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grannyticktock Thu 16-May-19 21:59:47

Anyone else watching this BBC drama? I've just caught up on the first episode, broadcast on Tuesday. Wow, it certainly held my interest! There was far too much going on really, it was quite insane, but not too difficult to follow, and there's a very strong cast. I was totally gripped by the shock ending of this first epi, can't wait till the next!

crazyH Thu 16-May-19 22:04:29

No grannyticktock, I haven't ... sounds good, don't know how I missed it

GrandmaKT Thu 16-May-19 22:11:54

Just this minute finished watching it on iplayer. As you say, it's full-on! Riveting.

Telly Thu 16-May-19 22:47:44

Thought it was really good, quite innovative which is what you would expect. I am going to make sure I see the remaining episodes. Unlike the virtues, which I had to stop ......

Pittcity Thu 16-May-19 23:19:08

So close to the truth though....

Maggiemaybe Tue 21-May-19 20:02:35

We just caught up with episode 1 yesterday, and will definitely be watching the rest. Russell T Davies certainly has his finger on the pulse and I found it uncomfortably plausible. The Vivienne Rook character is chilling.

mcem Tue 21-May-19 20:16:42

Spot on maggiemaybe - uncomfortably plausible!
If you are "enjoying" this theme, I suggest tuning in to R4 on BBC iPlayer where there is an intriguing drama called First World Problems

Flossieturner Tue 21-May-19 22:08:56

I really enjoyed it too

maryeliza54 Tue 21-May-19 22:49:05

‘Uncomfortably plausible’ what an excellent phrase. Even more so after tonight’s episode - the scenes outside the bank and the election of Viv😱😱

BlueBelle Wed 22-May-19 08:00:40

Didn’t like it at all thought the acting was poor and the storyline although probably close to the truth had bits in it I found off putting the sex robot the silly girl wanting to be digitalised or whatever the term is, yes not for me

Teetime Wed 22-May-19 08:41:38

Its very odd and disquieting - our Emma is scary! I shall watch on.

J52 Wed 22-May-19 08:59:25

I quite enjoyed it. I did find it odd that the cars of the future were pretty much the same models as today, not all electric.
Is this an indication of something or lazy continuity?

Flossieturner Wed 22-May-19 15:28:36

I thought the same thing about the cars. When he stopped to give the neighbour a lift, I expected the door to open automatically

grannyticktock Wed 22-May-19 17:58:53

I suppose it would very expensive and complicated to produce real cars that looked different from anything we use now. In a big-budget film, they'd use computer animated graphics or something, but this is TV drama, so there's only so much they can do. I must say I'm really enjoying all the weird new technology stuff they're using, even though some of it is crazy.

Namsnanny Fri 24-May-19 00:32:05

I like it.....sort of!

I like Rory Kinnear, and Anne Reid especially. I like the convention of using a family to examine the politics and mores of the near future.
I actually like the idea that the same arguments surrounding transgender operations today, are being applied to the daughter who wants to do the same thing (change her body to suit who she feels she is).

I find the possibility of that progression interesting.

The sex robot thing, well that is going to happen. Again its just a progression from sex dolls.

The most unrealistic for me was there was no sign of 'big brother'.
Our phones can be switched on to monitor our conversations and movements by others now, so wouldn't all the tech innovations in the home be transmitting info back to a 'cloud' or information gathering centre, for what ever reason in the future?

I don't like the childish adult children.
Or the hand operated wheel chair, surely technology would have improved on that?

Overall its engaging.

Grandma2213 Fri 24-May-19 01:33:41

I can't wait to see how this develops and it is indeed very plausible. mcem I have also found 'First World Problems' compelling listening.

I must admit that although I find new technology amazing, especially in the medical world I am glad I am nearer the end of my life. I do worry for my DGC though and that virtual face screen seemed to me to be a real and frightening possibility.

