries and drama series - recorded up to a year old, that I never get around to watching.
However, I am now finding it hard to read subtitles and info about programmes on my 34” screen and have just bought a 43” tv. Although I have paid to have it set up I am dreading the whole thing, so yes, Honey1958 I do sympathise.

Sparklefizz Thu 27-Dec-18 11:32:47

I have a landline which I use and write letters to friends, I don’t know what streaming is although people have tried to explain it to me and I play CDs on a CD player and I still manage to live a happy and purposeful life.

Well said hillwalker !

Hm999 Thu 27-Dec-18 11:41:20

I have a smart TV I can't work fully. That's why I had children.

Buffybee Thu 27-Dec-18 11:59:02

So true Hm999! 😂

Daisyboots Thu 27-Dec-18 12:10:46

We have an ultra HD 4K and it's fine with our Meo tv box and have hundreds of channels and can watch American and English programmes on it. But to get the British channels we need an Amazon firestick of which we have 3 at the moment. They all work fine at on our friends tv yet as soon as my husband plugs one into our tv it freeezes or says it needs to update. He isn't very patient and will keep pressing the buttons which I think is part of the problem. I keep out of it to keep the peace anyway I dont watch much tv. Although yesterday afternoon he clicked on Foxlife and they were showing Christmas movies so I watched them during the afternoon and evening. Dont think he was keen. They were a bit Mills and Booneish but took my mind off my pain which was good
I think the Firestick will work better when when we get fibre which was supposed to be by the end of November but like most things here they are running a bit late

loopyloo Thu 27-Dec-18 12:11:18

What I can't cope with is paying by phone at a parking meter. All I can do is pay with coins.

loopyloo Thu 27-Dec-18 12:13:38

But now it will be the survival of the digitally fittest. And I wonder if some of the homelessness is not caused because those people cannot cope with registering with local authorities etc.

MissAdventure Thu 27-Dec-18 12:15:56

I have a normal tv, and don't understand Netflix, catch up tv or anything like that.
As soon as someone starts explaining tech to me, my mind switches off.

Anniebach Thu 27-Dec-18 12:20:39

I don’t ‘do’ tech

hillwalker70 Thu 27-Dec-18 12:37:33

I think you are correct loopyloo about vulnerable people having to have a smart phone or similar to access the benefit system which seems to be a ridiculous situation, how can you pay a monthly contract without income or a permanent address, technology has complicated life for so many people.