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Staying an an Air b & b on your own, would you, have you ?

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bikergran Thu 29-Jun-23 09:32:18

I have a couple of days booked off work shortly and have been looking to take myself off for an overnight stay(or I may decide to stay at home and get my shower installed)

Anyway I was looking at B & Bs not too far away and the Air B n Bs kept popping up so I googled and had a look at a few.

Must admit some of the prices were reasonable.

But! what put me off was some of the rooms/houses it would say "Stay with Malcom/John/Tom etc. Or it may have been a lady "come and stay with Mary " etc.

I don't think I would even consider staying in some ones house/flat etc when it said " come and stay with John/Tom etc"

I mean do they live in the house, are they there when you stay. I have never done Air B n B before.

I normally would go and stay in a Normal B n B so to speak.

Would it be like staying overnight in a complete strangers house, If there were two of us I would feel fine, but not sure about a single person, or am I reading it all wrong hmm

Primrose53 Fri 30-Jun-23 18:44:25

We let out a property for holidays and the agency we use advertise absolutely everywhere and we very often get Air B and B bookings. They get the place to themselves of course.

NotAGran55 Fri 30-Jun-23 18:59:02

I’ve never stayed on my own but wouldn’t hesitate to.
We like the space and privacy you get with a self contained Airbnb flat or house.
Parking on site with a garden, no intrusive visits from the housekeeping staff, no small talk with hotel staff, no banging of doors on hotel corridors at all hours, no dogs, the list of positives is massive.
We do only stay with Super-hosts though and friends’ recommendations and read every review.

Riggie Fri 30-Jun-23 19:42:38

I've stayed alone in bnbs in the original sense - that is someone offering rooms in their own home; no en suite, eating with other guests if they had any. In one case the evening meal was eaten with the hosts which was a bit odd - luckily the food was good!

Seajaye Fri 30-Jun-23 21:07:30

I have done aie BnB with my daughter and it was good value
nice clean accommodation on top floor in someones home. But I generally pref self contained accommodation with some where to make breakfast myself .The Airbnb booking platform fees have gone up and are only revealed when you go through the booking process just before you are asked to pay and have increased dramatically over last few years year I found the same self contained cottage was available at £200 a week cheaper on www. than the exactly the same accommodation on airbnb site. Sites like also offer booking facilities for privately hosted accommodation now.

KaazaK Sat 01-Jul-23 10:50:43

I (female, living on my own) have an Airbnb in my home. Bedroom with en-suite. I have had quite a few men on their own stay with me. No problems. I don’t think personally I would stay anywhere where I had to share bathroom facilities though

aonk Sat 01-Jul-23 11:54:29

I only use hotels with good reviews. This is obviously more expensive so I have fewer trips. I’ve never used Airbnb but have stayed in some B and Bs. For me these don’t offer the privacy or flexibility of a hotel. In one B and B in Devon the owners were constantly recommending cafes, restaurants etc and seemed annoyed when we didn’t use them. Also the room only had skimpy white blinds so it was difficult to sleep with a street lamp outside. At breakfast we were offered a second cup of tea but only if we had it on the balcony as they wanted to clear away!

Lizbethann55 Sat 01-Jul-23 21:48:18

My DD has found a lovely one in Bowness (Windermere). It is a small apartment, not a house share of any description. She is newly divorced and sometimes needs to just get away. Air b&bs come in all shapes, types and sizes. Read the description carefully and check out reviews. Good luck

bikergran Sun 02-Jul-23 09:05:41

Ok I'm sorted lol. Booked B n B in Scarborough just for one night "Sea View plus breakfast" £60 (was less without breakfast)

Thanks for all info about Air B n Bs : )

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-Jul-23 09:36:04

Gad you ate sorted bikergran
Hope you have a good trip.

aonk - I loathe the B&B hosts' tendency to want to fill you in with all the stuff you don't want to think about over breakfast!
They are generally way too chatty.
I have stayed in only six over the years and basically four were the same with their pushy local attractions and early morning conversations.
^ they don’t offer the privacy or flexibility of a hotel^ No! They don't! And not the freedom of self-catering either. I have totally given up on B&Bs.

