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Tegan Fri 16-Aug-13 19:59:24

9 o'clock tonight BBC1. David Walliams new comedy. Could be awful [not many good comedies these days] but might just be brilliant. Going to give it a try anyway.

whenim64 Fri 16-Aug-13 20:22:12

Yes, I'm going to watch it, just in case it's good. smile

Tegan Fri 16-Aug-13 20:49:12

You didn't see Simon Amstells stand up show late on Sunday night did you? I just happened to turn the telly on as I was cleaning the kitchen and couldn't stop watching it [I love Simon Amstell anyway]. I was talking to my daughter yesterday and she said she'd done the same thing and couldn't stop watching. I used to like Grandma's House and keep meaning to buy the dvd's as I missed a lot of episodes. This stand up show was so profound and philosophical I wanted to make notes.

whenim64 Fri 16-Aug-13 21:11:44

Yes, I did and I have another of his DVDs that my son gave me. I couldn't stand him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but he's gentle and intelligent doing stand-up. Well worth watching!

merlotgran Fri 16-Aug-13 21:30:39

Well, I'll give it another go next week but I wasn't exactly clutching my sides. hmm

merlotgran Fri 16-Aug-13 21:31:26

Thank God for a repeat of Mrs. Brown's Boys. grin

Tegan Fri 16-Aug-13 22:04:36

It seemed to try too hard; but I did laugh out loud a couple of times at the names of the schoolchildren...Beyonce and ManU.

whenim64 Fri 16-Aug-13 22:46:15

It was ok. I'll watch again next week and hope it gets funnier.

merlotgran Fri 16-Aug-13 23:06:17

I hope Phillip Glenister is not going to regret appearing in this.

Hunt Fri 16-Aug-13 23:12:41

I thought it was appalling. Switched off half way through, couldn't stand any more.

Ella46 Fri 16-Aug-13 23:20:59

I'm afraid the trailer was enough for me.

harrigran Fri 16-Aug-13 23:47:29

I will not be watching it again, it was toe curling.

Marelli Sat 17-Aug-13 00:03:38

Not impressed, either.

glammanana Sat 17-Aug-13 08:31:23

merlotgran oh how I agree with you on that one Phillip Glennister will imo never come over well in this type of programme,he looks sort of out of place ?

gillybob Sat 17-Aug-13 08:41:07

It was so bad I could hardly bear to watch. Certainly won't be watching it again. I never tire of Mrs Brown Boys either Merlotgran not everyone's cup of tea I know (and definitely not my DH's , who hardly breaks a smile at it) but I find it really funny. grin

Zengran Sat 17-Aug-13 08:41:20

I agree with Ella46 in that the trailer put me off!

feetlebaum Sat 17-Aug-13 08:49:10

Frances de la Tour was, as usual, very much in command, I thought. The Walliams character was a rather tired cliché - a sort of farcical retread of 'Mr Hedges' in Please Sir... Catherine Tate deserves better material (although this was better than her own series). I did like the earnest discussion of what kind of spoon was best for hitting unwanted erections...

A very shaky start - but first episodes are always a problem.

whenim64 Sat 17-Aug-13 09:00:29

Frances de la Tour made the progamme for me. I could watch her in anything.

ninathenana Sat 17-Aug-13 09:54:54

DH said it would either be dross or brilliant. I said dross, he insisted we give it a try. He was the one who turned over after 10mins. Much to my relief.

Tegan Sat 17-Aug-13 10:35:13

I thought the bit where she was loading her car with confiscated booze was funny. A bit more subtlety and it could have been good. But then I never liked Little Britain or The Catherine Tate show either. I'll watch it again but not go out of my way to do so; rather wish I'd watched the whole of the Chris Packham programme on the other side; the bit I saw of that looked fascinating.

petra Sat 17-Aug-13 11:03:28

Awful. How can you make something so bad with so much talent.

Mishap Sat 17-Aug-13 11:04:05

There's something about Walliams that really gives me the creeps - just looking at him puts me off.

Ella46 Sat 17-Aug-13 12:49:44

I agree Mishap, he does seem really weird to me, one of those people who always goes a step too far!

vegasmags Sat 17-Aug-13 13:22:22

Really glad I watched Chris Packham and the Burrowers instead - it was wonderful grin

ninathenana Sat 17-Aug-13 14:29:12

yes, we turned to the burrowers it was fascinating.