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travelsafar Sun 02-Sep-18 08:38:29

I started to watch the new series of X Factor last night but had to turn over as i felt it was just platform for Robbie Williams and his wife, and Simon Cowell just looked so awful. His face was so puffy and bloated looking and he constantly used a hand fan as he was obviously suffering from the heat. I felt they were all was rather off putting and i doubt i will watch any further programs. Did anyone else notice the change in Simon??

MissAdventure Sun 02-Sep-18 08:44:42

He looks like he has had too much work done on his face.
It did look bloated and unnatural.
I didn't watch it either: I think Robbie Williams is the worst choice of judge.

Grannyboots1 Sun 02-Sep-18 08:48:23

Yes Travelsafar, I thought the same, he looked so old against
the rest of the judges. (and uncomfortable). I did enjoy the varied singing though.

henetha Sun 02-Sep-18 10:17:47

Yes, Simon is looking a bit rough these days. But I still enjoy the X-factor regardless. It's just good fun. Some of the contestants are good and some are hilariously bad.

MissAdventure Sun 02-Sep-18 10:24:45

My mum used m always phone me and say "look at Simons left eye, it isn't moving around properly. Look at the right side of his mouth - too much botox!"
I think she was right!

KatyK Sun 02-Sep-18 10:27:50

Yes Simon's face has definitely changed.

MissAdventure Sun 02-Sep-18 10:29:45

His whole top half looks bloated and red.
Mind you, I'm sure I looked exactly the same during that hot weather.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 02-Sep-18 11:28:15

The auditions were filmed in the middle of our heatwave. Wembley SSE Arena is not air conditioned.

I think the judges will settle down, something needed to be done as the panel was getting very stale.

I have seen Robbie perform live, he is a magnificent showman.

Cannot and will not comment on Simon's appearance, the reason being I would not like to be judged on my own appearance. I try very hard to only say nice things about other people, or keep my thoughts to myself.

ninathenana Sun 02-Sep-18 12:33:26

I thought Simon looked bloated and rough too.
Did anyone else think that it was out of order for Robbie to get on stage and help the guy singing 'Angels'?
Not only an unfair advantage but he then proceeded to make it all about him angry

BlueBelle Sun 02-Sep-18 13:58:47

I was another who turned off I watched long enough to see Robbie Williams and wife smooching around the table very inappropriately and after going to get the sick bowl turned it off and probably won’t watch again
I have no problem saying Cowell looked old, bloated and sweaty he has spent thousands or more on cosmetic procedures and his vanity doesn’t deserve niceness
The whole part of the programme that I watched was about the awful judges so totally lost it for me, which is a shame I used to enjoy it

JudyJudy12 Sun 02-Sep-18 16:33:25

He does not look that bad for 58.

Fennel Sun 02-Sep-18 17:19:51

Never could stand Simon Cowell. So smug.
Robbie Williams not much better.

Noreen3 Mon 03-Sep-18 07:16:53

I liked Louis Tomlinson,but I agree with the comments about the other Judges.But I found it interesting,and will watch again.

OldMeg Mon 03-Sep-18 07:27:22

It’s past it’s sell-by date.

Speldnan Mon 03-Sep-18 07:32:57

What about the wife’s lips then? Couldn’t take my eyes off them they looked so weird! Why do women do that to themselves when they’re pretty anyway? First time I’ve ever watched it and thought it was awful, hated the judges as well as the “singers”

Theoddbird Mon 03-Sep-18 08:06:00

He looks as if he is on some sort of medication as it did not just seem to be his face. Steroids maybe

Coolgran65 Mon 03-Sep-18 08:08:14

I’m going against the grain here. I thought the show was much improved. And a great choice of judges. Yes, Robbie certainly is not a holding back. As for getting up and helping the guy through the song, it’ll all level itself as they go through the different selection processes.

I think the new judges are great. It was time for a change and I feel has made for a far better show.

amberlee Mon 03-Sep-18 08:10:04

Yes he does look different, big mistake having Robbie Williams on show he has taken over completely.

Sheilasue Mon 03-Sep-18 08:10:53

Turned it over after about 5minutes, they all looked awful.

Craftycat Mon 03-Sep-18 08:25:26

I thought Simon looked much more relaxed than usual & I love Robbie.
Such a relief not to have Louis Walsh & that awful American woman - Nicole thingy.
I enjoyed the new lineup.
It's only very light entertainment anyway.

Emptynester Mon 03-Sep-18 08:40:43

Travelsafar! It was exactly the same in our house, in that we put it on! But after ten minutes couldn’t cope with Robbie Williams, and OH and I both noticed how unwell SC looked, though maybe he just had a very good summer holiday!

sarahellenwhitney Mon 03-Sep-18 08:45:08

Never liked SC.Ridiculous I know when you don't know someone personally.Robbie Williams like wise. I haven't watched BGT since Sam Bailey won as I believe they must be getting desperate when you see some performers.

Willow10 Mon 03-Sep-18 08:48:12

I'm intrigued, when they spend so much time and money on facial ' enhancements ' - is it because they spend too much time in front of the mirror, or not enough? Doesn't anyone around them ever have the courage to say ' don't have those trout lips, they look awful!' or 'you've gone too far with the surgery - stop!' Or do they just surround themselves with 'yes' people? Maybe they just run out of things to spend their money on and this is the next step? Is it lack of self esteem? Fashion? I just don't understand it. I just wish someone would come out and admit cosmetic surgery doesn't make you look better - it looks freakish. And far from thinking no-one will notice and just think you are naturally 'perfect'- it does just the opposite!

On a positive note I did think Louis was good and the only one amongst them who appeared to be taking the job seriously.

Grannyknot Mon 03-Sep-18 09:15:28

Out of curiosity (and this thread) I watched it in bed this morning with a cup of tea and toast. The woman who sang "You're My World" was a delight. smile

Willow500 Mon 03-Sep-18 09:16:15

It's like Marmite - you either hate it or love it! I'm another fan and quite like the new line up - it's a refreshing change to the usual lot. I also like Robbie - he's the spit of my son, same age and also a musician so feel a bit biased grin but I have seen him live a couple of times and he is a great showman. I also think Louis Tomlinson is a very good choice - last night's show was more about him than Sat's which was Robbie's night. I'm sure as it goes on it will all settle down. My husband was adamant he wasn't watching it again but he said last night it was good. As for Simon - well it's his show - I agree he's looking his age and noticed the fan but as my husband sits and sleeps with a fan next to his face due to overheating and we have had a heatwave it's no big deal.