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Maggie Cole

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Dollymac Wed 04-Mar-20 22:53:23

Did you watch it, what did you think ?
I'm afraid that I turned it off after twenty minutes. ..

Callistemon Wed 04-Mar-20 23:24:49

I enjoyed the scenery!

We used to go to that pub.

lavenderzen Wed 04-Mar-20 23:25:23

I did watch it and stayed with it until the end. I didn't think it was that bad, better than all the other things that have been on at that time lately.

jeanio Wed 04-Mar-20 23:27:32

Didn't do it for me, turned over after 15 minutes.

Maggiemaybe Wed 04-Mar-20 23:48:36

So so. Easy watching, which is what I need sometimes.

Eloethan Thu 05-Mar-20 00:18:17

It was OK but I couldn't feel much sympathy for Maggie Cole. Even if I'd had too much to drink, I feel sure I wouldn't be so spiteful about people, and especially not my friends. It is very difficult to warm to someone who is basically two-faced and a nasty gossip.

BlueBelle Thu 05-Mar-20 05:46:36

I m afraid it didn’t ‘catch me’ I didn’t even manage 15 minutes which isn’t fair really at all but there you go as with a book it has to grab me within the first few pages or else I can’t be bothered

Ellianne Thu 05-Mar-20 08:16:26

It was rather slow and even the ending wasn't very dramatic. Scenery was pretty, I'm assuming Dawn French will only work on sets near to where she lives in Cornwall.
The Headmaster/husband had a few humourous lines.

Curlywhirly Thu 05-Mar-20 08:23:56

The scenery was breathtaking - where was the pub Callistemon?

littleflo Thu 05-Mar-20 08:43:56

I only got half way as I thought it was rather nasty. Dawn French does not seem to have much of a range or matured much as an actress. She is playing the same role as she ever did only much more irritating.

bikergran Thu 05-Mar-20 08:46:40

It was easy to watch, didn't intend watching it but did, I presume it is a series and maybe Maggie is going to be enveloped into these peoples problems and sort them and to redeem herself.

Harris27 Thu 05-Mar-20 08:49:18

Haven’t watched it yet but like dawn french so will give it a go.

rubysong Thu 05-Mar-20 08:50:29

The pub was at Cargreen, as far as I know it is currently closed. The castle was Launceston and the outside of the shop ( where the dog was sitting) is Morwellham. I'm not sure about the other village shots but one view looked a bit like Salcombe.

Charleygirl5 Thu 05-Mar-20 08:52:18

I could only manage the first 30 minutes and then gave up.

merlotgran Thu 05-Mar-20 08:58:23

I suppose I might stick with another episode. hmm

I thought it was going to be similar to Doc Martin where you get a central character who is decidedly odd and often annoying but you end up becoming fond of that person and the other oddballs in the village. Not sure Maggie Cole has the same appeal. Vicar of Dibley she ain't!

How many husbands would put up with her childish and self centred behaviour in RL?

Smileless2012 Thu 05-Mar-20 09:03:12

I thought it was a comedy but found it rather uncomfortable viewing. I might give the second episode a go.

travelsafar Thu 05-Mar-20 10:04:51

I too only watched up till the journalist clicked she was drunk and ready to spill the village gossip so i turned over it didnt appeal to me one bit.

TerriBull Thu 05-Mar-20 10:05:32

I fell asleep about 20 minutes in, it didn't really grab me, although I do like Dawn French. Wondering if it was filmed around Fowey near where she lives, it's so gorgeous down there. Lacklustre in a beautiful setting is all I could glean from it.

Pudding123 Thu 05-Mar-20 10:09:50

Thought the scenery was great but the storyline was daft

henetha Thu 05-Mar-20 10:16:00

I can watch Dawn French in anything so will stick with it.
Anyway, I enjoyed it. And, lovely Cornwall, isn't it great.

Anannymous Thu 05-Mar-20 10:18:04

What was the very beginning about (boy got knocked over chasing balloon) then it went to the titles. Then I kept falling asleep!

Gaunt47 Thu 05-Mar-20 10:23:55

I had to watch it, set in Cornwall! Well written I thought, and I'll probably watch next week.
Does anyone remember Jam and Jerusalem? Written by Jennifer Saunders who also appeared in it?

Callistemon Thu 05-Mar-20 10:52:38

It's mainly set in Devon I think. At least, the village looks like Noss Mayo, although the castle on the hill above looks like Launceston Castle above Launceston!
Artistic licence.

Callistemon Thu 05-Mar-20 10:55:43

Ah yes, rubysong I thought I recognised the shop but couldn't think from where, it is Morwellham.

Smileless2012 Thu 05-Mar-20 10:58:20

I think it may have something to do with someone's past Annanymous, possibly the landlord of the pub. He looked a bit freaked out when he saw blue flashing lights before he realised it was the coast guard.