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Seven worlds, one planet

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MawB Sun 10-Nov-19 18:59:55

Another feast for the eyes!
Tonight’s macaws and other colourful birds were quite incredible.
Attenborough is amazing, as are his camera crew- aren’t they?

Pantglas2 Sun 10-Nov-19 19:01:44

Indeed it is and they are MawB - so enjoy these programmes.

lemongrove Sun 10-Nov-19 19:06:52

Yes, am watching it right now, those colourful birds! If only we had a few here to watch on the bird feeder.
The sight of the anaconda in the water may give me nightmares though.

Pantglas2 Sun 10-Nov-19 19:09:49

DH and I are agreed that Mother Nature is ruthless in the survival of the fittest!

Jane10 Sun 10-Nov-19 19:20:47

I can't bear these programmes. The editors play with our emotions in such a blatantly obvious way. I only have to hear David Attenborough's voice to switch over. I know everyone else loves this sort of thing but it's not for me.

Luckygirl Sun 10-Nov-19 19:26:26

I am intrigued to find that I am not alone in finding nature programmes a bit harrowing - I thought I was a freak.

After about 10 minutes of one creature trying to kill another I usually turn to another channel. And we are invited to feel for a creature, who then proceeds to kill something else!

I know that nature is red in tooth and claw, but do I want to watch it happening!?

There are of course some beautiful aspects to enjoy, and the cinematography in some of these programmes is nothing short of miraculous.

But mostly I give them a miss.

Marelli Sun 10-Nov-19 20:00:09

Jane10 and Luckygirl, I feel the same. Cannot bear to watch this type of programme. I thought I'd try again tonight and saw a lonely polar bear on a cliff. Thought that would be safe viewing for me - until an avalanche of walruses tumbled down to their deaths... no, I'll have to give David Attenborough a miss again.

EllanVannin Sun 10-Nov-19 20:03:22

Some marvellous photography. I laughed at the cheeky penguins and their " stepping stones " disturbing all the seals, that was funny.
Also the lovely macaws and colourful birds. Love it.