Franbern Fri 24-May-19 11:05:51

Think the Vivienne Rook character is the most frightening part of this. So much based on current male 'politicians' !!!
With the second episode we are still only six years into the future, so comments here about cars and wheelchairs are not really relevant. How much will these have changed in that short period of time?
The fact that a nuclear bomb was used in a trade war is also very frightening, such trade wars are taking place at this moment, and perhaps it is only the fact that Trump is still seeking re-election that is stopping him using one. This play shows him using it just before the end of his second term!!! He had nothing to lose then!!!
I did find the 'trans' thing quite funny - and probably very enlightening. Parents were so very supportive and helpful when they thought daughter was telling them she was transexual - totally taken aback and not sure what to say/do when it turned our to be transrobot.
Do wonder where it will go....... perhaps it should be an ongoing drama as a warning to us all of what could so easily happen.
Non action by good people allow evil people to have control

Namsnanny Fri 24-May-19 13:56:00

Franbern...I take on board your comments.
I actually think it’s more likely for China to launch a missile than USA.
They’re in a mess financially and I could see them escalating to the point of launching an attack on the Japanese 1st.
But back to the program...I can’t see Emma Thompson any more as her political stance has obscured her acting career for me. She could be playing Nanny McGee and all I’d see was her ‘woke’ dungarees grin

Franbern Sat 25-May-19 09:12:20

Namsnanny, are you saying that anyone who has as their career acting, is not permitted to have political views that they also act on?
Is this the only career in which this should not be permitted? or is there a list. Doctors, lawyers, Politicians?
Have great admiration for the fact that she stood up to be counted on something she feels strongly about. More power to her!!

Namsnanny Fri 31-May-19 15:12:52

Franbern....don’t cloud my points with your judgements please.
I simply mean (for clarification) that her acting isn’t Convincing enough to allow me to see the character she is supposed to be portraying, over and above her personality!!!
Nothing whatsoever to do with your comments!!

travelsafar Wed 05-Jun-19 12:58:05

Sad ending in last nights episode. sad

Calendargirl Fri 07-Jun-19 15:02:31

I agree travelsafar. Wonder what next episode will bring.

varian Thu 13-Jun-19 19:07:23

"What might Britain and the world be like in about a decade’s time? According to Years and Years (BBC1), Russell T Davies’s thoughtful drama about the near future, it will be a grim, dangerous and, frankly, genocidal place. We’ve arrived at 2028, and because of climate change, Britain is suffering 60 days and nights of rain and floods. This, plus extensive coastal erosion, prompts mass evacuations and internal migrations, and the government passes emergency laws to force homeowners to take in displaced strangers. This is on top of a never-ending flow of refugees from upheavals and revolutions in Europe, and civil war in Ukraine.

Council estates become involuntary “gated” communities – to keep the residents penned in, rather than people locked out; there are energy shortages and blackouts; cyber-attacks and a “digital crash” to add to the global banking crash. The instability of the internet grows so severe that the country has to go back to paper – a strange, comical phenomenon to the kids of tomorrow’s world. The adolescents of the late 2020s prefer to have the government implant a computer wafer into their brains, leaving them half-human, half-iPad, and 100 per cent the property of His Majesty’s Government.

Bad as all that is, there are dark rumours about “the disappeared” - homeless people who go off to be resettled somewhere, never to be seen again…perhaps many thousands of them.

In this penultimate episode, events start to move more quickly, which makes for a very welcome change in pace. Now it is more like a political thriller, moving on from an often somewhat tortuous story of inner emotions.

The fortunes of the extended Lyons family finally start to mesh with Britain’s new prime minister – Vivienne “Viv” Rook (Emma Thompson), businesswoman turned politician and creator of her very own populist movement, the Four Star Party, so-called because she makes great play about using the kind of earthy language “ordinary people” use in the pub.

Rook wins power in a general election by stirring up a sort of dumbass, misguided sub-Churchillian patriotism: “Britain stands alone in the world. To the west, America is a lone wolf. To the east, Europe is in flames, and beyond that China is rising. In standing alone this country has never been more magnificent.”

Scary stuff and much of it within the bounds of possiblity if we don't wake up and STOP BREXIT.

Flossieturner Thu 13-Jun-19 20:23:23

I think this has been very well done. With recent events, none of it seems impossible. They have even got the rai right

Labaik Sat 15-Jun-19 11:01:27

Having binge watched Killing Eve I started on this last night. Three episodes in and I'm not sure that I can continue to watch it as I find it far too close to what's actually happening and I watch box sets to escape reality. Strange thing about the BBC is that although I find their current affairs programmes totally pro Brexit, their dramas are the complete opposite [Summer of Rockets made me think of the ERG...]...It is very good, though so I may persevere...