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Taking the plunge to travel on your own (after bereavement or separation) have you manged to overcome it.

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bikergran Sun 02-Jul-23 09:18:00

Lots of us are in this situation and I know there has been threads about it. But I have just booked a night away about 3 hours drive from my home.

For me it is 9 yrs living on my own, I do have 2 dds and gsons.

I have not been far on my own in that time although I am one of those who will just get up an get my big girls knickers on and go. But I have to be in the mood.

I don't have a passport so obviously stay in the uk.

2 weeks ago I booked 2 night in Whitby Yorkshire, there was a reason I wanted to go and that was to scatter some of my mums ashes as she never got her last holiday to Whitby. I was going on my own to start with then one of my Dd wanted to come, we had a lovely time.

But I feel the need to go back up It felt unfinished. Couldn't get a single room at the right price in Whitby so have found lovely little guest house in Scarborough

I am quite a confident person (well was) I like the excitement of booking somewhere but then!! as the time creeps nearer I sort of start going a bit cold.

Quite happy to travel in the UK. I have been on a couple of day trips with the local firm Llanddudno is another favourite spot of mine.

Soooo... have "you" taken the plunge? did you enjoy or did you get cold feet as the date approached.

I will be driving there on my own (will pack my little picnic and stop half way)

bikergran Tue 04-Jul-23 15:11:07

Yes I was also in that situation where you dh/partner was just too ill to travel anywhere, even just a little ride to the coast. Our nearest place was Lytham St Annes (about 55 mins away)

But when people are poorly they have their comfort zone and do not want to stray.

Hence you do not like leaving them whilst you are off on your jollies. But I did go places when and if I could but always needed or wanted to get back home to see to dh.

But now I have no rush to get back home (other than work)

Mimi54 Tue 04-Jul-23 15:21:58

I live a few miles from Whitby and love to visit regularly, especially for the fish and chips. Some of my ancestors were from there so I’ve always loved it. So quaint and historical and it’s wonderful sitting on the pier watching the sea. We tend to go off season though as it gets too busy. Another place we visit regularly is Northumberland, especially Seahouses and Bamburgh. I hope you get there as it is beautiful.
Some of my family also live in the IOW and we are visiting later this week. It’s a long drive but again it’s a beautiful place.

westendgirl Tue 04-Jul-23 15:30:48

Please pack your bag and go . I have travelled on my own for several years and found that for longer visits a company like Jules Verne was excellent.I have been on small ship cruises too .
I no longer do this, but not because I don't want to but because of the extortionate price of travel insurance.

Hellis Tue 04-Jul-23 16:01:13

I like to go on Uk coach holidays. I've been on several now, there's always been other lone travellers and although I have come across some odd characters, most people have been very friendly. I recently went on a lovely trip up to Holy Island, Alnwick castle and Durham, only two nights and, as dinner and breakfast is included in the hotel as a group, there isn't that awkwardness of eating alone. I usually get a sandwich meal deal for lunch and find a good spot to enjoy it alone when out on the trips

pinkjj27 Tue 04-Jul-23 16:07:59


pinkjj27 I can smell the Whitby fish and chips as I type lol.

My dd and myself went to the "Fisherman's Wife" Restaurant down the windy slope from the Whalebone's Arch.

Had a delicious fish pie.

Oh thank you I have written that down on my phone note pad. I will visit if it’s still there.

bikergran Tue 04-Jul-23 18:23:26

Mimi54 How lovely you live so close to Whitby. I have visited twice before but this time it seemed to steal my soul. Hence wanting to go back so soon. It is about a 3 hour drive for me (not including a little tea stop on the way)

Looking forward. Not sure where my next port of call may be smile

August2018 Tue 04-Jul-23 19:14:35

My husband passed away last year.I am just back from a 2 night stay in an hotel, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and felt confident and drove myself.
Feeling quite proud of myself. I will definitely go away on my own again..

GardenofEngland Tue 04-Jul-23 20:14:20

I'm on my second sort of solo holiday. Not on my own but with strangers on a coach trip. Its so easy in a group, some couples and many singles. You are not completely on your own but can go off a do your own thing as and when you want. I find it is a really good way to travel and socialise. Go on a short break to try it. At the moment I'm in Corsica and then on to Sardinia and they are a great group of friendly people.

SachaMac Tue 04-Jul-23 21:15:47

You have done well August2018 I’ve been widowed for almost two years and still haven’t plucked up the courage to go away on my own. I have holidayed abroad with my family and also been on a couple of UK coach holidays with friends who are in the same situation which was good. Holidays aren’t the same without DH of course but life is short & we have to make the most of things. There were quite a few lone travellers on the coach and we all soon made friends. We all sat together at meal times which is good for anyone travelling alone. I’d hate to sit there eating on my own! Like Bikergran I’m keen to give solo travel a try, hope you manage to get away soon.

granto2 Wed 05-Jul-23 06:06:24

My husband died in June 22 after a very short illness, how different my life is now but I have wonderful friends and family to help me to move on. I’m currently in the Alsace region of France with my Sister and Brother in Law. I’ve not been here before so no memories and am having a lovely break. I don’t think I will ever go on a solo trip as like some others I like to be with people having a chat and a laugh. Life will never be the same but we all try in our own ways to carry on. Sending hugs to everyone.

fiorentina51 Wed 05-Jul-23 06:49:24

My husband died in March last year. I took the plunge to go away for a few days in September 2022. I'm not a confident driver so decided to travel by coach to Sheffield and stay at a hotel in a village on the outskirts of the city. I got around the place using taxis but next time will use the bus and tram network.
I met up with family whilst I was there but that was just one afternoon.
The hotel was one we had stayed at many times and the only problem I had was that I was given a room which I had shared with my husband on a past visit. That triggered a few tears but otherwise it did me good to actually do the trip.

Shinamae Sat 08-Jul-23 22:21:27

I’ve been on several coach trips on my own..