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Damn volume!

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phoenix Sat 17-Aug-19 23:09:52

Evening all,

Watching a film, (Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children) have to keep turning the sound up (as far as I'm aware I don't have a hearing problem, but the characters dialogue seems rather on the quiet side) then when it goes to an ad break I'm reaching for the remote control because I'm being shouted at about toothbrushes!

phoenix Sat 17-Aug-19 23:12:39

Actually, add to the above, I think there is some mumbling, but then loud speaking!

Very annoying and frustrating!

crazyH Sat 17-Aug-19 23:17:33

How annoying......if I were you, watch something else....

Minniemoo Sat 17-Aug-19 23:18:43

Been there, phoenix! It's just one of life's mysteries. I was frantically scrabbling for the remote just the other day when ads came on. No idea why it happens.

merlotgran Sat 17-Aug-19 23:21:46

Same here. I often wonder if they jack the sound up to wake us all up.

phoenix Sat 17-Aug-19 23:23:25

Getting worse, whoever was in charge of sound on that film needs a damn good slap!

phoenix Sat 17-Aug-19 23:25:43

crazyH thanks for the suggestion, but I actually want to watch this film!

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 17-Aug-19 23:34:35

I realised 10 mins ago I'd missed the film. Just finished reading the book. Brilliant. My step grand-daughter lent me the book.

phoenix Sat 17-Aug-19 23:49:13

WOODMOUSE49 didn't know there was a book!

WOODMOUSE49 Sun 18-Aug-19 00:47:54

Yes .. Ransom Riggs wrote a trilogy. I think there may be a 4th book.
I can recommend it.