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Gogglesprogs, anyone? The real voice of tv show analysis!

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gulligranny Tue 24-Dec-19 17:37:08

Forget Gogglebox (I don't watch it myself) and find Gogglesprogs on catch-up. A lot of these children have been doing the programme for some years and we've seen them growing up, but there are some new ones now too. All are delightful, especially the Welsh brother & sister and their cousin. The kids are very funny and also very insightful, although I'm a bit concerned that one lad thinks the Three Kings brought Gold, Frankenstein and er ...

Alishka Tue 24-Dec-19 17:45:05

I LOVED it, and certainly recognise some of the children from beforesmile

Elrel Fri 27-Dec-19 01:24:04

Those children were perceptive and kind. So sad to see some calculating how old they would be when the climate change situation gets much worse. They are the ones who’ll be forced to deal with our damaged planet after we’ve gone.