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craftyone Sat 17-Aug-19 13:46:52

I am exploring for now, already have amazon prime, which is invaluable for the free postage as well as all the other things I can watch. I am watching `the mill` just now

I have enetered the realm of paid-for music with a free trial of amazon music unlimited which I am liking

Maybe netflix, maybe not, not sure. Almost every app I click on requires money because I don`t want adverts

Suggestions welcome, I only have ordinary internet from plusnet, cannot have sky etc but I do have a wireless connection on my tv and a super soundbar with wireless too

MiniMoon Sat 17-Aug-19 14:46:29

We have Amazon Prime and music unlimited. We have no digital radio reception here so my Amazon Echo is invaluable, I couldn't live without music!
We also pay for Netflix which I like better than Amazon video.
We have a sound bar for the tv which I use as a speaker to listen to music or the radio when I'm in the living room. My Echo device stays in the kitchen.
These, along with Freesat are all I need, I hardly ever watch the regular BBC, ITV etc.

seacliff Sat 17-Aug-19 14:54:25

Just a thought - If you have a family member who pays for Netflix, they can possibly add you at no extra cost, even if you live at a totally different address, subject to the number of people using Netflix at their house. My son kindly offered to do this for me.

fizzers Sat 17-Aug-19 14:54:35

I have Netflix, I can use it on any of the laptops/tablets/phones, I also have it on my smart tv, the beauty of Netflix is that I can use it whilst away and my grandsons can access it in their home too.

I have tried the free Amazon Prime but wasn't too impressed. Now TV has a free trial at the moment.

Not all smart TV's have the ability to install the Netflix/Now/Prime apps, the one upstairs, though connected to the internet , does not, the one downstairs does.

There is also something called which came preinstalled on my computer, it offers totally free films, there is also the ability to watch live tv

GrannyLiv Sat 17-Aug-19 15:07:43

We have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I like both, but it irks me that there are still pay-to-view movies and tv series on Amazon Prime even after I have paid the subscription! Mind you I did enjoy Good Omens on Prime smile

The Netflix account is shared between two households and we currently have five individual accounts set up. All at no extra cost.

glammanana Sat 17-Aug-19 15:19:52

Sharing Netflix accounts is the best thing at the moment we also have four accounts set up at no extra cost,between our house and DDs.

craftyone Sat 17-Aug-19 17:09:46

Thanks everyone, mini moon same as me. My soundbar is new and I spent a while setting it up, it has alexa and I asked her to play relaxing classical music, gorgeous sound from amazon music

It is informative to me to read what you had to say about netflix, I will follow that up. Might as well spend my money on me. I will ask my AC one at a time, if they have netflix and I can share. Coming into the autumn season soon and tv is so boring, endless escape to the country, antique roadshows and so on

woo hoo, I asked soundbar alexa to stop the music and then to play Beethoven. Love it especially as I was getting impossibly frustrated setting it up yesterday. My treat to myself instead of a holiday

craftyone Sat 17-Aug-19 17:32:25

That was easy, I just signed up for trial netflix for £5.99 one screen. Looks good tbh and I can upgrade later if I want. Thanks all, that is me sorted

GrannyLiv Sat 17-Aug-19 20:39:01

Craftyone I love my Alexa smile I have 'routines' set up and so when I have hobbled to the kitchen to make the first cuppa of the day, I tell Alexa to start my day, and she gives me a run down of the headlines, weather, traffic & travel. smile

Fairiesfolly Sat 17-Aug-19 20:48:18

Our grandson kindly signed us in to his Netflix and Amazon Prime so we have that and Freeview. He is such a kind young man. We did offer to pay half but he declined our offer.

fizzers Sat 17-Aug-19 22:15:28

I'm a Sky customer and have the Sky Go+ , I can access all my channels on 5 devices, and because it is Sky Go+ my grandsons can access it at their house through their xboxes, so in effect they are getting all the channels in my package. Great for thoe who don't have a good freeview service.

BradfordLass72 Sat 17-Aug-19 22:33:29

I wouldn't dream of paying for in-home entertainment in any form. I can get pretty much all I need, free, from the library. Best of all, it goes back , so I don't have storage problems.

I borrowed a voice-operated system from a friend and very much enjoyed TED talks and some Radio 4 and World Service programmes but not enough to invest in a Google Assistant or Alexa of my own.

Just more "stuff" in the house I'm trying to pare down to the bare minimum.

WOODMOUSE49 Sun 18-Aug-19 01:09:16

I love Netflix. My daughter has it. As seacliff says, they can set you up as a user under their subscription. It doesn't cost therm any more.

craftyone Sun 18-Aug-19 07:48:50

I ordered myself an echo for the bedroom, I rather like the alexa skills on offer for free and have signed up for some. Next step is working out some routines like grannyliv did. I am very excited about this, me joining this digital age. Fabulous, I can work on crafting at the same time

henetha Sun 18-Aug-19 10:11:05

I changed to FreeSat because of bad reception here for Freeview, and resisted anything else for years... but I'm glad I gave in and tried Netflix as it's marvellous. £5.99 a month with so much choice.

GrannyLiv Sun 18-Aug-19 10:46:26

Craftyone You won't look back!! There is a barking dog skill that you can set for when you leave the house. It will randomly play barks to make it sound like there is a dog at home!

GrannyLiv Sun 18-Aug-19 10:47:37

BradfordLass72 I enjoy TED talks too but on my PC. I didn't know you can listen to these via Alexa. I must have a go at that smile

quizqueen Sun 18-Aug-19 10:52:12

You can get all the music you want for free on You Tube (with videos) and amazon offers free delivery on orders over £20, what waste money on a monthly fee.

GrannyLiv- re barking-what a lovely idea to get your neighbours to dislike you!!!!!

BradfordLass72 Sun 18-Aug-19 11:19:11

GrannyLiv this is the command:

"Alexa, open TED Talks"

GrannyLiv Sun 18-Aug-19 11:20:54

Quizqueen There is that, yes! But my current neighbours have two very barky dogs themselves, so that's not a problem right now!!

crystaltipps Sun 18-Aug-19 11:23:30

Ooh the new series of The Crown is coming in November on Netflix.

craftyone Sun 18-Aug-19 17:46:11

I am loving netflix, have watched the queer eye straight guy one episode and am just watching the crown. Will soon be making a list from the netflix thread. Tbh £5.99 is a bargain. Burgler deterrent is on my alexa skills list. I love that I can just ask alexa to get me a programme , to switch my tv off etc. I am also getting on with real life

GrannyLiv Sun 18-Aug-19 18:38:55

Thanks BradfordLass72 - I have been listening to TED talks via Alexa, whilst cooking this afternoon smile

craftyone Wed 21-Aug-19 07:24:59

I am still on free netflix and am watching the crown daily, am loving this and the very high standard and interest. If this is typical of netflix then they have a new customer