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The Goldfinch

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BlueSapphire Sun 29-Sep-19 19:42:57

Just to say that I really enjoyed this film today, despite all the bad reviews. The main character Theo came across as much more sympathetic than in the book. I felt that the film was a bit overlong and could have done with about 20 minutes lopping off, but it was not an afternoon wasted. Glad I read the book first!

Sara65 Sun 29-Sep-19 19:45:50

I knew right from the opening pages of this book, that I wasn’t going to like it, I persevered, and parts of it I quite enjoyed, but I don’t think I could face the film.

lemongrove Sun 29-Sep-19 19:56:19

Me neither Sara and the book was over long too!

Day6 Sun 29-Sep-19 20:03:17

I have been meaning to get round to reading the book BlueSapphire. It has mixed reviews from my friends. I shall have to do it quickly!

BlueSapphire Sun 29-Sep-19 20:37:57

Yes, I found the book overlong, but persevered. I must have completely missed the significance of some parts in the book, which the film made sense of, but I won't say which bits. Film is better than the book I think.

GagaJo Sun 29-Sep-19 21:35:36

This is my least favourite of Donna Tartt's books. Not sure if I'd watch the film. The Secret History is my favourite.

Sara65 Sun 29-Sep-19 21:42:59


The Secret History is an amazing book. Sadly I don’t think Donna Tartt has come anywhere close to it since.

TerriBull Sun 29-Sep-19 22:15:15

Whilst I enjoyed The Secret History, but read it so long ago now, I think I enjoyed The Goldfinch even more, possibly because it's fresher in my mind. It was quite a tome, but when you enjoy a book the length is irrelevant. I know the film has had quite mediocre reviews, I still want to see it though.

Claudiaclaws Mon 30-Sep-19 00:21:37

I think The Secret History was an excellent book. I wasn't overly keen on The Goldfinch, so I won't be going to see the film.