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Staying an an Air b & b on your own, would you, have you ?

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bikergran Thu 29-Jun-23 09:32:18

I have a couple of days booked off work shortly and have been looking to take myself off for an overnight stay(or I may decide to stay at home and get my shower installed)

Anyway I was looking at B & Bs not too far away and the Air B n Bs kept popping up so I googled and had a look at a few.

Must admit some of the prices were reasonable.

But! what put me off was some of the rooms/houses it would say "Stay with Malcom/John/Tom etc. Or it may have been a lady "come and stay with Mary " etc.

I don't think I would even consider staying in some ones house/flat etc when it said " come and stay with John/Tom etc"

I mean do they live in the house, are they there when you stay. I have never done Air B n B before.

I normally would go and stay in a Normal B n B so to speak.

Would it be like staying overnight in a complete strangers house, If there were two of us I would feel fine, but not sure about a single person, or am I reading it all wrong hmm

BigBertha1 Thu 29-Jun-23 09:40:46

Can you have a look at the reviews - that might help. I have only stayed in one once with my sister and daughter in Cambridge. A very nice lady was waiting for us she owned the flat below. I would stay in one again and probably give it a go if I was on my own and could have a chat with the person on the phone first and seen some good reviews.

Juliee Thu 29-Jun-23 09:56:25

I stayed alone in Airbnb in both the UK and in Denmark. Both hosts were single ladies. I agree with you, I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with 'John', especially sharing the bathroom facilities.

Elusivebutterfly Thu 29-Jun-23 10:08:18

I stayed in an Air B&B with a young couple though I did look for one with my own bathroom. They were nice, so was the house, but I much prefer to stay in an ordinary B&B and find it more relaxing.

Lathyrus Thu 29-Jun-23 10:18:33

You really need to look closely at what is being offered.

Airbnb can be your own apartment, a room in a shared house (other guests or host or both) and even sharing a room with others.

If it says “stay with” it will be one of the last two so you need to decide what you are comfortable with.

Be aware that hosts are entitled to install cameras in their bombs except in private areas like bathrooms.

Lathyrus Thu 29-Jun-23 10:19:21

Bombs -autocorrect 😬

halfpint1 Thu 29-Jun-23 10:26:44

Stayed in a Air b n b in Athens
Personal belongings were in the drawers and family clutter everywhere.
Didn't like it.

Grammaretto Thu 29-Jun-23 10:31:37

I haven't stayed on my own but I might think about it.
However, if you aren't comfortable about it, you won't sleep well and bang goes your peaceful holiday

With DH, I have stayed at a seaside Airbnb which was very odd. The couple were subletting (against the rules) the bed wasn't made and the couple weren't there when we arrived and we were sharing a bathroom with an unknown number of others.
It was a hot uncomfortable night but a good breakfast out on the patio.

I fear that reviews aren't an accurate way to judge because they work both ways. The host can then give you a bad review.

I host people free in return for work which I find ok even on my own. We email beforehand and you can glean a lot from reading between the lines!

CassieJ Thu 29-Jun-23 10:39:24

I've stayed in air bnb's many times on my own. I would never share a house though. I always go for something that allows me sole use of the house/ flat. I have stayed in some really lovely ones. I much prefer them to staying in a hotel.

bikergran Thu 29-Jun-23 10:47:24

Thanks all, think I will stick to the normal B n Bs /hotels.

I was just wondering that's all about other peoples experiences.

Oh yes ! I have heard about these hidden cameras ! hmm

biglouis Thu 29-Jun-23 10:47:47

As a very private person I would not feel comfortable staying in a strangers house. I dont like abiding by another persons rules. Perhaps when I was younger and roughed it camping around the middle east but not now.

I would much prefer the anonymity of a B&B or inexpensive hotel where I can do my own thing and come and go as I please. I tend to go for places like the Ibis or Holiday Inn which are mid price and suit my need for not being noticed.

It all depends upon how at ease you are with your own company.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Jun-23 10:50:43

My friend let out her son’s house, when he went to Mexico for the Summer. It was hard work as she wanted to greet each guest personally and after a while stipulated a minimum two night stay, because of all the laundry. However, it was a little artisan cottage and only suitable for 1 or 2 adults and she got rave reviews.
I’d definitely read reviews before I booked anywhere sharing.

