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Our Yorkshire Farm - Back on Tuesday, 9 o'clock Channel 5

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PippaZ Sun 11-Apr-21 18:53:15

Having seen a trailer those children having been doing some growing during lock-down.

EllanVannin Sun 11-Apr-21 19:53:27

I admire the way those children are brought up. The right way.

Sarnia Mon 12-Apr-21 08:32:14

Absolutely agree, EllanVannin. A breath of fresh air to see children doing something that doesn't include mobile phones, TV or iPads. They seem to be a genuinely happy bunch. I am sure a Health & Safety inspector would go weak at the knees watching the younger children traipsing around the hills looking for lost sheep and banging in nails with a walloping great hammer. Lovely programme.

LadyGracie Mon 12-Apr-21 09:49:09

Great programme, lovely to see children having so much freedom, it reminds me of my childhood.

JaneJudge Mon 12-Apr-21 09:51:35

I think they are a lovely family, it actually makes me a bit emotional blush I think poor Amanda attracts a lot of spiteful judgement though --on mumsnet--which is completely unnecessary imo

Septimia Mon 12-Apr-21 09:59:50

I, too, think it's a great way for the children to be brought up - practical, resourceful, co-operative.

DS grew up in a village. All the kids, from 9 to 16, went around in groups and looked after each other. There were a few minor accidents, but they made sure the casualty got home safely.

Mind you, he's since told me some of the things they got up to. All I can say is that it's a good job I didn't know at the time!

PippaZ Mon 12-Apr-21 10:35:02

I am really looking forward to the new series. I reminds me of the childhood I think I had smile

Grannynannywanny Mon 12-Apr-21 10:38:25

I’m really looking forward to the return of one of my favourite programmes. They are a lovely family.

Tangerine Mon 12-Apr-21 10:56:32

I shall look forward to this and agree that they are a lovely family.

I don't suppose it's all marvellous for the children but you could say the same about being an only child.

There are probably advantages and disadvantages and I think you could say that about most situations in life.

BigBertha1 Mon 12-Apr-21 11:25:34

I love this family and their life in the Dales.

Puzzler61 Mon 12-Apr-21 11:28:25

I feel it’s a privilege to be let into a bit of their lives and see how they all work together. Sheep farming is hard work but don’t they seem healthy and happy on it?

glammanana Mon 12-Apr-21 11:38:13

I just love seeing how the children have grown over the past few years and watching them turn into caring human beings.
How well has the eldest daughter done off to Uni to study medicine and son off to study engineering so much for "mumsnet" comments one year that Amanda was raising them as feral children they where most likely jealous of her success in raising them to be such a nice loving family.

Kate1949 Mon 12-Apr-21 16:16:43

Thanks. I love this.

sodapop Mon 12-Apr-21 17:02:26

It's been interesting following the family and their life through the years. The children appear very independent, capable and intelligent. I wonder what the less sanitised version of their life would show us though. Not a lifestyle for everyone , credit to them for their hard work.

Loislovesstewie Mon 12-Apr-21 18:33:00


I think they are a lovely family, it actually makes me a bit emotional blush I think poor Amanda attracts a lot of spiteful judgement though --on mumsnet--which is completely unnecessary imo

I think Amanda is made of sterner stuff to be concerned about the comments. And I'll still fight anyone if I could take Clemmie home!
And I love all the family;they just get on with things no matter how tough life is.

shysal Thu 15-Apr-21 08:03:49

I enjoyed the start of the new series last night. I was pleased to see the husband featuring more, I was nevertheless disappointed to hear Amanda saying 'I bought the derelict farmhouse' on a few occasions. Surely 'we' would have been kinder.
What a lovely life the children have!

mokryna Thu 15-Apr-21 08:12:35

Ideal place to have a holiday with the DGC.

PippaZ Thu 15-Apr-21 08:14:49

That struck a harsh note with me too Shysal but it maybe she did buy it. She has written four books and may have other sources of income or it may benefit them for her to own it - who knows - but he seems totally on board with the project.

The children seem to have thrived since we saw them last.

dustyangel Thu 15-Apr-21 08:16:29

That struck me as well Shysal. I was also surprised to hear that they are only renting the farm they live on although on reflection that is often the way, and when they have to retire they will have some where else to live in or as capital.

Puzzler61 Thu 15-Apr-21 08:17:21

Clive would have urged Amanda to buy somewhere to assure her future. Clive is 67, Amanda 21 years younger.
He is proud of her and she has earned money writing best seller books.
They are sensible people and it’s a sensible thing to do.
Also she says it like it is and she bought the dilapidated farmhouse. They are only tenants at Ravenseat Farm they don’t own it.

PippaZ Thu 15-Apr-21 08:26:05

After the sharp intake of breath that was exactly my thinking Puzzler61. They seem to be people who just face life's realities and say it how it is.

EllanVannin Thu 15-Apr-21 08:35:50

Takes me back to how things were when I was growing up----not pampered in any way and people just got on " with things ".
A fabulous programme.

Gagagran Thu 15-Apr-21 08:36:39

Does anyone else notice that Amanda never sits and eats with the family? Even at Christmas. I wonder if it's because she is busy serving the food to the other 10 of them. Whenever there is a meal scene filmed, I always check and have never yet seen her sit and eat with them!

shysal Thu 15-Apr-21 08:44:22

Perhaps there just isn't room around the table so she perches elsewhere to eat!

FindingNemo15 Thu 15-Apr-21 08:47:04

I have read one of her books and loved it. I think the family are lovely and what an idyllic upbringing, no ipads etc., and caring for animals etc. Being an only child, with an only child it always makes me feel I have missed something.