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NanKate Wed 27-Feb-19 22:31:33

I heard on the News today that the BBC and ITV are getting together to launch Britbox a streaming service like Netflix and Amazon Prime at a cost of about £5.99 a month as they feel they are losing out to their competitors. I think BBCI Player will be phased out.

So it seems to me we will be offered series we have already seen and we will have to pay for it when we have already paid our TV Licences what a swizz ! What do you think ?

EllanVannin Wed 27-Feb-19 22:34:22

They can keep it !

MiniMoon Wed 27-Feb-19 23:00:59

The BBC are out dated and behind the times. They are

MiniMoon Wed 27-Feb-19 23:02:04

Oops didn't mean to post that, I was trying to delete it! I am not putting my thoughts down very well.

AyjayF Thu 28-Feb-19 12:32:47

I completely agree that we have already paid for these programmes. They will never compete with Netflix which is brilliant.

Jane43 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:23:46

I agree AyjayF it couldn’t compete with Netflix.

Anniebach Thu 28-Feb-19 21:29:15

I like some BBC dramas 😀 what about ‘Truely Madly,Deeply ‘ ? And comedies ‘ One Foot In Grave’ ?

NanKate Thu 28-Feb-19 21:33:07

But do you want to pay £5.99 a month to watch the programmes Annie when you already pay a licence fee ?

sodapop Thu 28-Feb-19 22:07:34

I've just been having a conversation with my family and we agree that Netflix is rubbish. I am about to cancel my subscription. I'm not sure what Britbox will be offering.

Eloethan Thu 28-Feb-19 22:17:11

People can pay for it if they want it - it's not obligatory. People sometimes pay quite large amounts for other providers.

ayse Thu 12-Dec-19 08:07:29

I had a look at Britbox yesterday and some articles about the content. BBC and ITV are both continuing with their catch up services. ITV will move stuff to Britbox after 30 days, next year was mentioned. BBC will leave their catch up as it is and programmes will be moved to Britbox after a year. Next year Ch 4 and Ch 5 will be adding some content to Britbox.

Taking all this into account and as I don’t use Amazon Prime very much, I’ll probably try Britbox for a bit after Christmas and see how it goes. I expect Britbox will be added to Amazon firestick, if it’s not there already.

After the failure of Samsung to update BBC app, I suspect most of my TV will be watched through the firestick.

Anniebach Thu 12-Dec-19 08:38:40

I have a free months trial to BritBox and will continue watching it when the monthly payment starts. Channel 4 are joining the BBC and ITV next year.

ayse Thu 12-Dec-19 11:57:33

I think they will be adding programmes that haven’t been aired for a longtime as well as more recent offerings. Most of the stuff on Netflix and Prime don’t do it for me.

Anniebach, how are you finding it?

Tigerdove Thu 12-Dec-19 12:46:13

Personally, I think BritBox is great, just watching again Last tango in Halifax. Lots of programmes to rewatch.

Anniebach Thu 12-Dec-19 12:56:44

ayse I really enjoy Britbox, only had it 2 weeks for a months
free trial, will definitely keep it.

Old classics- Upstairs Downstairs. Jewel in the Crown.

Brideshead Revisted and many more.

More recent - Doc Martin. Morse. Happy Valley. Gavin and Stacey, again many more.

I am going to watch Lark Rise to Candleford over Christmas.

Anniebach Thu 12-Dec-19 12:58:55

NanKate I don’t mind paying again after paying the licence
fee, so many excellent programmes to watch again.

ayse Thu 12-Dec-19 13:11:53

Sound good Anniebach