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Holiday on the 22nd May

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jeanie99 Tue 23-Mar-21 06:48:14

My holiday with my friend was originally booked for last, that didn't happen.
We thought we would book for 2021 not thinking we would still be coping still with Corvid.
As far as we know it's not been cancelled and we need to pay beginning of April so off we will go.
Isle of Wight is not a place I've never visited and I can't wait.
We'll both have had our second vaccine but I'll still wear a mask.
Is anyone else holidaying?

Calendargirl Tue 23-Mar-21 06:50:04

No, I’m not.

rosie1959 Tue 23-Mar-21 06:56:47

Yes but obviously in the UK
We have holidays booked for the end of May early June and July to Jersey
Have every intention of going why not ?
Pointless having all these vaccines if we are still going to hide at home and I for one have had enough of that

ninathenana Tue 23-Mar-21 08:54:59

We are looking at booking a cottage in S.W in September. We had a booking for Warners which was postponed from last April but have decided we prefer to be alone with the current situation.

Septimia Tue 23-Mar-21 09:15:44

We're booked for June (in the UK) but are prepared to have to delay it.

Grannybags Tue 23-Mar-21 09:18:57

We have booked a remote cottage for September. Booked it towards the end of last year before this last wave of Covid

Judy54 Tue 23-Mar-21 13:56:57

We had a cottage booked for last year in the UK and postponed it until the end of June this year, so hopeful that we can get there. We are glad we did this, so many people have decided to holiday at home this year and lots of cottages are already fully booked.

Tangerine Tue 23-Mar-21 13:59:49

I shall possibly go on holiday in the UK later this year but want to see how the land lies.

I shan't go out of the UK until 2022. I really do hope it will be able to go but I shall again see how the land lies after Christmas.

BlueBelle Tue 23-Mar-21 14:00:27

Are you sure you can get in Isle of Wight ? I d make a few checks before you pay the rest off

Tangerine Tue 23-Mar-21 14:00:34

Sorry, my last sentence is a mess.

I meant - I really do hope it will be possible to go but I shall again see how the land lies after Christmas.

ElaineI Tue 23-Mar-21 14:15:18

Isle of Wight is in England so yes it is part of UK. I did my midwifery training there years ago and is lovely. Much bigger than it looks on a map with very varied scenery and climate. I'm sure you will love it. South coast is warm with palm trees in places more like Europe. We lived in Cowes which is or was the main yachting town and bought small motor bikes to get around but also used the buses. Had badges which said "I'm not a tourist, I live here!" on them.

rosie1959 Tue 23-Mar-21 14:35:49

IOW is definitely in the uk lol
We are going to Jersey that's also ok
Well as long as they keep their boarders open

BigBertha1 Tue 23-Mar-21 14:37:28

Somerset in September for us and hopefully Portugal in May 2022.

Davida1968 Tue 23-Mar-21 14:38:14

Maybe - eventually - in England/Scotland. (If allowed.) Nowhere else.

jeanie99 Mon 12-Apr-21 00:44:45

Had our second vaccines so ready to go at the end of May to the Isle of Wight, can't wait.

Still using our masks and being sensible old ladies and keeping our distance.
Hubby and I have another trip booked for July and August UK again.
Hope everyone as a lovely time where ever they go, we all need this, I have been very weepy of late.

mumofmadboys Mon 12-Apr-21 05:09:49

Going to Staithes early summer. Looking forward to it

Lucca Mon 12-Apr-21 06:01:19

I know I may be strange but after lockdown the last thing I’d want is to go to a remote cottage ! I also dont plan to pay through the nose for a hotel in this country, and yes I’m aware the UK is beautiful but I just want a total change of scene so as soon as it’s sensible it will be somewhere abroad for me.

Sara1954 Mon 12-Apr-21 06:14:09

I’m certain it will be fine.
I wouldn’t even think about going outside of the UK, but we are going to Devon in June and Jersey in September.
Hope it will be fine, if for whatever reason it’s not, we’ll just cancel.

Ashcombe Mon 12-Apr-21 06:31:22

Today I’m visiting my holiday home for one night, still within Devon, where I live. Next month, I hope to stay with my family in Crewe from 18th May. Goodness knows when travel to France will be permitted where my DH (olddudders of this parish!) lives! 😢

Ellianne Mon 12-Apr-21 08:05:20

We live in Devon too.
We have booked large self catering houses to share with family in Cornwall for a week in May and October. I need to be doing something different in new places so I am looking forward to it.

Maggiemaybe Mon 12-Apr-21 08:31:44

We’ve got a few days by the sea booked in July, and we’re planning a couple of other UK breaks in June and September. We’ll be looking further afield for 2022, all being well.

Nanof3 Mon 12-Apr-21 08:36:07

Going to Yorkshire after our 2nd jabs mid May, can't wait.

Kim19 Mon 12-Apr-21 08:42:53

I must be getting this wrong. Thought 'free' travel throughout UK wasn't allowed until June (12th) for some reason. What date in May for England, please?

Jaxjacky Mon 12-Apr-21 08:46:50

Hotel in Weston super Mare booked for September.

Sarnia Mon 12-Apr-21 08:50:40

May 17th, I think, Kim19 unless Covid rates rise. Let's hope they don't. I think we've all had enough.