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Recommendations please for wireless headphones/ear buds

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Jaxjacky Fri 19-Feb-21 18:06:25

I use my phone out walking for radio, music, BBC sounds and need to move on from the headphones on a ‘string’. I don’t want to spend loads, up to £50. Thank you.

Galaxy Fri 19-Feb-21 18:12:14

I have Sony wireless headphones. They are brilliant. I think about £40.

Blossoming Fri 19-Feb-21 18:43:50

I can’t wear anything in my ears, I have aftershokz bone conduction blue tooth headphones that were a present from Mr. B, there are many similar on Amazon at various prices, such as these.]]

Blossoming Fri 19-Feb-21 18:45:10

Sorry, not sure what happened to that link!]]

cornishpatsy Fri 19-Feb-21 18:53:48

I tried a couple of cheaper wireless before buying Airpods, expensive but so much more comfortable.

Mollygo Fri 19-Feb-21 18:59:16

I have had KS Bounce and Forenz, for a few years now since my iPhone stopped having a plug-in socket. Neither of them were expensive (one set from TKMAXX and the other from Amazon).

Jaxjacky Fri 19-Feb-21 19:43:47

Thank you , I’ll look at them all.

Dianic Sat 13-Mar-21 10:58:04

My DD gave me some she bought on Amazon for £22 and they're fine. Her BF bought her the Apple ones for Christmas, but I have a Sony Experia and they connected perfectly. I must admit, I mainly use them when I'm driving. For indoors I have some lovely Rydohi wireless headphones which cost much the same and are really comfortable (also found on Amazon).

Ramblingrose22 Sat 13-Mar-21 11:06:53

I'm glad someone has started this thread.

I have just bought some expensive wireless headphones with padded earcups. I don't think in-ear headphones would be comfortable for me.

The adjustable headband was too large for my head so I have to return the expensive ones.

Graygirl Sat 13-Mar-21 12:31:05

Great thread, any one got experience of on-bone headphones that are suitable for a hearing aids user.

shysal Sat 13-Mar-21 14:35:28

I used this top ten link when making a decision on ear buds. The top ones are so much cheaper than Apple which are very expensive. I found a rose gold set on Ebay for £74.99. However, I didn't buy them because I wanted to listen mainly to the radio on my phone and realized that a corded earphone has to be plugged into the jack to act as an antenna. There is a way to use the wireless ones, but you still have to have a wired set plugged in even if not in your ears. For all other listening they will be fine. I hope you find some to suit.
best wireless earbuds

Jaxjacky Sat 13-Mar-21 15:38:14

shysal I eventually bought these, I use the radio too, these work fine with my iPhone 5s, no wires required.

Ingrid45 Sat 13-Mar-21 16:45:39

Mrs Dinosaur here! I have seen people out walking with cordless earphones but I don't understand how they work. How would my phone/device know I had them in? Sorry - cant get my head round it!

shysal Sat 13-Mar-21 16:52:42

Ingrid, they work with the bluetooth function.

Jaxjacky, my phone is a Samsung, all of which have the problem I mentioned. I wasn't aware that they work on an iphone. I refuse to pay the price of one!

suziewoozie Sat 13-Mar-21 16:54:30

Oohh so useful and well timed - about to get a new iPhone

Ingrid45 Sat 13-Mar-21 17:03:35

Shysal - So I just switch bluetooth on in the settings and the phone and the ear phones will talk to each other - wow - that's clever!

hilarious Sat 13-Mar-21 20:09:20

I understand the exchange of critical information requested about an important purchase so hope I'm not being a killjoy if I ask why, when we are all exhorted to be in the moment and alert to everything in the world around us, would anyone want to block out sounds around them - for enjoyment or safety? Is this a luxury for some societies today?
My husband wanted to be completely immersed in any music he listened to without the distraction of any other activity, although I have to admit as a much younger person I did turn up my car stereo which probably served to distract me off from some dangers.

Lewie Sat 13-Mar-21 20:44:06

I’ve used blue tooth ear pods for some while to listen to audiobooks. They cost £25 and are Arbily. They’re very comfortable and charge up overnight.

Lewie Sat 13-Mar-21 20:45:10

Have a look on Amazon- there are loads to choose from.

Jaxjacky Sat 13-Mar-21 21:33:40

hilarious for me, I enjoy listening to music, or gardeners question time, or a book when I’m out on my daily walk. It seems rather antisocial to do that in the l room with my husband.

NotTooOld Sat 13-Mar-21 21:38:14

Useful thread! My phone is a Samsung J3. I would like to listen to Radio 4 and perhaps other things whilst out walking. Can anyone recommend some wireless earthingies, please, and tell me how they work, if possible? I don't want to spend megabucks.

shysal Sun 14-Mar-21 07:40:35

NotTooOld I suggest you look on line to check whether your phone radio will work with wireless earbuds. Mine is a Samsung A20e and needs a wired earphone plugged in to act as a radio antenna (see my first post above).

shysal Sun 14-Mar-21 09:14:38

This is the information I was using.

NotTooOld Mon 15-Mar-21 22:45:50

Thanks, shysal. I've just had a look at that link. Seems it is possible but you must still have your ordinary earbuds plugged in as well to act as an aerial. It's all so complicated!