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The Big Painting Challenge

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merlotgran Sun 01-Mar-15 18:11:33

Anyone else watching this?

I'm enjoying it because the only thing I paint is furniture!

DH wants to know why we're watching paint dry?

Why is Una Stubbs wearing such weird clothes? Her skirts could be useful if you fancied a bit of shoplifting though hmm

Deedaa Sun 01-Mar-15 18:28:56

I'm watching it because it's something I do know something about. Not always agreeing with the judges about how things should be done though

I think Una always weird clothes - I remember her looking very odd in a programme a while ago. Still, she'd probably think the same about me.

annodomini Sun 01-Mar-15 19:30:05

I thought she had borrowed a tent! I enjoy the programme because I could no more paint than I could sprout wings and fly in the air. That's probably why I like other talent programmes too.

ninathenana Sun 01-Mar-15 19:45:15

Una Stubbs, aagh ! everything about the woman drives me mad !!

I enjoy the programme apart from that.

J52 Sun 01-Mar-15 20:20:09

Ninathenana: she's in c the MW. On now, don't watch!

I thought she was trying to look 'arty'. I agree with the tent analogy! I'm enjoying the programme!. x

Agus Sun 01-Mar-15 20:35:50

I really enjoyed the programme but why is Una Stubbs even there and what's with the silly voice? She should have gone instead of Jan!

Greyduster Sun 01-Mar-15 21:13:45

I think she's there because she is supposed to be an artist in her own right, but I wonder, if she weren't a celebrity, whether her work would have attracted the attention it has.

annodomini Sun 01-Mar-15 21:51:12

If she's as good an artist as she is a presenter, she must be absolutely useless.

Jane10 Sun 01-Mar-15 22:03:52

Awww that's harsh. She's sweet and encouraging for those who get the negative feedback. So brave of them to be on the programme at all. Some are so good at one thing but not others. I'm really enjoying it.

Ana Sun 01-Mar-15 22:07:52

She's always had a terribly twee voice.

Mishap Sun 01-Mar-15 22:20:24

I have to conclude that her voice is not put on - it just seems to be how it is. I have to say that I rather like her - I think her presentation of this programme is very good.

I find it fascinating to see what they produce and how different their styles are.

Can't bear the chuck-someone-out-every-week routine. It would be more interesting if we could see how all the artists might develop.

hildajenniJ Sun 01-Mar-15 22:26:16

I am also enjoying the programme. I can't draw or paint so I am envious of the talent on display.
Una Stubbs leaves a lot to be desired in the presenting department. Does she dress herself, I wonder, or does the wardrobe department provide her with something arty. It was a terrible choice whoever chose her dress.confused

Lilygran Sun 01-Mar-15 22:29:26

Agree, Mishap. This is an interesting programme in itself. Why do all the reality programmes have to be a competition? And why do they do the dramatic pause before announcing the result?

Eloethan Sun 01-Mar-15 22:40:03

I didn't even know this was on until I caught the last 15 mins. or so today. I shall watch it from now on.

I think some of you are being rather unkind about Una Stubbs. She is a little eccentric but she seems quite sweet to me.

She was very good in Call the Midwife.

I'm not quite sure how the programme would be structured if it didn't have the competition format. The gentle pace of programmes in "the old days" may not engage too many viewers these days and that is why they bring in an element "excitement" by making it a competition.

Greyduster Mon 02-Mar-15 08:32:09

I am in awe of anyone who can produce a portrait that bears any resemblance to the sitter. I painted DH once and my father said it looked like a 'wanted' poster! It was nice to see the interview with Nicky Phillips. I don't know if any of you saw 'The People's Portrait' where she painted Simon Weston, the Falklands veteran, who had been chosen by the public to have his portrait painted. It took you through the development of the painting stage by stage and was fascinating. It is an extremely good portrait.

Mishap Mon 02-Mar-15 09:06:48

Portraits certainly sorted them out! - some were dreadful, but what do I know, being at the drawing a stick man stage.

I am entranced by the painters' different styles - the young woman with her delicate touch, and the big black lady with her bold colours and highly recognisable style. And the two quieter men have real talent. I am glued to it.

Lona Mon 02-Mar-15 09:12:50

I'm quite enjoying this programme, I used to love Watercolour challenge too.
I've seen Una Stubbs a couple of times in 'real life', and she was dressed in clothes that were a bit wacky then.

Lilygran Mon 02-Mar-15 09:20:11

Watching experts do stuff and watching people learn is intrinsically interesting to most of us. The comments on why some paintings or drawings were successful and others weren't could be the 'excitement' most people would want. And if you remove the least successful people in any of these 'competitions' you deny the whole purpose of learning!

Mishap Mon 02-Mar-15 10:21:07

I so agree. I would really have liked to see if Jan could move out of his comfort zone and really learn something that would be useful to him.

I liked Una's wacky dress - this tells you something about my style!

Agus Mon 02-Mar-15 10:49:05

I do think Jan showed more promise than the lady who wore the blue hat.

Didn't particularly like Una's dress but I do like many of the classic type outfits she wears and I like those glasses.

Gagagran Mon 02-Mar-15 11:46:39

I thought Jan's portraits were very disappointing given that he had been doing faces for over 30 years as his job with the Police! I had expected him to shine but he didn't and I thought it was right that he went.

I find Una's voice creepy but didn't mind her dress.

PRINTMISS Mon 02-Mar-15 15:30:51

I am enjoying this, and like some of you I cannot paint or draw, but it is so good to see folk who can and how they work. I quite like Una, she is not the run of the mill celebrity, I think she quite enjoys being an individual and dressing to suit herself. I like her style.

cazthebookworm Mon 02-Mar-15 23:32:49

I am enjoying the programme, it is relaxing and interesting to watch. I have never painted a thing except to emulsion the walls of houses, which is a long and slow process now I am in my 70's. However, you are never too old to learn and maybe this will be the start of a new hobby for me. As for Una, I must admit my first thought was, "whatever is she wearing?" But if she is happy, who are we to comment. She probably would not think much of our fashion sense, but would never be unkind enough to say so.

rubylady Tue 03-Mar-15 02:03:54

This is a wonderful programme, agree about the clothes though! grin

I liked the young girl's portrait eventually, at one stage it looked like a waif out of Oliver, but did finish to resemble her. I wouldn't have liked to have been Pam at the end, she had some very unfavourable paintings of herself. It made me laugh when she said she wouldn't sit for anyone again.

I do paint, although in acrylics and this summer I am going to venture into watercolours and oils and see what happens. All who have not had a go up to now, grab a pad of artist paper, get some painting pencils and have a go, it's fantastically relaxing. Then at the end of the summer we could post our attempts on here? smile

petra Tue 03-Mar-15 16:10:14

I couldn't care less what she's wearing, it's the voice.