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Hotel bedroom slippers

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Stansgran Thu 13-Feb-14 10:58:00

Does anyone know if these are washed and reused like the bathrobe or are they chucked out?

rosesarered Thu 13-Feb-14 11:08:13

I think if they are all cotton they will be hot washed and reused perhaps depending on the state of them?Probably renewed regularly though if a good hotel.Someone with inside info will be along soon.Does it put you off using them?

kittylester Thu 13-Feb-14 11:17:46

I take my own!!

ninathenana Thu 13-Feb-14 11:18:13

Yes I wash mine grin

I assumed they were binned after use.

Charleygirl Thu 13-Feb-14 11:19:38

I take my own also

goldengirl Thu 13-Feb-14 18:34:31

Crumbs! You stay at posher hotels than I do!

Mishap Thu 13-Feb-14 18:54:18

I've never been to a hotel that was posh enough to supply slippers or dressing gowns - altogether now.....aah!

Riverwalk Thu 13-Feb-14 19:06:45

They are surely chucked!

They're usually cheap and flimsy towelling with a thin rubber sole - unless you're staying in an extremely posh place.

JessM Thu 13-Feb-14 19:28:05

na they are disposables. Like the ones they give out in "spas" . Take them home along with the mini bottles of hand lotion or whatever. But don't take the bathrobe. grin

Stansgran Thu 13-Feb-14 19:48:06

I'm going on a boat and also two overnight train journeys where I suspect or know the loo is not part of the accommodation. I was wondering if I could purloin a pair of said slippers to trudge to the loo. I wouldn't want to use my own. The bathrobes in that part of the world are not made for six footers. Hilariously indecent.definitely not to take away. @Mishap and golden girl I've spoken severely to the travel agent ,and I suspect he is a backpacker, that I'm not averse to serious luxury unlike my DH.

rosesarered Thu 13-Feb-14 20:14:10

Stansgran are you seriously a 6 footer? Respect!

Rowantree Sat 17-May-14 17:22:10

They are not only flimsy but dangerous. I slipped in mine on a tiled floor and hurt myself, not to mention my pride (well, they aren't called 'slippers' for nowt....) blush. Since then I've been rather wary of using them and take non-slip slippersocks instead.

janeainsworth Sat 17-May-14 18:17:38

We went on the QM2 18 months ago. The slippers were monogrammed and I really wanted to keep them but am pathetically honest, so couldn't just pinch them.
On the last morning we came back to our cabin and the next door cabin had been cleaned out and the slippers has been put in the see-through rubbish bags.
So I took mine home for a souvenir, but managed to take two right feet blush
Still wear them though!

Galen Sat 17-May-14 19:06:52

I'll bring you a pair from the Queen Victoria if you're desperate Jane A. I never use them

Galen Sat 17-May-14 19:10:25

There will be two pairs in my penthouse, along with I bottle champagne, one bottle sparkling white, two one litre bottles of vodka, chocolate dipped strawberries, fresh fruit and flowers.
Less than three weeks to go!

joannapiano Sat 17-May-14 20:20:19

Rowantree, the same thing happened to me when I took a flimsy pair to wear at DD's and I fell down her wooden staircase, luckily when I wasn't carrying her 1 year old.
Would never wear another pair again.

rosequartz Sat 17-May-14 20:32:54

Galen envy

We had a bathrobe at home that looked suspiciously like the ones provided at a Tokyo hotel stopover when we went with DD2 and DS ....

I also have a pair of cheapie slippers that came in a pack from TK Maax, kept for holidays etc but have never been used.

janeainsworth Sat 17-May-14 20:33:24

Galen That would be very kind smile
I'm envy
Have a wonderful time!

annsixty Sat 17-May-14 20:33:42

Some V posh people on Gransnet.

Silverfish Sat 17-May-14 20:57:21

I agree Ann the poshest place I ever stayed was a thistle hotel in London, it was lovely and old fashioned but no slippers or robes. I normally stay in a budget like travel lodge or whatever they call it now. To be honest I prefer a nice scruffy caravan so I can do my own thing. couldn't be posh if I tried

annsixty Sat 17-May-14 21:00:17

You and me both!!

seasider Sat 17-May-14 21:18:38

We stayed at Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. It was a a haunt of the rich and famous in the 1960s and 70s but a bit dilapidated when we stayed. We were given bathrobes but they were obviously for film star figures. My portly DP could not even get his to meet in the middle! blush

GadaboutGran Sat 17-May-14 22:19:14

It's terribly up market to stay in a Travelodge now (better class of bed bugs) - like going to Lidl - people do it so they can afford Waitrose - or go on a Cruise.

annodomini Sat 17-May-14 22:20:22

They're horrid cheap articles and are one-size-fits-all, so far too big for me.

rosequartz Sat 17-May-14 22:45:10

I rarely wear slippers anyway, no good for my flat feet. Even upmarket ones.