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Great Canal Journeys.

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Falconbird Sun 29-Mar-15 16:43:12

I really love this programme - on tonight, with Prunella Scales and Timothy West. They are such a lovely couple and have been together for years. Timothy West reminds me of my late DH.

whitewave Sun 29-Mar-15 16:47:03

Loved it. Such a gentle couple. What is wrong with Prunella - Timothy alluded to it at the beginning of the programme?

tanith Sun 29-Mar-15 16:47:17

I keep meaning to watch and then forget I'll have to watch it on catchup... I like them both they are so lovely together.

tanith Sun 29-Mar-15 16:50:22

Prunella is suffering the early stages of Dementia such a shame...

merlotgran Sun 29-Mar-15 16:50:49

She has Alzheimers, whitewave.

I love the programme but we wince when Timothy West quite cheerfully bashes into walls and other boats. Not funny if you're on the receiving end.

crun Sun 29-Mar-15 16:50:59

I looked into hiring a barge a couple of years ago, but the prices are based on having enough people to fill all the berths, it's astronomically expensive for one.

whitewave she's got dementia.

whitewave Sun 29-Mar-15 16:53:00

So sad, I am not surprised as she seemed so vunerable, so unlike how she used to be. Nevertheless a delightful progamme.

loopylou Sun 29-Mar-15 16:58:21

It is sad, I agree whitewave, makes the programme more poignant doesn't it? Lovely series.

Mishap Sun 29-Mar-15 17:06:37

It is good that the programme has been made in spite of her dementia illness, and good to see her joining in and playing her part.

POGS Sun 29-Mar-15 17:37:23

Having watched the first series, like a few others, I thought I might be feeling a little bit of the opinion 'same old, same old' but on the contrary I am enjoying this series just as much.

I think it is an all round winner for me too Falconbird.

KatyK Sun 29-Mar-15 17:38:51

I love this. We watched the last series too. They seem such a lovely couple and very close to their children. I think Prunella looks much younger than her years. I saw them once, having coffee in the cafeteria of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford - not that that has anything to do with anything smile

Falconbird Sun 29-Mar-15 17:49:05

I looked them up and Timothy West was born in 1934 and Prunella Scales in 1932 - my maths aren't brilliant but I think that makes them 81 and 83 so they are doing exceptionally well.

I've always been a fan of them both from way back.

TerriBull Sun 29-Mar-15 18:13:36

Me too, it has a gentle quality about it, just right for Sunday evenings, interesting as well. I like them both, particularly Prunella who these days seems a long way removed from snappy, bossy Sybill Fawlty, well she did have Basil to deal with hmm a very exasperating husband. Yes I agree KatyK, Prunella does look much younger than her years.

whitewave Sun 29-Mar-15 18:14:54

Oh I didn't know there had been another series - how annoying.

KatyK Sun 29-Mar-15 18:48:48

Yes this is the second series. The first one was just as lovely. They met up at one point with their son and granddaughter.

Pittcity Sun 29-Mar-15 19:56:15

Loved last weeks when they were in London and gave Andrew Sachs a lift. A good old chinwag about Fawlty Towers.

whitewave Mon 30-Mar-15 18:47:22

Loved last night. Decided we might go on the Canal Midi, so looked up on net. Thought it would be a good wheeze to go on a largish barge where everything is done for you and you just sit and enjoy. Changed my mind pretty sharpish - price about £3400 per person for a week!!!!

nigglynellie Mon 30-Mar-15 19:01:10

Last night's episode was fantastic. That French canal at times took a bit of navigating!!!!!! I find the series very soothing and tranquil, an anecdote to the election!!!!! Tim and Pru are a lovely couple, and their sons seem so fond of them and very caring. I feel so sorry that Pru has been struck with this horrible illness. My word, those grandson's are certainly handsome!!!!!

nigglynellie Mon 30-Mar-15 20:47:46

I meant antidote!!!

Marelli Mon 30-Mar-15 21:47:51

I'm watching it now, on 'catch-up'. I love their attitudes - Pru's in particular.

petra Tue 31-Mar-15 08:34:22

A word of warning to those of you who might be contemplating a cruise on one of these barges on the French canals.
If there is no mains electricity where they tie up at night, there will be a generator running all night. This is for the fridge/freezers.
They don't tell you that in the blurb.

Gagagran Tue 31-Mar-15 09:17:17

I spotted that Timothy was wearing his hat from the PS Waverley, the famous paddle steamer. He and Prue were on the trip from Portsmouth to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight in September 2014 when I was.

She looked lost and quite scared and he just ignored her, walking round the boat and chatting to fans while she tailed along behind. At the time I thought he seemed quite neglectful and uncaring but of course they would not show that on the TV programme. He does seem quite egocentric though and a bit bullying even on that.

I loved the way Prue spoke about her French boyfriend and Timothy got jealous!

nigglynellie Tue 31-Mar-15 10:41:42

I thought Tim showed signs of 'abtuptnesss'(?!) on Sunday's trip, the French boyfriend, and navigating the lock which let's face it, anyone would find difficult, and she's only 'pint size'. Having said that, the prospect of Pru's diminishing faculties must be very daunting, so who knows?! Like all relationships I expect they've had their ups and downs!!!!!!!

petra Tue 31-Mar-15 17:38:58

I like their acting. But I don't think I would want to be tied up alongside them. I certainly wouldn't have wanted them manoeuvring their boat anywhere near my (past) boats.

KatyK Tue 31-Mar-15 19:03:49

During the last series, Tim kept reminding us of Pru's 'problem' in front of her. I felt sorry for her when he kept mentioning it. He is obviously worried about her but she seems OK doesn't she (at the moment)? Love it though.