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Yellow flashing notification light on Alexa

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NanKate Mon 11-Jan-21 17:40:13

I have a flashing light on my Alexa to tell me I have an Amazon delivery on Friday. How can I verbally stop it flashing please ?

cornishpatsy Mon 11-Jan-21 17:43:04

Open the app on your phone and change the notification settings.

Tweedle24 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:47:15

I like that on my Alexa but, she is not in my eye-line most of the time.
I was quite impressed before Christmas when she told me that she would not, for the time being, tell me the contents of the packages in case they were Christmas gifts. I could change that on the app if I wished.

Cherrytree59 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:51:54

Should stop flashing once you say ' Alexa what is my new notification? '
Alexa will then tell you the notification .
After which she will revert back to standby mode.

vampirequeen Tue 12-Jan-21 10:50:00

As Cherrytree says. Just ask her what the notification is. She'll tell you and stop flashing.

Franbern Mon 25-Jan-21 18:30:57

Just say
Alexa delete all notications'

Bibbity Mon 25-Jan-21 20:31:24

It’s telling you you have a notification.
Usually alerting you to a delivery.
Just say Alexa what’s the notification.

NanKate Tue 26-Jan-21 19:57:32

Thanks all the advice is working 👍

grannyrebel7 Tue 26-Jan-21 21:20:28

My Alexa has a solid green light sometimes. Anyone know what that is?