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Photos on iPad

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Missfoodlove Mon 01-Feb-21 08:55:07

MrsMopp, Bluebelle I was sharp because I had gone to the bother of taking screenshots and creating what was a foolproof guide.
My response would have been “ Thank you MFL I will give that a try”

Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 00:16:45

This link [oops]

Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 00:15:02

BlueBelle if you tap once on missfoodlove’s photo it will enlarge without losing half off the edge of the page.

The attached link has instructions on creating albums and adding photos to them. The screen prints are rather busy but the step by step instructions are clear and concise. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything clarifying, we all had to learn some time. I’m sure you’ll soon get used to it.

mrsmopp Sun 31-Jan-21 23:58:14

Missfoodllove, you have upset BlueBelle, maybe an apology is in order?

BlueBelle Sun 31-Jan-21 22:37:31

If you had bothered to look at the photograph you would have understood

Any need to be so sharp missfiodlove unfortunately my eyes aren’t good enough to see the photo and when I enlarge it half disappears

I ll leave this now and sort myself out

Missfoodlove Sat 30-Jan-21 22:46:23

I mean the photos icon.
It is an integral app.
If you had bothered to look at the photograph you would have understood.

Urmstongran Sat 30-Jan-21 19:33:55

I’ve just checked and I have 3,500 photos. I have put a fair few into albums. 15 albums. Nice way to spend a day or two!

BlueBelle Sat 30-Jan-21 19:28:19

Oh I havent been using an app just have them stored under the photos icon

Missfoodlove Sat 30-Jan-21 18:46:58

The google photos are storage.
The photos in the app ( see photo with the icon circled ) are what you are putting in albums.
In the unlikely event of you deleting anything there is a “ recently deleted “ folder in your photos, they can be retrieved.

mrsmopp Sat 30-Jan-21 18:02:24

To add to the confusion my ipad also has google photos and some photos are in google and some in the Photos and some are in both! I don’t want to risk losing anything - all my memories are on here.

Missfoodlove Sat 30-Jan-21 15:06:03

Go to photos on the app.
Tap top left to get the menu displayed.
Scroll to bottom of menu to new album.
Click on this and type in a name.
You will now be able to add photos, your library will pop up.
Tap on pictures you wish to add.
A blue tick will appear as you select.
Click on done top right when finished.
You can create as many albums as you wish.

BlueBelle Sat 30-Jan-21 13:49:21

Mrsmopp I ve often wondered that
How do you move them to albums though, once they ve gone into your main saving space if I click on a photo it doesn’t t give you the option of putting it anywhere does it ?
Mine are all muddled up too

PamelaJ1 Sat 30-Jan-21 12:37:52

Same as Blossoming with only one difference..... insert the words- keep meaning to- between her first two words.

Blossoming Sat 30-Jan-21 12:35:19

I put mine into albums and use tags such as place or occasion or names so I can find them quickly.

mrsmopp Sat 30-Jan-21 12:23:32

I need help organizing photos on my iPad. There must be a good way to group them so I can find what I’m looking for.
Hope there’s a simple way of doing it as I’m not very technical minded. Some of them are duplicates but I’m scared to delete in case I lose them. They are all mixed up at the moment. Oh dear I’m hopeless!! I have Photos and also google photos.