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My non technical brother has lost his Apple ID for his iPad.

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Lovetopaint037 Sun 30-May-21 06:10:25

I bought my brother who lives quite a journey from me an iPad .He has a neighbour who was willing to set it up for him. I impressed upon him the importance of ensuring his password for his id was written down and kept for reference. Now he can’t find it and doesn’t remember it. I would tear my hair out but at my age I can’t afford to lose any more. He is disabled and not able to get to an Apple shop. I bought it for him to make his life easier. Is there anything that can be done? Would be grateful if anyone has an idea.

Ashcombe Sun 30-May-21 06:35:32

What a worry for you both! Would this help?

BlueBelle Sun 30-May-21 06:41:49

You can ring Apple up and they are really really helpful they will reset it for him

Carolelouise Sun 30-May-21 06:42:13

If you Google , Lost my Apple ID , it gives you instructions on how to recover your I’d. With a bit of luck your brother’s neighbour will be able to do this for him. Hope this helps 🙂

cornergran Sun 30-May-21 07:32:03

If your brother is able to phone the Apple helpline I’m sure they will sort it for him. Perhaps his neighbour could be with him for the call for support. Don’t despair, it can be sorted fairly simply.

Humbertbear Sun 30-May-21 09:18:08

Perhaps the neighbour could help him do an online chat with Apple who will be able to reset it remotely? My new iPad has facial recognition so I no longer use passwords for any site including opening the iPad itself.

MerylStreep Sun 30-May-21 09:29:18

Did the neighbour who set it up not use finger print id.
If your brother can do this, it’s the easiest option.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 30-May-21 09:40:45

Thank you all so much. I really thought all was lost. I will ring him later on today. I didn’t want to say too much yesterday as he had been to the hospital for a MRI to examine his heart and he had been injected to show what his heart was doing if he was active. He said the neighbour came into do it but he was still feeling the effects of the procedure so I don’t want to over worry him as he is in a very poor way but so delighted with his iPad. Thank you all again.

tickingbird Sun 30-May-21 09:47:55

My grandson changed the pin on their Ipad just after losing his mum and couldn’t remember what he’d changed it to. Over 2 yrs later my son still can’t access the ipad. Apple have been very helpful but because my late dil did everything, my son doesn’t know the email or the phone number that was used to set it up. With people changing mobile numbers and emails these days he just can’t remember his late wife’s mobile from 4 or 5 yrs ago as she’d changed it. Hopefully you won’t have that problem.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 30-May-21 17:33:13

Sorry to hear about that tickingbird. That sounds really awful. By the pin I think you mean the numbers you put in to open the ipad. I always put the year of my birth in and my friend uses the date and month numbers. I expect he has tried those sort of things.

BlueBelle Sun 30-May-21 17:42:17

Tickinbird you could put it back to factory settings that would solve it although he would lose his stuff on there
I ve never known Apple helpline not be able to sort a problem out

tickingbird Tue 01-Jun-21 19:32:50

BlueBelle - Apple can’t help although they were helpful and sympathetic. Yes the pin is used to unlock it but as the 6 yr old changed it and he tried to put it in several times it locked him out. I followed the instructions by connecting it to my MacBook and got it sorted but they send a code to an email or mobile phone and he no longer has access to either. Apple are protecting against theft I suppose but it’s very frustrating.

BlueBelle Wed 02-Jun-21 23:17:25

Only way I can see is to put it back to factory settings but he’d lose anything saved and have to start again

nanna8 Thu 03-Jun-21 00:25:06

You can use another apple product like a phone to reset.