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New Scandi noir drama starting tonight...

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Tegan2 Sun 13-Aug-17 12:20:00

Ch4 9:00. Valkgrien [sp]. Saw it advertised on facebook; no idea if it's any good but, having finished watching Top of the Lake I need something to fill the gap, and this does look promising. Plus the fact that, being on Ch 4 if my catchup tv stops working again I can always watch it on +1.

Cherrytree59 Sun 13-Aug-17 20:25:04

Thanks *Tegan"
I don't watch much TV especially in the summertime.
However I do love a bit of Scandi Noir.
Although it does seem to somehow signal that Autumn is on its waysad

seacliff Sun 13-Aug-17 20:47:52

Great, thanks Tegan, I wanted something new to try. Let's hope it's good.

POGS Sun 13-Aug-17 21:06:37

The clips for it look very promising.

It is another ' Walter Presents ' and I have not been disappointed by any of them yet.

My favourite so far was 'The Team'.

rosesarered Sun 13-Aug-17 21:10:37

I already have it on 'record' to watch later.

POGS Sun 13-Aug-17 22:13:24

Just watched it.

Hmm. Not sure about this one but to be fair early days.

I will carry on with it though.

Tegan2 Sun 13-Aug-17 22:15:47

I'm not sure either [and it's not for the squeamish, is it!]. But at least it isn't another 'adolescent girl goes missing' storyline.

maryeliza54 Sun 13-Aug-17 22:18:54

Bit gory - will give it another episode

seacliff Sun 13-Aug-17 22:39:37

Yes I'm not sure either. Didn't really grab me. One more go next week.

notnecessarilywiser Mon 14-Aug-17 08:06:35

I'm hooked! As you say, Tegan it's a relief for the plot not to involve a missing/abused girl. I like the combination of survivalist movement and maverick medical research. It wasn't a great surprise that his wife was being kept alive, but I couldn't help wondering what the reaction of her parents and daughter will be if she is successfully cured!

silverlining48 Mon 14-Aug-17 08:22:49

not long ago i wouldnt have watched a foreign film with subtitles but now i do, and for the most part have enjoyed the scandi, german, french etc offerings which bbc4 have put on on a saturday night.

yggdrasil Mon 14-Aug-17 09:03:57

I've recorded it, not watched yet. It seems odd to me that this seems to be the only episode being actually broadcast, for all the rest you have to go to All4

Tegan2 Mon 14-Aug-17 09:42:47

I know; that confused me because they were talking about what was on next week at 9. My catchup tv doesn't always work so I may not be able to watch it anyway. The good thing is they said Leveson [sp] Wood is back on tv next week [sigh] and I love his travel/adventure programmes. The other problem with box sets is that I end up having to watch them all which is what happened with Top of the Lake; China Girl. And I've got three episodes of Game of Thrones to watch tomorrow night [it's a hard life].

yggdrasil Mon 14-Aug-17 10:23:25

I've got the last two episodes of I Know who You Are to watch tonight first

Nelliemaggs Mon 14-Aug-17 10:43:08

I got bored with Valkyrien I'm afraid. Maybe I was too tired.

As for "I know who you are" which I enjoyed very much, partly because I love the Spanish language, but also because I found quite intriguing, I was disbelieving that it stopped at episode 10 with no immediate plan to show the remaining 6 episodes. How can they do that to us!

grandMattie Mon 14-Aug-17 12:16:22

The crits for "Valkirien" were very mixed, mostly bad - "hilarious" in all the wrong ways. Let me know if you enjoy it - although I'm having trouble getting anything from More4 at the moment/

I have enjoyed "I know who you are" enormously. I hadn't realised that they had withheld the last 6 episodes - how mean - they had given to understand that there was another series!

maryeliza54 Mon 14-Aug-17 12:21:03

Do you mean that the last 6 episodes are already made and were meant to be shown with the 10 we saw grand?

Tegan2 Mon 14-Aug-17 12:43:00

I don't think I'm going to enjoy it but am intrigued as to where it's going. Having suggested it in the first place I feel obliged to work out if it's worth sticking with in a 'I'm going out and could be some time' sort of way...'

Revis Mon 14-Aug-17 13:28:01

I love most of Walter Presents series but find it really frustrating when they put the 1st episode on C4 and then all the rest on All4 which Virgin doesn't cover. Why do they do that?

grandMattie Mon 14-Aug-17 13:41:43

That's what nellie seems to say - I'm only repeating it, incredulously!!!

Funnygran Mon 14-Aug-17 14:34:42

Have really enjoyed "I know who you are" but a real anticlimax to find the story isn't resolved and there will be another series. By which time I will have forgotten what happened in the first one!

Nelliemaggs Mon 14-Aug-17 14:52:17

My daughter tells me that the remaining 6 episodes will be shown but there is no date as yet. As Funnygran says we might find it difficult to remember all the clues until then. A bit disappointing.

Lilyflower Mon 14-Aug-17 14:59:42

I had NO idea that there were further episodes of 'I Know Who You Are' but it does make sense. The DH and I watched 9 & 10 last night and we couldn't believe the story ended like that (don't want to use spoilers) as it seemed to be an episode cliff hanger not closure after a series.

Now I know it is because it WAS an episode cliff hanger.!


rosesarered Mon 14-Aug-17 15:04:16

Right, thanks for info, I will now delete this one recorded episode, what a waste of our time!

grammargran Mon 14-Aug-17 15:14:56

Can't wait for the next series of I Know Who You Are. How truly callous and brutal to leave us stranded like that! I know what you mean Revis about the Walter Presents series. It's exasperating to have just one episode- we're on Virgin as well.