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Staying an an Air b & b on your own, would you, have you ?

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bikergran Thu 29-Jun-23 09:32:18

I have a couple of days booked off work shortly and have been looking to take myself off for an overnight stay(or I may decide to stay at home and get my shower installed)

Anyway I was looking at B & Bs not too far away and the Air B n Bs kept popping up so I googled and had a look at a few.

Must admit some of the prices were reasonable.

But! what put me off was some of the rooms/houses it would say "Stay with Malcom/John/Tom etc. Or it may have been a lady "come and stay with Mary " etc.

I don't think I would even consider staying in some ones house/flat etc when it said " come and stay with John/Tom etc"

I mean do they live in the house, are they there when you stay. I have never done Air B n B before.

I normally would go and stay in a Normal B n B so to speak.

Would it be like staying overnight in a complete strangers house, If there were two of us I would feel fine, but not sure about a single person, or am I reading it all wrong hmm

BlueBelle Fri 30-Jun-23 12:50:21

I would happily stay in an air B and B alone but not sharing with owner (that’s like digs)
We have a beautiful looking one booked for end of august hope it’s as nice as it looks

Tenko Fri 30-Jun-23 12:56:12

I’ve used Airbnb a lot but never on my own . There’s options for a shared property or the whole property. I always opt for the whole property as I don’t want to share bathrooms or kitchens. I’ve never had a problem . The owner or host as it’s called tends to there when you arrive or they leave details like key safe numbers if they’re not around . But they usually do get in contact soon after arrival . And because it’s all done online you can contact the host regarding the property, if you have any questions. We’ve had very helpful hosts who’ve given loads of advice and recommendations.

mokryna Fri 30-Jun-23 13:04:56

I have stayed in several airb&b each was different.
One, Edinburgh, mentioned the owners name and daughter only to find out there was a man and another lady staying there full time. I was shocked and wrote to Airbnb. Another did mention there was a partner, Glasgow, not very helpful especially when there was a full blown row because he arrived back in the middle of the night drunk and was ordered to sleep on the sofa in the open plan flat, difficult at 9h and you want to move on. Others were in happier situations.

Nannipocci1 Fri 30-Jun-23 13:09:36

Use them solo all the time home and abroad not had any problems

Fleur20 Fri 30-Jun-23 13:17:13

Just search 'entire place'... lots of different accommodation offered... sometimes a self contained granny flat idea or a converted garden room, a caravan or just a tiny cottage. They dont have to be expensive. I have stayed in lots of different places, lots of different styles, but all have been perfect.. very simple, spotlessly clean and totally private. They give you complete freedom to come and go.
Just persevere with your search.. maybe widen your search area slightly?
Good luck!

Nashville Fri 30-Jun-23 13:36:41

I stay alone in Airbnbs. I always choose en-suite bathrooms and look at the reviews. I am not bothered by the gender of the host as you can choose to stay isolated in your room or chat as you wish. I have found airbnb cheaper than b and b and friendlier as I can’t stand having breakfast so early in b and bs and that professional Bon homie and am happy to either have no breakfast or just help myself to toast in the airbnb if it’s on offer. I always enquire about stairs as sometimes people let out their lofts which are hot and too much of a climb for me.
There is a section where you can describe the purpose of your visit and I complete this since it gives the host and myself a topic to start our conversation. Here I mention I am a senior too. Some of the young hosts have been absolutely charming and a delight to meet.

I say give it a go.

schnackie Fri 30-Jun-23 13:41:01

As NotSpaghetti and Moth said, I have stayed in Airbnb's with hosts in the house and had lovely experiences. Always guided by reviews as others have said. I prefer an ensuite, but have even shared a bathroom without problems. Perhaps I am less of a private person, but if the room is clean, the price is right (if it were the same price as a B & B, I would not choose it) and for me especially, if it is located in an area I particularly want to stay in, then I do not have a problem.

Cabbie21 Fri 30-Jun-23 13:43:41

I have stayed in several AirBnBs, both on my own and with my husband. All have been self contained. Usually you are met by the owner who is often available on site to respond to any needs. They have all been excellent. The best was a converted garage/ annexe.
I am not sure I would feel comfortable staying in a room in someone’s private home unless it advertised itself as a BnB , and definitely would want my own en suite bathroom.

I wish more BnBs and hotels would provide a mini fridge and even a microwave in the room. I don’t like eating out on my own in the evening, so it would suit me to reheat a meal and eat in my room.

Philippa111 Fri 30-Jun-23 13:56:15


I haven't stayed on my own but I might think about it.
However, if you aren't comfortable about it, you won't sleep well and bang goes your peaceful holiday

With DH, I have stayed at a seaside Airbnb which was very odd. The couple were subletting (against the rules) the bed wasn't made and the couple weren't there when we arrived and we were sharing a bathroom with an unknown number of others.
It was a hot uncomfortable night but a good breakfast out on the patio.

I fear that reviews aren't an accurate way to judge because they work both ways. The host can then give you a bad review.

I host people free in return for work which I find ok even on my own. We email beforehand and you can glean a lot from reading between the lines!

Hi Grammaretto,

Can I ask you what scheme it is where you host people who do work in exchange for a place to stay ... that could be interesting.


