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So - Jersey or Guernsey - and why?

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Fleurpepper Tue 05-Sep-23 15:49:18

Never been yet- and it is on the bucket list for next year. Any advice welcome.

mrsgreenfingers56 Wed 06-Sep-23 11:42:23

Worked in Jersey in 1974 and had a wonderful time working in a hotel there. Never got to Guernsey as chamber maid wages didn't quite run to that!

But just returned to Jersey for holiday this year and walked the coastal path, not changed a lot apart from St. Helier which was was completely different.

Lots of nature, excellent coastal path, beautiful views and beaches and a stunning place all in all.

Coconut Wed 06-Sep-23 12:28:57

Am in Jersey now for 2 weeks. Son no:2 lives here so as a dutiful mum I have to visit every other month ! Am currently house, GD and dog sitting while they’re away. I absolutely love the island, it’s so unspoilt and such a calm and peaceful way of life. Got the swimming pool all to myself as an added bonus 🏊‍♀️🤣

Damdee Wed 06-Sep-23 12:32:24

Guernsey 100% - have been about 20 times in my life - as a child and an adult. It's beautiful. Far nicer than Jersey in my opinion. You can get to it just as easily as Jersey. St. Peter's Port is quaint and lovely as opposed to St. Helier in Jersey - so busy, built up and unattractive. From Guernsey visit Sark and Herm. Herm's Shell Beach is one of the loveliest places on earth. You won't regret choosing Guernsey - unless you want busy nightlife, shopping etc.

missdeke Wed 06-Sep-23 13:07:19

I've only been to Guernsey, and I picked that because it's quieter.

Gundy Wed 06-Sep-23 13:59:15

Oh, I was so disappointed this topic was not about American Dairyland Guernsey 🐄 and Jersey COWS. I was brought up in a pastoral community and I loved going to the farms to see these beautiful animals. I hate milk… but I love ❤️ cheese!
Thank you cows!
USA Gundy

Callistemon21 Wed 06-Sep-23 16:47:43

For you, Gundy,creamy%20yogurt%2C%20and%20ice%20cream.

Fleurpepper Wed 06-Sep-23 18:17:43

Thank you so much for all your answers. Looks like we won't be able to go if dog has to stay in car in the hold garage.

I wonder how to get there from France and if dogs are allowed on ferry cabin?

Joseann Wed 06-Sep-23 18:41:55

Starting to sound like a flippin' travel agent here...... !!
1. Catch the Condor ferry from St. Malo to St. Peter Port, it's around 2 hours. If you pretend you are a foot passenger only, you can take your dog on board in a pet carrier. The other person can take the car on a separate booking.
2. I think there is a ferry from Granville. They might allow dogs to travel by your side, but I've never sailed that route.
3. Alternatively fly with Aurigny to Guernsey from Southampton. I'm sure dogs go in the plane.
4. Charter a yacht!

Guernseygirl Wed 06-Sep-23 18:53:18

I was born and grew up in Guernsey (now 61 and living in Somerset) but go back regularly. It is as others say quieter that Jersey but my favourite of course! You can visit the other islands from Guernsey, Herm is closest and lovely, Sark a little larger and featured in An Island Parish a few years ago. In Guernsey I like the Cobo Bay Hotel, I also loved The Imperial. I'm sure you will have a lovely time whichever island you choose.

Fleurpepper Wed 06-Sep-23 18:55:31

Ah, thanks- doing a good job here!

A bit sneaky trick- but why not. But our dog will never go in a pet carrier again- she had the massive trauma of long car journey, long flight and long car journey here- we will put her through this.

Sp will look at Granville crossing. No flight ever again.

Charter a yacht sounds great- not sure Yata would like it though. Merci.

Joseann Wed 06-Sep-23 19:04:52

Where there's a will, there's a way!

jerseygirl Wed 06-Sep-23 20:33:52

Jersey because i was born there!!
Seriously though i have been to both an much prefer Jersey as there is more to do there.

BGrannie1 Wed 06-Sep-23 20:34:19

I used to live on Alderney and worked for Aurigny, (the little yellow planes) so I'm biased and would say stay on Alderney and visit the others!

Katie59 Wed 06-Sep-23 20:45:00

Jersey as a base there is much more of interest, hire a car for you will need it. Guernsey for me is underwhelming, use the bus.
Its like visiting Austria after you’ve been to Switzerland, nice enough but not stunning.

CanadianGran Wed 06-Sep-23 20:50:30

I was just reading that Condor allows pet domestically, but not internationally. You may need to check the ferry's website for rules. I'm not sure what other company travels these routes.

fleurpepper, are you travelling from UK or France?

Bijou Thu 07-Sep-23 15:30:02

My husband had to visit Jersey every year because he had customers there. I used to go with him because an uncle lived there. He went there after the First World War and he married a Jersey woman, my mother took me there when I was three months old and that is how I came to be called Bijou. Uncle was there during the Occupation and there are many myths about life at that time. It certainly worth visiting .

Fleurpepper Thu 07-Sep-23 21:01:27


I was just reading that Condor allows pet domestically, but not internationally. You may need to check the ferry's website for rules. I'm not sure what other company travels these routes.

fleurpepper, are you travelling from UK or France?

Could be either. This is only just a dream, not a firm plan. But we would travel from wherever is the easiest- well, from Yata's point of view.

Plans for next year are Pembrokshire and Devon (drive). Istria (drive) Croatia, and overnight ferry with cabin and dog exercising area to Corsica (drive). Yata still needs time and training to go into trains, ferries, and ... lifts.

grandMattie Thu 07-Sep-23 22:00:03

Jersey, of course. My last two were born there - “Jersey beans” both. We lived just outside St. Helier from ‘78 to ‘84. Loved it.

Nanniejude Sat 09-Sep-23 17:32:58

Both beautiful! Jersey is bigger so more to do if the weathers bad. Guernsey has the other islands you can visit.

Gundy Sat 09-Sep-23 17:40:18

Thank you callistemon21 - that article was special!