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New Sewing Bee Series to start this week ...

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PippaZ Sun 11-Apr-21 13:48:28

on Wednesday 14th April at 9.00 o'clock.

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Apr-21 16:02:27

Brilliant! I only discovered this in 2020, but loved the one series I saw. I'm glad to see it's the same crew.

LauraNorder Sun 11-Apr-21 16:10:12

Yey 🪡 🧵 🐝

granny12 Mon 12-Apr-21 17:52:35

Brilliant . Have missed this programme. I studied Cookery and Dressmaking as an Adult Student at a Technical College (City & Guilds Certificates) and taught both subjects in Day Classes and Evening Classes.

Buffybee Mon 12-Apr-21 18:17:47

Oh great! Thanks for reminding me, I’ll record the series.
I just love the “creations” they make.

YorkLady Mon 12-Apr-21 19:15:05

Hurrah! Can’t wait! Finally something good on tv.
9 o’clock is later than it’s usually shown?
Wonder if Joe Lycett has been a little more risqué than he has been. 😂

Deedaa Thu 15-Apr-21 16:18:54

Lovely to have it back. This years lot all seem very accomplished. I think it would be good if no one got sent home in the first programme. I'd like to see them have a chance to get bedded in before the real competition starts.

Am I the only one who didn't know what a Buffet Dress is? It looks like something I could do with.

PippaZ Thu 15-Apr-21 16:27:07

I haven't worked out who they all are yet. I do feel so sorry for the person who goes out in the first week - who knows what they could have done in another week. I thought the winning dress was gorgeous and it's maker (don't want to spill the beans) has a real eye for design.

PippaZ Thu 15-Apr-21 16:29:16

Wonder if Joe Lycett has been a little more risqué than he has been.

Not JL in particular but I think you may well enjoy this episode, YorkLady.

Alegrias1 Thu 15-Apr-21 16:41:56

Oh my goodness, those T-shirt cats..... 😻😻😻😻 🤣

MerylStreep Thu 15-Apr-21 16:54:03

It was on at 9pm last year.

Visgir1 Thu 15-Apr-21 17:07:04

Love it, love it.... The tee-shirt creations last night were hysterical no wonder the lovely Patrick lost it!

Grandma70s Thu 15-Apr-21 17:25:48

I am utterly bemused by the thought of a TV programme about sewing. It’s not exactly a spectator sport, is it? I can’t imagine anything more boring. Judging by everyone’s reactions, which are obviously not bored, I suspect it is really about the people. I’m still not going to watch it,

B9exchange Thu 15-Apr-21 17:34:15

I could not believe the trousers with the strategically placed red triangle! Not really watched it before, but I love sewing so might get hooked!

M0nica Thu 15-Apr-21 17:39:26

Grandma70s you remind me of all those people on GN who constantly castigate the Daily Mail, when it is absolutely clear to any reader of the paper, that they clearly never read it and haven't looked at a copy for about 20 years.

I loved last nights opening programme. In all the years I have watchedthe programme, it is the first time I have seem Patrick and Esme almost weeping with laughter and holding each other up for support. Nor have I seen so many disasters, not just in sewing, but infelicitous matching of fabrics and garments. Even DH sat beside me and watched it and enjoyed it - and actually made some informed comments!

MerylStreep Thu 15-Apr-21 17:40:29

Why so sneering about a program that a lot of people get joy from. I don’t watch soaps so I don’t comment on them.
I would imagine that you watch programs that lots of people think i can’t imagine anything more boring

muse Thu 15-Apr-21 20:06:25

So good to see it back. I've watched them all. Never heard of a buffet dress but love the layered look. Reminds me of a Seasalt tunic dress I've got. With pockets too smile

Matt's dress saved him.

NotAGran55 Thu 15-Apr-21 20:14:07

Grandma70s Why do you read threads about subjects that you have no interest in and then sneer ?

You did exactly the same recently on a wonderful thread about music festivals , posting a snotty , sneering unnecessary comment .

I invited you then to start a thread of your own but I don’t think you did .

PippaZ Thu 15-Apr-21 20:58:04

It's not at all boring. I think every social media group I follow (and magazines I don't) that is either sewing, embroidery machine, or overlocker orientated etc., will follow the programmes and pour out information on machines, patterns, techniques and fabrics which those who are into dressmaking and other sewists love and they will tell you what a buffet dress is smile.

But more, much more, after shaking up the dressmaking world, it stretches boundaries and it's fun: I haven't laughed so much as I did last night for ages.

dahville Thu 15-Apr-21 21:02:36

Ooh, I forgot it was on. I will need to watch on catch up. I love Joe.

Chewbacca Thu 15-Apr-21 21:09:36

Sewing Bee and Pottery Throwdown are the only 2 tv programmes that I watch. I can neither throw a pot nor sew a garment but I thoroughly enjoy both programmes just for the joy of watching creativity.

vegansrock Thu 15-Apr-21 21:11:58

I watch the programme as I’ve worked in couture and know a french seam from a Hong Kong finish, but it’s obvious the producers try to choose contestants representing the U.K. population, rather than representative of the sewing population. I guess most people who are good at sewing are older females, whereas the programme has more men, younger people than older women, so not necessarily the best sewists. They don’t give them enough time to finish properly which the judges rarely point out - the back of the winning gown gaped and didn’t fit at all .

Whitewavemark2 Thu 15-Apr-21 21:16:46

If I wore a buffet dress I’d look like a circus tent!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 15-Apr-21 21:21:44

I did like the mustard dress, but it didn’t fit the model.

PippaZ Thu 15-Apr-21 22:21:12

It would be interesting to know the statistics about who sews Vegansrock. I think we might be pleasantly surprised as there are many, many younger sewists. They are bringing in a new technical side to it too.

I saw the other day that a company producing bag patterns (lots of people sew bags - it's a huge market) supplies SVG cutting files for use with cutting machines (a favourite of the paper crafting addicts).

You get so many patterns as PDFs nowadays that some companies major in printing them. This means patterns can be sent easily from all over the world. You can also buy the PDF set up especially for overhead projectors. No flimsy tissue paper just the cutting lines projected down.

It's a fascinating market with the big four pattern producers being moved out by all the indy pattern makers - making for a younger or young at heart generation. It's a bit like "sports" where people don't see it as an industry but it certainly is, and a growing one - just look at what you can pay for a sewing machine if you choose too!