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Your three favourite places in the world

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farview Fri 26-Oct-18 21:05:10

Well mine are Hastings point NSW Australia, God's Window S.Africa..and home... Rivington Pike...

tanith Fri 26-Oct-18 21:35:43

London where I’ve always lived, Gibraltar, Saundersfoot, West Wales.

Jane10 Fri 26-Oct-18 21:39:08

Ma ain fireside!
Seriously, I've been lucky enough to have visited many beautiful places but the place I like best is home.

Anniebach Fri 26-Oct-18 21:46:15

Aberfan, South Wales. New Quay, West Wales.
Snowdonia, North Wales

jeanie99 Fri 26-Oct-18 21:54:18

There are so many wonderful places to visit however if I had to list my most favourite it would be one of the small islands in the Maldives where I can snorkel to my hearts content.
Sheer paradise.

As a tourist with the offering of amazing history I would say China and the people are so friendly and welcoming.

Watamu in Kenya
From our accommodation we could walk directly onto the beach which felt like walking on flour.

MiniMoon Fri 26-Oct-18 21:58:30

I haven't visited many places in the World. I think that Slovenia is top of those places I've been to, Lake Bled in particular.
Sorrento where we honeymooned.
Loch Lomond.

I would love to stand on the Steppes of central Asia, but I don't suppose I ever will.

Nannylovesshopping Fri 26-Oct-18 22:19:13

Dartmoor, New York and London

cornergran Fri 26-Oct-18 22:21:40

Caldey Island, Venice, St Michaels Mount.

KatyK Fri 26-Oct-18 22:51:16

Birmingham, Venice, The Lake District

Joelise Fri 26-Oct-18 22:55:19

Aix en Provence

paddyann Fri 26-Oct-18 22:57:02

I live at Loch Lomondminimoon and its one of my favourite places with Luss where we were married top of the list .Ireland is next,anywhere in Ireland .I've been all round and across it many times ,Youghal in County Cork is very special as is Letterkenny in County Donegal.Last is Croatia ,I love the Istrian Peninsula but Zagreb is a fab city with lots of lovely small towns within easy reach.

KatyK Fri 26-Oct-18 22:58:52

I have a lot more than three!

Kittye Fri 26-Oct-18 23:04:39

Rome, Lake Garda and North Norfolk

Maggiemaybe Fri 26-Oct-18 23:14:21

What KatyK said! I couldn’t even decide on my three favourite countries.

MiniMoon Sat 27-Oct-18 00:00:19

I'm visiting Loch Lomond in a couple of weeks time paddyann. "Turkey and Tinsel in the Trossachs" with a local coach your company. Can't wait!

Apricity Sat 27-Oct-18 02:04:38

For me it's not so much particular favourite places as what was happening in my life at the time I was there that makes them memorable and special. It's just the right confluence of circumstances such as the weather, the magic of light and sunsets, natural and manmade beauty, who you are with, maybe a time and location specific joke or funny event, sounds including water, birdsong or evocative music and your own mood at that moment in time. And often for me it is just being able to see to the far horizon with no trace of human occupation visible.

Apricity Sat 27-Oct-18 02:19:39

MiniMoon, your mention of visiting Loch Lomond reminded me of a location joke. We were driving along the road beside Loch Lomond wondering why it was so famous when so many other lochs were just as beautiful.

We decided it was all in the name as singing "I'll be in Loch Snizort afore ye" just didn't quite have the same ring about it. Decades later my friend and I still laugh about how we were laughing so much that I nearly drove us into the loch. 😂
PS. Have a great trip to the Loch.

Menopaws Sat 27-Oct-18 03:56:32

Perth WA
Leith hill
My house

BBbevan Sat 27-Oct-18 04:24:31

Carmarthenshire, Norway and the Conwy valley N Wales

NotAGran55 Sat 27-Oct-18 07:17:17

The Royal Albert Hall
Alvor - Portugal

All associated with so many happy times .

Liz46 Sat 27-Oct-18 07:46:33

I remember being in Sri Lanka walking through an archway of frangipani and thinking 'this is home'. I have been to South Goa about 12 times and Thailand is my third choice.

Bellanonna Sat 27-Oct-18 08:37:00

Ashown Forest (sussex)
Anywhere in the Dolomites
Ardnamurchan Peninsula (esp loch Sunart)
Goats Head Peninsula, Cork
That’s four and I could just keep going)

wildswan16 Sat 27-Oct-18 08:55:37

Luskentyre beach
Penang hill
St Giles Cathedral

kittylester Sat 27-Oct-18 09:03:20

'Our' room in the Brudenell Hotel in Aldeburgh, overlooking the sea when it's stormy.
Rhine Valley, preferably on a boat gliding through the scenery,

farview Sat 27-Oct-18 09:24:59 is hard to narrow it down to 3..I also have many more places that I love..but the ones that I chose are the 'close my eyes, pretend I'm there places' when I'm stressed/anxious....