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specki4eyes Sat 12-May-12 22:16:27

Does anyone else feel extremely irritated by the way that very enthusiast gardener lady on this programme speaks? She is uber-positive about everything and sounds as though she is just about to burst into emotional tears of ecstasy. I can hardly bear to listen to the content of what she's saying because her delivery is so disturbing. I'm sure she's a very nice person and all that but I find her so annoying that I have to switch off the sound.

vampirequeen Sat 12-May-12 22:29:41

I agree and she makes it sound so easy. Just pull out this root, chop it into 1 inch pieces, plant in a shallow tray and you'll soon have lots of new plants.

I tried it last year. I pulled out the root, chopped it into 1 inch pieces, planted them in a shallow tray and I now have a shallow tray of compost lol.

merlotgran Sat 12-May-12 22:46:37

specki4eyes If you go to the above link you will see the lady I think you are referring to doing her first interview on Gardeners World many years ago. My, how she has changed. I agree about the over exuberance. It's getting worse.

nanachrissy Sat 12-May-12 23:07:06

I agree with you, she is a pain in the neck! More Monty Don is the answer! blush

specki4eyes Sat 12-May-12 23:08:58

merlot Good grief! She sounds positively depressive on that clip! Could this be the reason for her personality change? She's been 'Brian Coxed' by the Beeb! Yes, you're right, it is getting worse - so unnecessary.
AND ANOTHER THING! Monty Don and his seemingly vast acres, greenhouses, potting sheds, lyme walks, huge vegetable plot - how does the average gardener with a normal sized garden relate to his gardening routines?

Maniac Sun 13-May-12 10:17:25

specki4eyes I thought it was just me .I do find her SO irritating I switch off.
In contrast I love Christine Walker- her common sense and down to earth manner.It must be the broad Lancashire accent I like. and she hasn't been glamourised.!

Charlotta Sun 13-May-12 17:01:51

But this is becoming the standard BBC delivery. Always over the top for the most ordinary things. I get annoyed with historical programmes. They tell you there was war in 16?? and because you might not be able to imagine what a war is, two men appear dressed in armour with swords. Actually if they said there was a war, then I believe them. Get on with the story!
We call them Kindergarten programmes in our family.

We learned all our gardening from Geoff Hamilton. This confession ages me a bit but he was really lovely. A shame he died so young.

We laid our patio tiles according to how he did it, and it was full success and all rainwater drains away just as it should do.
Even last week.

Nonu Sun 13-May-12 18:27:58

Cannot abide Christine Walker she has got to the biggest bore of all time

merlotgran Sun 13-May-12 20:12:04

I was studying for the RHS diploma in horticulture when Geoff Hamilton died. We were all stunned as he was such a quiet inspiration and his books still have pride of place on my shelves. His Cottage Garden series was watched so many times on video we wore it out. I have just read Christine Walkden's book. It was so boring I can't remember what is was called but fair play to her, she is well qualified and enthusiastic about passing on her knowledge. She's also partial to a drop of Merlot!
I think Monty Don is the thinking gardening woman's crumpet!

flowerfriend Mon 14-May-12 09:43:32

Oooh I do like Monty Don.

CharlieAnn Mon 14-May-12 15:12:18

Thanks, I am glad it is just not me. I watch most programmes with the subtitles on and the sound off. Not just the annoying patronising presenters but the music too.. Glad I got that of my chest

JessM Mon 14-May-12 16:06:29

Andrew Marr had it done unto him. From dry politics reporter to mr bubbly. Helped his career as a presenter though.
You're right, there is a relentlessly upbeat style in vogue. Not as bad as the shouting style though, which really comes out in more laddish and younger age group shows.
Hey - anyone see The Voice. Talk about scripted spontaneity. Tom Jones has wooden off to a fine art.

gangy5 Mon 14-May-12 16:07:51

I think the answer to all this overacting is down to the fact that anybody who's delivery is normal, doesn't make it onto TV. I think that producers are encouraging program participants to be over the top and are encouraging them to be uber enthisiastic. Unfortunately, to us cynics, it all appears very forced and unnatural.
As merlotgran has pointed out - the lady in question did not show any of these exagerated tendancies when she was first on the tele but has just been schooled along this annoying path by others.

Nonu Mon 14-May-12 18:20:36

Which presenter are you actually talking about smile?

gangy5 Mon 14-May-12 19:40:45

I'm thinking it's Carol Klein

Nonu Mon 14-May-12 20:17:31

Oh righty ho , have to say I did used to like her but have not seen the prog. for ages , so perhaps she has changed I was quite taken with her hair !!! not my style but seemed to go with her personality

specki4eyes Mon 14-May-12 21:54:23

Yes it is Carol Klein - I couldn't remember her name because I switch over when she comes on. The problem with these over-the-top presenters is that one stops listening to the content of their presentation, which could in fact be quite interesting. The programme therefore becomes pointless.

Do we think that this is what the programme makers want? If their only aim is to grab the attention of the soap opera/Big Brother/talent show genre of viewer, the entire ethos of the BBC - 'to inform, entertain and educate' will be lost for ever. From what I read on Gransnet and hear over discussion with contemporaries, is that in the main, our generation is utterly perplexed and frustrated by trivial and sensationalist tv programmes. We're not just grumpy oldies, we remember when we could spend a couple of hours watching interesting programmes presented by informed and naturally confident people.

j02 Mon 14-May-12 22:39:58

Carol Klein is, in my humble opinion, an excellent presenter. She obviously knows all there is to know about gardening. Her enthusiasm for her subject shines through. Great personality. Appealing accent. Never boring or frumpy.

She has come on in leaps and bounds from the time she did that first broadcast. Well done her.

"We're not just grumpy oldies". You sure?

j02 Mon 14-May-12 22:45:16

And to criticise the music on the programme............. hmm

can you really fault this?

specki4eyes Tue 15-May-12 21:42:22

j02 Who criticised the music on G W then?

Yes, ok then we are grumpy oldies, but only sometimes grin

merlotgran Wed 16-May-12 19:26:14

I enjoyed watching Carol Klein for years and think she should have been given the top spot on GW when Monty Don had a stroke a few years ago. Her over enthusiastic style of presenting, however, is beginning to grate. I find it difficult to focus on her plant descriptions even though her knowledge is without question. I'd rather read her excellent books.
The boring, frumpy presenters of old were also extremely knowledgeable (Pippa Greenwood, Gay Search, Anne Swithinbank et al) but they didn't make me feel like rushing outdoors and grabbing a trowel. I'm sure Carol Klein inspires a lot of people but I now prefer the more gentle presenting styles of Sarah Raven, Alys Fowler and Rachel de Thame.

Nothing wrong with the music.

gangy5 Sat 26-May-12 21:23:57

Just back from holiday and picked up your comment merlotgran Yes I agree with you that Carol Klein should have been given the top spot on GW. She is extremely knowledgeable on the gardening front and though perhaps a little older, she has no more lines than Monty Don. PS can't see why the ladies like him as I think he needs feeding up and filling out!!

whenim64 Sat 26-May-12 22:01:49

I also like Carol Klein. She is enthusiastic because she loves her gardening and I don't find her overpowering as its her passion.

glassortwo Sat 26-May-12 22:07:02

I like Carol she is very vibrant and draws you in even if you are not a gardening enthusiast.

merlotgran Sun 27-May-12 13:22:49

Am I the only one who thinks Carol Klein toned down her presenting style a bit at Chelsea? Maybe somebody's had a word. Apart from those funny wide trousers she wore at the beginning of the week I thought she looked and sounded great. Christine Walkden on the other hand.......hmm