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-Jul-23 09:38:05

My daughter had a really poor breakfast of the "in a bag" sort. Put overnight outside her bedroom door.
Read the comments wherever you're staying.

FarNorth Sun 02-Jul-23 10:01:11

I use mostly, now. They have flats & houses for rent as well as B&Bs, hotels and hostels.
I'll shortly be staying in an ensuite room with large shared kitchen in student accommodation which is let to holidaymakers in summer.

I like that have a period when you can cancel with no penalty, on many properties.

I've stayed on my own in quite a few Airbnb places, often just a room in someone's home. They've always been fine but I've heard of others having poor experiences so I'm less keen now

FarNorth Sun 02-Jul-23 10:07:38

Although she advertises that the occupants will be alone in the house she sleeps in a tent in the garden. shock

I stayed in one where I worked out that the owner was kipping in her living room.
It wasn't advertised as sole use, tho, and there was another guest.

Freya5 Sun 02-Jul-23 13:51:52

No, definitely not. If I'm going away, on my , I prefer a hotel, or Premier Inn. Always had good service from them..

Kim19 Sun 02-Jul-23 18:16:19

For reasons I cannot fathom I feel uncomfortable at the thought of air bnb therefore have never taken the plunge. I have friends who use them regularly and swear by them. I use budget hotels if I'm going to be out a lot and something midstream if I might be less active.

grannyro Tue 04-Jul-23 12:12:20

I have never stayed in one on my own but I have stayed in them when I was walking the South West Coastal Path with my (adult) son. Most of the time, the owners did not live in the flat/house we stayed in but there was one odd place (in Plymouth) where we stayed in the house and the the lady owner disappeared up into the attic(she had an en suite up there so did not have to come down). We were just there one night and it was fine but did feel a bit odd!

Cabbie21 Tue 25-Jul-23 09:46:36

I have just come back from a few days on my own in an Airbnb and it fitted my needs perfectly. It was a flat within a very short walk of the singing course I was on, and two minutes from an M& S food shop.
I could pop back when we had a break, have a rest, eat what I wanted, without having to wander round looking for somewhere. Especially useful for that late afternoon / early evening period when everywhere is closed.
There was one problem. I popped out early one morning to move my car( from a paid car park to free on street parking, with a residents permit supplied) and when Igot back, the key wouldn’t open the door! Fortunately I had my mobile with me, so I rang the owner, who, again, fortunately lived just 20mins away. She drove over, and her key wouldn’t work either. Thank goodness it wasn’t just me being stupid. She organised for a locksmith to come and change the lock, whilst I went off the my singing. She texted me when it was all sorted, and could not have been more helpful. There was a key safe to leave the new key for me.
I have decided I will now only stay either in a hotel which offers meals, or self catering. Airbnbs are fine, if you have the place to yourself. B and Bs can be lovely but you don’t have the same freedom of self catering. I did very little cooking, just used the microwave, but preferred that to eating out on my own in the evening. And then there is that tricky time when the cafés have all closed by 4 pm….. as in my recent thread.

Witzend Tue 25-Jul-23 09:52:41

To me it’d depend on how sociable (or not) you are. I think I’m relatively sociable but I wouldn’t want to have to engage with an AirBnB owner. I like my private space.

For the same reason I’d avoid holiday lets where the owner is next door, or anywhere near, and liable to be keeping an eye on us, so to speak.

Cabbie21 Tue 25-Jul-23 10:46:17

My daughter is an owner of a holiday let, which advertises on various platforms, including Airbnb. It is next door, but with a separate entrance off her drive, its own parking spaces, and a hedge between the gardens, so it is almost private. She does her best to keep out of their way so as not to encroach on their privacy. No question of snooping. But one set of guests left windows wide open when they left, so it was good she was on site.
One set of guests thought they could use her garden though! What a cheek. Another set were there for a wedding and they asked permission and paid extra to have photos taken in her garden.
The day before my daughter went on holiday she had a same day change over, and said it was the worst mess she had ever had to deal with. But that is another story.