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Honeywell T3R programmable wireless thermostat. HELP!

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rowyn Thu 26-Mar-20 11:19:32

I've just had a new boiler installed- all done in a hurry for obvious reasons, BUT I didn't realise I was going to acquire this all singing all dancing thermostat that I do NOT understand. I expected something nice and simple like my last boiler!

The men did show me what to do before leaving but I didn't understand and relied on there being a manual with clear instructions. I always prefer to read and slowly digest!
All I got was a "Quick Start User Guide" which is incomprehensible. Have trawled the internet and finally found a site where I can download a user manual it says, but when I try to do so, it tells me there is a problem and the file may be damaged, so no joy. It might not be any use anyway!!
I ended up accidentally programming it to come on at 3am in the morning and run for 10 min. then go off for 15min. then on, off. .. After a frenzy of button pushing I seem to have managed to switch of the heating but have hot water still.
I can live with this and fan heaters, - the weather is milder,
But I wonder if anyone has a set of very clear idiot proof instructions for this or know where I can get one? Or any other advice?
I am about to try phoning but don;t hold out much hope. It would be impossible to learn over the phone anyway. I'm reasonable with computers and a smartphone but this thing laves me beat!

midgey Thu 26-Mar-20 11:25:22

Have you tried YouTube? My son tells me nearly everything is there!

rowyn Thu 26-Mar-20 11:30:19

Found one American bloke but he was just as incomprehensible as the user guide!

Purpledaffodil Thu 26-Mar-20 11:32:27

We had a similar problem. Plumber advised us to leave hot water on permanently and turn heating on and off by the thermostat morning and evening which we do and have done for several years. TBH I think even the plumber didn’t understand it!😱

Sussexborn Thu 26-Mar-20 11:43:17

We’ve been controlling the heating using the thermostat for years.

Calendargirl Thu 26-Mar-20 11:49:01

We have also had a new boiler installed in a hurry for obvious reasons as you say. Our plumber says it is a straightforward one which is all we want, our old one was 15 years old.
Today is the first day we have had any heat apart from an electric fire for a week, and the immersion packed up last night so no hot water apart from kettle!
Thank heavens for a reliable, local, regularly used plumber who has gone above and beyond to sort us out, as after Boris’ announcements on Monday, I had visions of no new boiler for goodness knows how long!

rowyn Thu 26-Mar-20 11:54:44

That's what my (trusted) heating engineer said about mine - i.e. 'straightforward! I expect it is. For him! He installed and looked after previous boiler and it was fine. But muucccchhh Simpler!!

Calendargirl Thu 26-Mar-20 12:03:05

I am just studying the manual, most of it could be in Swahili as I am not well versed in anything like that, but it has a 10 year warranty, which needs registering within a month to be valid, which I hope to do online.
Cannot help feeling this info is hidden away rather, hoping you don’t get it completed and then saying it’s not valid if anything goes wrong.

rowyn Thu 26-Mar-20 12:21:20

Yes mine has a 10 year warranty bu that doesn't help. It's working but I can't work it!! Have just phoned a number I found; got someone with very thick accent who offered me an installation guide!!! When I'd explained slowly I was a user not installer he offered to talk me through programming it. I just gave up - there are over 20 separate steps on the QUICK user guide = I'd be on the phone for a week!

Calendargirl Thu 26-Mar-20 13:23:21

I have just typed in Honeywell etc etc and got an American woman showing you how to programme your thermostat. It lasts about 5 minutes but looked ‘relatively’ simple.
Try getting her up, then following instructions while looking at them, assume it’s on an I pad, setting, date, time, and so on .Is there someone else who can do that while you read out instructions?
Hope this helps.

Calendargirl Thu 26-Mar-20 13:26:03


I know what you mean about being given instructions from installers, I usually nod sagely saying I understand, but really thinking, Oh I will just look it up when you’ve gone, as I don’t want to appear clueless, which I usually am!

Laughterlines Thu 26-Mar-20 13:29:39

Read user manual online try to figure out which bit is useful. Copy relevant bit. Paste into word document then print that off.

