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Another Real Marigold Hotel.

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Daddima Mon 04-May-20 14:02:13

Just saw yesterday that there’s a new series, and, with the exception of the cricket commentator and the actress from Coronation Street, I had heard of them all!
Britt Ekland should have stayed away from the plastic surgeons, but they seem quite interesting.

Jane10 Mon 04-May-20 14:04:32

I always wish I could be there too!

travelsafar Mon 04-May-20 14:06:01

I tink these programs are very interesting. Sadly Brit is an advert for NOT having plastic surgery. When you look at Susie and Barabara they are advocates for growing older gracefully. I will be watching the rest of the series with great interest. India is a vibrant, surprising wonderful country.

Luckygirl Mon 04-May-20 14:16:09

I am just amazed that in the whole of these series only one person has got the squits! My girls joke that I get the squits just going to Wales which is half a mile away down the road!!

Jane10 Mon 04-May-20 15:22:39

I never suffered a tummy upset in my time in Bangladesh and I seemed to eat all sorts of things. I was well prepared it but my packet(s) of Immodium came home intact!

BBbevan Mon 04-May-20 15:42:16

travelsfar I do so agree with you about Brit. I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips. She also seems very needy.Telling everyone at the party who she knew etc. Susie and Barbara are great and very genuine. Also Mr. Chuckle ( sorry I forget his name) seems sensible. I am looking forward to the next episode

EllanVannin Mon 04-May-20 15:45:12

I've loved these series with the various " celebs " in them. This latest one should be equally as interesting. The cricket commentator makes me laugh with his " old thing " at the end of a sentence.
Miriam and Syd Little have made me laugh in the series they'd been in.

I've never had the green apple two-step wherever I've been but no doubt if I visited India at my age I'd pay for it grin

Jane10 Mon 04-May-20 16:02:15

'The green apple two step'! Great name. Our secretary used to call it 'the back door trots'.

Urmstongran Mon 04-May-20 16:06:37

It’s not on this Thursday - it misses a week for some reason (?) but tune in on 14th.

My favourite is Zhandra Rhodes. Not at all precious, considering her fame and has a great SOH. Such a jolly soul to have around. Is she cockney? And the classy Barbara Dickson from Fife who now apparently lives in Edinburgh. She takes more of a back seat, regarding everyone and getting the measure of them all.

I adore the classy lodgings (I can only dream) in the French quarter of the town with its inner courtyard and water fountains. I’d happily live there!

TerriBull Mon 04-May-20 16:14:24

I caught up with it yesterday. John Altman "Nasty Nick" lives in my neck of the woods and I've seem him in Waitrose quite a few times grin well before the lockdown that is!

I don't particularly care for Duncan Bannatyne, but he did give me yoga envy, I was grudgingly impressed by his head stand shock

EllanVannin Mon 04-May-20 16:15:28

I like Zandra Rhodes too Urmston. I wish I could be like her, she doesn't care if it snows and I like that about people.

EllanVannin Mon 04-May-20 16:17:39

I'm not keen on Duncan either and up to now I can't make out that " Nasty Nick " chap.

Urmstongran Mon 04-May-20 16:26:13

Britt Ekland seems to flirt a lot with Ballantyne doesn’t she? She’s always got her arms wrapped around him or making suggestive comments which make him laugh. He’s rich isn’t he?

Urmstongran Mon 04-May-20 16:27:23

Sorry spelt his name wrong there! Just Duncan from now on heh!

DanniRae Mon 04-May-20 20:06:07

I love these programmes and this new one looks as if it will be just as enjoyable.
Britt must hate it when she sees photos of herself when she was young and beautiful. Now she just looks weird!
Anyway they all seem a good bunch and I look forward to the next episode grin

Grannynannywanny Mon 04-May-20 20:40:02

Britt came across as rather high maintenance in the first episode. Hopefully she’ll settle down. I suppose they’re selected in that way to have a good mix and maybe a little conflict.

My heart was in my mouth watching the traffic scenes. I wonder if they had to sign a waiver absolving the tv company in the event of a road accident.

Jane10 Mon 04-May-20 20:43:10

I suppose it's all edited down and will highlight the most obviously entertaining bits. I suspect the bigger characters might get lots of camera time which is a pity. The quieter people are often the most interesting.

Calendargirl Tue 05-May-20 07:31:12

Haven’t watched this yet, will do so soon. Felt really sorry for Britt when she was on the Piers Morgan Show a while back. She spoke about her time with Rod Stewart, and when he dumped her.
He sounded a right cad back then, but it was from her perspective obviously.

Humbertbear Tue 05-May-20 07:57:33

I’ve had two trips to India, staying in good hotels but also eating on the trains. At the beginning of our first trip we were told that infections came from the money and not the food. We all used hand sanitizer every time we handled money and no one on either tour suffered from stomach upsets.

Calendargirl Tue 05-May-20 10:16:02

Must be so hard seeing yourself age when you have been beautiful in the past, so can see why women like Britt have all these awful cosmetic procedures, even though the results are ghastly.

Better to stay looking older and real. Brigitte Bardot, Sylvia Syms come to mind.

Or die before your time, and stay ever beautiful, like Marilyn Monroe, Diana, Princess of Wales and others.

Luckygirl Tue 05-May-20 10:28:32

Britt's plastic surgery was unfortunate. How do these surgeon's get away with making people look like freaks?

MerylStreep Tue 05-May-20 10:39:11

Can I put in a good word for Duncan Bannatyne. He does an enormous amount for charity. Not just handing over the money but hands on.

Puzzler61 Tue 05-May-20 10:48:48

I enjoyed the first ep of this new series and have watched others.

It’s such a fascinating country of great contrasts - but I know I wouldn’t survive the humid heat for long.
And if that didn’t get me the rampaging traffic would!

Can’t seriously see any of our celebs staying long term in retirement but it makes for interesting TV.

Calendargirl Fri 08-May-20 06:41:30

Just caught up with the first episode.

Duncan looks quite lean and fit for his age, but should go easy on the hair dye. Like Paul McCartney, a natural grey/white would look so much better.

Alishka Fri 08-May-20 08:29:04

Seeing Henry Blofeld has triggered memories of all the school cricket matches I watched when ds was a schoolboy, the radio on low listening to Blowers and Jonners commentating on the Real Stuff.grin Got quite nostalgic..
Zandra Rhodes is Ace, too.