Tattooedfidelma Fri 30-Jun-23 13:58:18

We only use Airbnb now when we travel as it tends to be cheaper than hotels and there are so many to choose from now. Just come back from one in York. Stayed in a lovely apartment on my own that was half the price of the cheapest hotel. We have never stayed in someone’s home while they’re there but I would consider it. Last year we stayed in Airbnb’s in Madrid, Alicante. Altea and Kentucky and all our experiences have been positive but I have heard from other people who have had issues. Do your research and check the reviews and you’ll be fine!

Bignanny2 Fri 30-Jun-23 14:00:41

I haven’t done it but I couldn’t do it. I don’t even like staying with relatives.

AlisonKF Fri 30-Jun-23 14:02:09

If cost is a consideration, Youth Hostels are the best. If you are horrified at the thought of a dorm, book a small four or two bunk dorm for your exclusive use ( called family rooms when you book).There may or not be an en suite washroom and loo, depending on age and layout. The cost for four berths with reading lights all to yourself would be less than a b and b room for an air b and b. You can have a cooked or continental breakfast in the dining room, or prepare your own in the hostel kitchen., where you will likely fall into conversation with other friendly people. Every hostel has a sitting room with tv apart from remote and tiny ones, which are often the most attractive and, of course, car parking.Until I was forced to stop driving at 79, I stayed regularly in many historic and quirky places, often in the centre of cities, overlooking beauty spots, or near a beach. Rooms are carpeted and supplied with duvets and pillows. You can ask for extra pillows or blankets. If you have never tried hostelling, give it a go, avoiding busy times possible and the bigger ones catering for parties. Older people are frequent visitors.

LadyStardust Fri 30-Jun-23 14:18:06

I love staying at Airbnb places but as others have said search for entire flats/apartments. All the ones I've used had their own separate entrances and were totally self contained. They have always been spotless and very well equipped. You can cook/micro your own meals or send for a takeaway. The last one I stayed in, had Sky TV with films, which I stayed up way too late watching with a glass or 2 of wine!

Dowsabella Fri 30-Jun-23 14:31:40

I've stayed on my own in what used to be an office with a toilet and washbasin attached at the bottom of a garden (Hastings), and a room in a converted Pullman car (Dungeness). Both were absolutely fantastic. Lovely people not long into Air bnb, but I was made to feel very welcome. I really would love to do it again, but my circumstances have changed.

Ali23 Fri 30-Jun-23 15:15:25

My nephew and family stayed in one when they came for a big family do. It was the upstairs floor of a big house. Shared front door but otherwise self contained. It turned out I knew the owners ! I liked it but my nephew’s wife didn’t. Not sure why.

ordinarygirl Fri 30-Jun-23 15:19:40

some places have their own access and bathroom and kitchen. I've only ever stayed in that type- although not airbnb, I recently stayed in a lovely place not far from Didcot. A converted garage - very nice. I stopped using Airbnb when I was asked for passport details - not sure how safe that is . What is wrong with just financial details?

M0nica Fri 30-Jun-23 15:25:04

Never used Air B&B, alone or with anyone else. There are so many other B&Bs and cheap chain hotels, why bother?

Devongirl4 Fri 30-Jun-23 15:34:01

Why on earth wouldn’t you? I’ve been in them in New Orleans ( and I live in Devon).

M0nica Fri 30-Jun-23 16:16:30

Devongirl I agree, why not, but Air BNB is only one form of accommodation and there are so many other options, from B&Bs of all sizes, hotel, self catering accommodation and when deciding what accommodation to book anywhere there are so many factors to take into account.

Jac53 Fri 30-Jun-23 16:20:37

My sister and her husband have an Air B&B attached to their home, it is completely self contained like a small flat with a private entrance. They hardly interact with the guests unless they wish to. There are many kinds available, find one that suits your needs. Just because it says 'stay with John or Pauline and Geoff' for instance, it doesn't mean they are right there all the time.

2mason16 Fri 30-Jun-23 16:30:43

We have stayed in lots of Air bnb's over the years. If on my own I would choose two of my favourites. One was a chalet in a family's garden with use of their pool and laundry room. (in Aus) Another near Oxford which was a loft conversion over a double garage. Not far from the main house which would feel safe having them nearby.

4allweknow Fri 30-Jun-23 16:55:38

I've stayed in 3 Air B&Bs but they have been the whole property. Some AirBnBs are rooms in a person's home. Not for me though. Check reviews as they may give a clearer indication of the set up

fluttERBY123 Fri 30-Jun-23 17:03:26

Bikergran your post reminds me of a teacher friend who said she always went away during holidays. Otherwise, she said with a look of horror, you find yourself painting the ceiling.

Leggin Fri 30-Jun-23 17:09:03

We live in Normandy and let two ensuite rooms through airbnb.
It is not allowed to use cameras anywhere in the accomodation.
All the places we have stayed including our own home have been run like any other B&B.

Saetana Fri 30-Jun-23 18:31:05

As a fairly new widow I would never stay with someone else, although not all air B&Bs involve staying in someone's home with them - some are self contained. I like hotels and will stick to them x