If it doesn’t work have another glass of wine and wait till you are speaking to DGC on FaceTime. They don’t even have to read manual to sort it for you.

Works every time for me.

rowyn Thu 26-Mar-20 13:46:59

Must try Youtube again. I only found an American bloke. And the thermostat wasn't the same model as mine. One of the problems is that there are 5 buttons and when the guide tells me to 'select', adjust or confirm it doesn't say which button to use!

Calendargirl Thu 26-Mar-20 14:52:35

I just googled your thermostat details, and that is what came up, but look through the different ones that come up to find American lady.

Chewbacca Thu 26-Mar-20 15:07:51

Hi rowyn I've got a Honeywell thermostat and might be able to help you. I don't know the specific one but does yours look like this?

rowyn Thu 26-Mar-20 15:59:15

WOW. Still can't find that lady on You tube but I have just found - through Google- a manual for HoneywellT3 thermostat which actually tells me how to 'select', 'adjust 'etc by using correct button!!! AND I've saved it as a PDF on my p.c. Don't know where it comes from but certainly not Honeywell (it's on a site which offers download of manuals) and am really hopeful that I can crack it now.
However, I am totally exhausted and emotional , having spent absolutely hours over 2 days trying to get help,so think it might be better to start afresh tomorrow with the darned thing.
And , Chewbaca yes - mine does look like yours. Is yours wireless and freestanding? I might be asking you questions tomorrow!
Thanks to all the others who have tried to help. I'll let you know how I get on!

kircubbin2000 Thu 26-Mar-20 16:37:28

I just turn mine on and off when I need to.

Chewbacca Thu 26-Mar-20 17:08:10

Hi rowyn, yes, it's wireless and free standing. To be honest, I've only had mine for a few months too and it has taken me a while to get used to it. I've never bothered with the function that makes the heating come on/off at set times and have just used the up and down keys to select the temperature if the room feels too cold. I usually have it set so that the heating will come on as soon as the room temperature falls to 16 degrees anyway.

rowyn Fri 27-Mar-20 12:10:12

Noon on Friday ( I think):
Not sure of anything any more but with the help of all the bits of information I've collected, and most importantly the manual which told me how to perform each operation I THINK I might have cracked it. I didn't actually grasp what I was trying to do before!
Now I understand that the thermostat comes with a preset programme which means CH is on between 6.30 and 8am in the morning and 9pm to 10.30 in the evening. I also understand that it can be set to have different times at the weekend from the weekdays. AND I think I know how to alter those times to ones I prefer.And most of all I now know how to move between icons on the screen, and confirm my choice!
Time taken to achieve this so far - about 7 hours, i reckon!
I shall make a coffee and go and watch Bargain Hunt to recover from my endeavours so far. Will have to wait until this evening to see if the CH comes on at the right time!
Thanks again everyone and here is the link to the manual I found just in case anyone would like it

Calendargirl Fri 27-Mar-20 12:18:31

Well done Rowyn

rowyn Sat 04-Apr-20 11:48:00

Update. ( April 4th)
I've managed to programme times for CH to come on and off fairly successfully BUT I still get woken up in the middle of every night ( 3 or 4am) by the boiler coming on and going off at intervals for over an hour and also it tends to over run the morning time period I have set. I feel so frustrated and cannot work out why and cannot find help. I live alone and talking on the phone just doesn't work. I's really getting me down .

Chewbacca Sat 04-Apr-20 11:59:41

rowyn your boiler might be tripping on in the middle of the night because the thermostat on the boiler has been set a bit too high. Mine is set at 5 degrees and so, if the temperature around the boiler falls below that, it will automatically trip on. If your thermostat is set at say, 12 degrees, the nightime temperature may well fall below that and so will the boiler will come on automatically. If you could put up with it until all of this lockdown is over, you'd be best calling a plumber/heating engineer and asking them to come back out and check for you.

Well done on setting the timer though! smile

rowyn Sat 04-Apr-20 13:46:23

Thanks, Chewbaca. That could be true. To be honest I wasn't sure what I was setting the temperature for when doing the programming, and could well have gone far too high! I think you understand the principles far better than I do!! Will investigate.