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Stairlift or “ lift lift”? Best choice advice, please.

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Annanan Thu 25-Mar-21 10:47:45

In order not to have to move out of my house which I love I am wondering whether to have a stairlift or a lift lift installed when the stairs become too much for me. Have any GN members got experiences of one or the other and can offer advice And the pitfalls to avoid.

dogsmother Thu 25-Mar-21 11:23:32

This depends on your circumstances and disability.

Eloethan Thu 25-Mar-21 11:29:46

I would imagine having a lift would require more space and be a lot more expensive than a stair lift but I think you need to research it properly.

Rosalyn69 Thu 25-Mar-21 12:06:57

My BIL had a lift lift. He said it was amazing. So convenient and more discreet.

JaneJudge Thu 25-Mar-21 12:08:54

I think if you have space and finances allow, it's always better to have an actual lift

cornishpatsy Thu 25-Mar-21 12:13:06

Lift lifts are more convenient as they are suitable for all disabilities and easier for taking things between floors.

Occupational health can advise and provide funding if necessary.

PamelaJ1 Thu 25-Mar-21 12:16:40

I have a friend who has a lift. It doesn’t take up much room. It would be my choice.

kittylester Thu 25-Mar-21 12:20:39

We've worked out where we can put a lift as our stairs are daft!!

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Mar-21 12:26:52

I have a stairlift and there are pros and cons. If lifts had been available when I first needed help in 2009 to get upstairs provided the cost was not too prohibitive that would have been my first choice.

silverlining48 Thu 25-Mar-21 13:58:38

If you have room and can afford one I think a lift would be better.

LauraNorder Thu 25-Mar-21 14:05:41

We have measured up and could squeeze in a lift when it becomes necessary, finances permitting of course.
The advantages would be that you can remain in a wheelchair, carry other things upstairs such as a tea tray, bring down a wash basket and may other things which would be difficult with a chair lift.
I imagine a lift would also be less likely to devalue the property as many younger families would see a benefit.

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:36:33

A stairlift can be dismantled very quickly- that is something to which I gave some thought.

LauraNorder I can carry anything down or up using my stairlift. I have become a past master over the years. If furniture, there is a weight restriction!

LauraNorder Thu 25-Mar-21 16:29:46

I stand corrected Charleygirl. I’m lucky enough to have no experience of either just yet.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 25-Mar-21 16:33:53

We are in a bungalow but both my MIL and next door neighbours had stair lifts, one downside was that their stairs weren’t wide enough for another person to walk alongside the chair, (MIL was apt to try to throw herself off) and the neighbour didnt feel safe and wanted her DH to hold her hand......
I would opt for a lift, although I have no idea of the costs involved, but I think you need to find out how much weight it can hold (wheelchair maybe plus carer?) what their timings are like if you need to call an engineer out, as it isn’t much fun to be stuck inside a small lift.

Katie59 Thu 25-Mar-21 17:14:46

A lift is much better but much more expensive to install, if your condition is long term it will be well worthwhile.

EllanVannin Thu 25-Mar-21 17:34:01

Lift in a bungalow ? A dumb waiter would even be a waste.
Unless I've read it wrong---which would be nothing new.

JuliaM Thu 25-Mar-21 17:47:21

I have a Stairlift but find it quite difficult to use somedays due to having to step up when my Arthritis is bad. You need to be able to step up backwards to.position yourself on the seat. The neat new style corner lifts were not available when my stairlift was fitted, otherwise I would have much prefared one of those.

Aldom Thu 25-Mar-21 18:12:53

Ellanvannin Oopsadaisy lives in a bungalow, but she has experience of Stair lifts through her MIL and a neighbour.

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Mar-21 18:23:07

LauraNorder I am not supposed to carry half the stuff I do! I have developed a talent but it is not always 100% safe!

EllanVannin Thu 25-Mar-21 18:28:19

Oh right, Aldom, I knew I must have read it wrong. I've been watching too much of Victor Meldrew on Ch 26.

FlexibleFriend Thu 25-Mar-21 18:41:47

Stairlifts are easy to remove and then you'd never know there had been one there. A lift is a pretty permanent addition and quite small. Also a lift is about 10 times the price of a stairlift. Personally I'd have a stairlift but I have quite wide stairs even if they do go round corners which adds greatly to the cost.