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sewing on a plane

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Rosiebee Wed 13-Feb-13 17:06:50

Hopefully we'll be off to Hong Kong soon. It's such a long flight that I'd really appreciate being to pass a few hours doing some cross stitch. We're doing BA to Heathrow from Manchester and then Virgin to Hong Kong. Can't find anything on either airlines' websites to indicate if I could take a small sewing needle on. Virgin seem to allow small scissors. I've emailed BA but don't know if I'll hear anything back. I can understand not taking knitting needles but would appreciate anyone's experience of sewing on board or I'd be happy to take my crochet hook with me.
Thanks hmm

Ariadne Wed 13-Feb-13 17:44:09

Not sure you'll get away with it, Rosiebee. Anything that could conceivably be used by a terrorist is banned. But try to talk to a human being - difficult, I know! It is a long haul..

Stansgran Wed 13-Feb-13 18:10:22

There is a cutter which looks like a locket. I know people who wear that on a plane. I would pack needles in my main luggage with scissors etc but leave a needle in your cross stitch. They can only confiscate it you,ve nothing to lose

annodomini Wed 13-Feb-13 18:31:02

It's the airport security staff you have to get it past. The Manchester airport ones took a tiny (about 1.5 inches) off me once. And then I came back through Edinburgh Airport wearing a brooch with a huge pin and they never noticed it. You never can tell!

annodomini Wed 13-Feb-13 18:40:03

That should read 'a tiny pair of tweezers'.

sewnanny Wed 13-Feb-13 21:54:31

I really understand your need to stitch while flying and really sympathise, but I have to tell you my husband is with an airline (not BA or Virgin though) and each year when packing for holiday I double check with him whether I can take my embroidery in our hand luggage and the answer is always the same, so for a couple of months before we go I buy two or three sewing magazines to read on the flight carrying them in my hand rather than packing them as they can add weight. By the time we arrive I'm all fired up and ready to sit by the pool and sew .. sorry not terribly helpful, but Bon Voyage.

Nelliemoser Thu 14-Feb-13 09:35:34

I got "caught" with a set of nail scissors in a cabin luggage bag. I just added them at the last minute and had to relinquish them. Its not worth risking.

Rosiebee Thu 14-Feb-13 10:04:02

Thanks all. I was going to do what you suggest Stansgran and try and get hold of a cutter and then pack extra needles in my luggage.
I think you're right about having to get through the security staff at Manchester. I'll try and get in contact with them. I know that not being able to sew on board is no big deal but I find it so relaxing and it really helps to pass the time.
Will post if I hear something. It might help others with similar query.

Rosiebee Thu 14-Feb-13 13:17:13

Great news for all sewers. I emailed Man Airport and have just had this reply.

"I have spoken to our Security at Manchester Airport they have advised that your blunt nosed scissors and your sewing
needle are acceptable to take with you in your hand luggage."

I'll pack some extra needles/scissors just in case but I'll be printing out the full email and taking it with me. Hopefully I'll be able now to wile away a couple of hours on our way to HK. smile smile

Elijay Fri 15-Feb-13 07:26:36

Another thread craft you'd be able to do is Tatting as it only requires a plastic shuttle.

Elijay Fri 15-Feb-13 07:28:01

The link included in my previous post takes you to "The Ring Of Tatters".

FlicketyB Fri 15-Feb-13 08:12:32

It is a long time since I have seen tatting mentioned. The French teacher at my school, an English nun, who despite spending 30 years living in France, always spoke excellent French with an excrable English accent, was constantly tatting. She would do it as she walked the corridors, supervised prep, and recreation times, she barely managed to put her tatting down for meal time.

The results looked good, like lace, but I have no idea where the completed web was used for.

Elijay Wed 06-Mar-13 07:24:35

The women in my family sewed tatting round the edge of napkins etc.

Ariadne Wed 06-Mar-13 09:11:02

What exactly is tatting, please? I have some of my grandmother's table linen which is edged with tatting (So she told me!)

Stansgran Wed 06-Mar-13 10:11:51

It's a bit like macramé with fine thread and a little plastic shuttle or imagine Richelieu work without the material.

GrannyGear Sat 23-Mar-13 23:20:45

I'm baffled by the airline's blanket ban on anything that might conceivably be used as a weapon. I assume they don't stop people wearing a tie or a belt which could be whipped off and used to strangle someone. A pity you're going so far. If it were somewhere closer you could go by ship and/or train.

Rosiebee Fri 05-Apr-13 08:12:52

Well we didn't get to Hong Kong as DH had an unexpected medical diagnosis just before we were due to go, but our money was returned and now, we're off today to Tenerife to pick up a cruise round the Canaries. I have bought from Hobbycraft a small thread cutter - looks like a pendant and you can't see or touch a blade - and will be taking this on board the plane, Have packed spare scissors needles just in case I get a 'jobsworth' at the airport. Will let you know how I get on.
Rosie smile

Nonu Fri 05-Apr-13 12:09:52

Enjoy Tennerife , Rose


GadaboutGran Fri 05-Apr-13 16:53:48

If you are flying to Australia or NZ & are taking a wooden needlework frame you will have to declare it because of their strict controls on plant matter. My friend flew to Sydney to pick up a 'Needlework' cruise & had to declare hers. It was passed (they will heat treat if necessary) & she got through the controls much faster than those with nothing to declare! Sorry to hear about the medical problem Rosiebee, but great you have found a replacement holiday. Have a lovely trip.

Nelliemoser Fri 05-Apr-13 17:26:05

I cannot help but imagine a lot of Gransnetters with Airfix aeroplanes sewn onto their hats!

It could start a fashion grin

Rosiebee Sun 14-Apr-13 19:47:27

Back from Tenerife. No problems at airports going out or returning. I had my email from Security all ready, but nobody stopped me. Didn't actually get to sew on plane as the seats were too cramped - we were in a row of 3. But if we do make it anywhere long haul, we'll be in Premium Economy in a row of two and I shall sew to my hearts's content. smile

yogagran Sun 14-Apr-13 22:11:11

I really don't understand why my tiny nail clippers were confiscated on an internal British flight when nearly everyone carries pens which could much more easily be used as a weapon.
Mental image now of a pilot being stabbed with a biro hmm

Gally Sun 14-Apr-13 22:38:44

It's all a mystery to me. I returned from Sydney last week and on each leg was served a meal with a full set of stainless steel cutlery, the knife blade being about 5" long and glass wine and water glasses which could easily be broken and used as a weapon in seconds. I had in my bag a small screwdriver set for tightening up my specs which didn't seem to bother anyone, but in the past have had scissors with smaller blades removed from me. There seems to be little consistency between the airlines confused

absent Mon 15-Apr-13 07:33:51

The title of this thread reminds me of the film Snakes on a Plane and every time I see it I imagine a different scenario of terrorist grannies hijacking with the aid of crochet hooks, darning mushrooms, embroidery frames, etc.

jeanie99 Sat 04-May-13 08:10:51

We travel extensively and these are the things we find you have to adhere to when going thru airports, although having said that this does differ with the various security in different countries.

Small nail scissors are not allowed on planes as I found out to my cost when I forgot my really good pr which was in my small backpack.
Straight in the bin it went via security.

Hand luggage is scrutinized
computers have to be taken out of bags and x-ray separately
loose money
take off bracelets watches
money bags (had a body search when I wore one)came up on the xray.
Sometimes shoes need to be taken up.
No water or liquids (you can take on food)
Sometimes you have to take coats off.

Your airline will provide you will a list of things you cannot take even in hold luggage, you get this usually with your e ticket.