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Seven Brides for seven Brothers

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Sussexborn Sun 29-Dec-19 12:52:53

Love some of the music from this film but it is all so wrong looked at through 2020 eyes! OH was watching a programme about rivers and it came on after!

silverlining48 Sun 29-Dec-19 12:57:10

It was the first film I ever saw at a picture palace which is what cinemas were called then. Yes it’s definitely mid last century but I loved it at the time, so exciting.

vinasol Sun 29-Dec-19 12:58:14

I remember as a child wearing my gran's swirly dresses and singing some of the songs! Nice memories.

tanith Sun 29-Dec-19 12:59:03

One of my late husbands favourite watches.

Calendargirl Sun 29-Dec-19 13:03:52

That is true for so many older films. The original James Bonds come to mind. What about Up the Junction? Saturday Night and Sunday Morning? A Kind of Loving?
All very dated nowadays, but of their time.

kittylester Sun 29-Dec-19 14:01:07

But they were of their time and should be judged in that light.

Chestnut Sun 29-Dec-19 14:59:48

This is one of my little granddaughter's favourite films! She's four and I'm determined she sees some old movies before she gets too old and turns her nose up at them for being uncool. I was a bit concerned about the fighting but it doesn't seem to faze her. I remember cowboys shooting each other as a child and I never thought they were actually dying.
She also likes 'Blue Hawaii' and thinks Elvis is wonderful!
I see this as my duty as her grandmother!

Callistemon Sun 29-Dec-19 15:24:05

Do you think your DGD would enjoy Calamity Jane too, Chestnut?
The film with Doris Day, not story of the real person.

I used to love that (and that was my nickname).

Chestnut Sun 29-Dec-19 15:31:47

Yes, she loves that one too! And Also Tom Thumb (with the wonderful Russ Tamblyn who was also Gideon in 7 Brides). Wow! What a dancer he was, started as an athlete I believe. Also in West Side Story.

BBbevan Sun 29-Dec-19 15:32:20

Love it and always have. I saw it when quite young and loved the dancing and the clothes. The Sabine women thing passed me by then

Grandma70s Sun 29-Dec-19 15:42:21

I was convinced I saw 7 Brides when I was 12, but I see it wasn’t released in Britain until I was 14, so it must have been then. I thought it was very silly, and remember saying so to the friend I went with. She looked quite nonplussed.

Flowerette Sun 29-Dec-19 16:13:40

Love it lol

Chestnut Sun 29-Dec-19 16:23:38

The dancing at the barn raising was probably one of the best dance sequences ever, just amazing. Apparently they filmed it quite speedily but there was great concern at the athletic movements done by the men due to the high risk factor. You'll know what I mean if you've seen it. If one had broken a leg it would have been a huge problem obviously!

rockgran Sun 29-Dec-19 16:57:41

When men were men and women were glad. grin

Millie22 Sun 29-Dec-19 16:57:49

I love this film but then I like lots of musicals. Every time I watch it I think the choreography is so good.

KatyK Sun 29-Dec-19 17:17:37

I love this film too. This afternoon I watched The King and I. We went to see the stage show last week. I was blubbing most of the way through it, especially The March of the Siamese children, some of the lovely songs and when the king died. sad

Jane43 Sun 29-Dec-19 18:15:28

My dear Dad’s favourite was Oklahoma and he bought the LP when we got our first radiogram. I also remember watching Hans Christian Andersen starring Danny Kaye at the cinema. I think the associated memories are as special as these old films.

Callistemon Sun 29-Dec-19 18:57:53

Yes, making light of the Sabine women story was not a great idea, was it!

Opal Sun 29-Dec-19 19:03:16

Love 7 Brides, the film is one of my favourites, and I also saw it at a theatre about 10 years ago and that was also a great production.

LullyDully Sun 29-Dec-19 19:56:41

When I was teenager my father thought it wasn't suitable and wouldn't let me to to see it!! Never could work out why. I saw a bit of it today and loved the energetic dancing.

Canalboatgranma Sun 29-Dec-19 20:34:52

It's of its day, if you don't accept that about some films a lot of films would be banned. It is my favourite film.

callgirl1 Mon 30-Dec-19 00:46:59

I love all of the old musicals, but Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one that I could happily watch over and over, I love it! But then again I was also a great Howard Keel fan, magnificent voice, and a body and looks to match! I agree that the dance sequence at the barn raising was one of the best ever.

Humbertbear Mon 30-Dec-19 08:20:26

I have spent many happy hours with my oldest GD watching the old musicals. Showboat is one of our favourites. She has seen 7 Brides for 7 Brothers a few time’s but we discuss the fact that it it non PC and couldn’t be made now. Similarly with Calamity Jane which is from an era where it was believed that you could only get a husband by dressing in pretty clothes and baking pies.

Chestnut Mon 30-Dec-19 11:50:18

I'm sure there isn't one old film that couldn't be torn to shreds over the way they portray either gender roles, race or class divides. It's a different world now. And don't forget animal cruelty. I had to abandon 'Swiss Family Robinson' after watching a tiger fighting two dogs. It was real, no CGI in those days.

Fennel Mon 30-Dec-19 12:54:03

i love 7Brides too. But my favourites aren't musicals - Lassie com Home., and National Velvet.
Both with Elizabeth Taylor.
re musicals - I watched Guys and Dolls last week and enjoyed it. Best imo is West Side Story.