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Jane Eyre

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biba70 Fri 04-Dec-20 13:46:25

watching the new version and loving seeing my favourite castle of all in England, Haddon Hall- close to Chatsworth. And the other day, in the Crown- at another favourite, Burghley House near Stamford.

Watching films filmed in locations you love and where you have had such great times with family and friends- adds another dimension to the enjoyment.

BBbevan Fri 04-Dec-20 15:26:49

Love Jane Eyre. Did the book for GCE and again for my degree. I think I have seen every film and TV production So which one is this?Who is in it? And where can I watch it? Please .

biba70 Fri 04-Dec-20 20:34:02

Actually just checked, not that new, 2011. With Judy Dench as Mrs Fairfax.

biba70 Fri 04-Dec-20 20:36:04

Jane Eyre is a 2011 romantic drama film directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. The screenplay is written by Moira Buffini based on Charlotte Brontë's 1847 novel of the same name, a classic of the Gothic, bildungsroman, and romance genres. The film was released on 11 March 2011 in the United States and 9 September in Great Britain and Ireland.

Have you been to Haddon Hall- my absolute favourite because it is so isolated in splendid Peak District- and the only one I know who has not been ever 'Victorianised' - just wonderful.

biba70 Fri 04-Dec-20 20:36:32

Watched it on Netflix.

Deedaa Sat 05-Dec-20 13:00:09

I thought this was a very good version.

MawBe Sat 05-Dec-20 13:17:56

Lovely as it is, Haddon Hall is hardly a “castle” Biba !
Last time we were there we all had to troop out while the place was overrun with firemen due to an over zealous, or possibly faulty, smoke alarm.
It made for something other than the usual to talk about over dinner that evening

biba70 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:19:02

Why is it not a castle?

''a large strong building, built in the past by a ruler or important person to protect the people inside from attack''. It is very much used in many films and series as a perfect example of a minor castle.

it fits the bill prefectly. Why do you feel the need to have a 'pop' constantly? It is a pity, really.

Anyhow- I absolutely love that place, whatever you want to call it.

Luckylegs Tue 08-Dec-20 21:13:24

I agree with you, biba70, absolutely no need for such a remark, now or on any post but perhaps pity is the right tone to set.