Grammaretto Thu 29-Jun-23 10:54:34

A friend who was caring for his mum until she died, now has Airbnb "lodgers"
He loves the company and it seems they like him.
They keep returning.

Fairislecable Thu 29-Jun-23 11:15:49

We used Airbnb travelling around Australia they were all very good and clean. However one of them was an en-suite room in a family house it felt really uncomfortable, after that we made sure they were all self contained with own entrance.

In Adelaide we stayed in a really tiny flat that was ultra modern but perfect, a real eye opener for what clever design can achieve.

JackyB Thu 29-Jun-23 11:20:23

But surely in a normal B&B you are doing just that - staying in a room in someone's house.

Chardy Thu 29-Jun-23 11:32:32

I've stayed Airbnb alone, abroad, but I always book the entire place so I can prepare food/cook regardless of whether it's just me or I'm with my family/friends - I don't want to eat out all the time. I too like my own bathroom, and access to a washing machine is often a big plus.
Have stayed in many UK & European Airbnbs, and travelled round NZ predominantly with Airbnbs.
I've found it a brilliant system, not encountered any of complaints listed above and much prefer it to hotels and B&Bs I've used over the years.

Theexwife Thu 29-Jun-23 11:38:46

A neighbour uses her house for Airbnb, the photos on the site were taken a few years ago and look lovely however I know that her house is now dirty and cluttered, she advertises as a two-bedroom but one of the bedrooms is used for storage so the other ‘bedroom’ is a futon downstairs.

Although she advertises that the occupants will be alone in the house she sleeps in a tent in the garden.

She does not seem to have any reviews online, good or bad but regularly has people staying.

NotSpaghetti Thu 29-Jun-23 12:06:06

I have stayed in an airbnb in Ireland, alone. I had my own room and bathroom but shared the kitchen etc with the owner. He was a single man about 50 and was out all day.
I felt odd at first for the first evening I suppose as I arrived very late - but he was totally lovely, respectful and helpful.

I booked it in full knowledge though... as it was an out-of-the-way place near where I wanted to be to support my family in a rough time.
Frankly I would probably have stayed with anyone then(!) so was a pleasant relief..

I wish I'd kept his address to be honest as I would have written to him. He was just totally lovely.

My daughter uses airbnb alone all over the world.
Her worst was once in London where she had her own room but shared everything else.
She said it was better to be a single person in the owner's home than this one where the bedrooms were all let out to airbnb guests and the owner was absent.

sandelf Fri 30-Jun-23 12:15:14

I'd prefer Premier Inn etc - more formal set up and private bednbath.

Outcast52 Fri 30-Jun-23 12:31:29

I've used AirBnB many times as a Lonely female and I love it - much better than a Premier Inn! I always choose a place for exclusive use though. I've stayed in some lovely interesting places. Maybe I've just been lucky - or been guided by the reviews. Highly recommend

Moth62 Fri 30-Jun-23 12:31:57

I stayed for a week in a two-bedroom flat Airbnb and the lady was lovely. We ended up a couple of times chatting over a few glasses of wine late into the night and I looked after her cat for a couple of days while she went to visit her parents! We gave each other excellent reviews!

Outcast52 Fri 30-Jun-23 12:32:05

*Lone female! Far from Lonely!!

SecondhandRose Fri 30-Jun-23 12:37:12

There’s different types of Airbnbs. You dont need to stay in someone’s spare room. People have converted garages and annexes and holiday homes they rent for a few days at a time. Give it a try, I expect you’ll have great fun.

biglouis Fri 30-Jun-23 12:41:51

I dont think a B&B is like staying in someones house. I would never book anywhere where I did not have my own bathroom. A B&B is run as a fulltime business so there is a different vibe. The only thing about a B&B is that breakfast is usually at a set time so most people feel that have to be up and dressed early. I usually drift down in a kaftan and then go and get myself ready at leisure.

Much prefer the anonymity of a hotel anyway.

TwiceAsNice Fri 30-Jun-23 12:46:54

I stayed in a one bedroom flat on my own in the UK for 2 nights last Nov in an area I know well but it was for my exclusive use, no sharing of anything . It was lovely, owner very helpful , I am staying there again with a friend in August. I would never stay in a shared house with just a room