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Music around the house all the time or silence?

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hamster58 Mon 03-May-21 12:16:44

My husband-and most people it seems-always has some form of music on in the background at home. I hate this. It’s not because I hate all music, it’s because for me, there are times when I enjoy listening to music but at home, if I’m doing chores or relaxing/reading, I find it irritating and distracting. I never turn it off while he’s around as that’s not fair, but am I very odd? What do others think??….

tanith Mon 03-May-21 12:19:30

I like silence most of the time but have days when I put the radio on or play some old records.

sodapop Mon 03-May-21 12:41:31

I have the radio on as I work around the house but enjoy a quiet hour ( or three) with my book when chores are done.

DanniRae Mon 03-May-21 12:43:55

I only put the radio on for some music when I am working in the kitchen.

nanaK54 Mon 03-May-21 12:46:38

I don't think that you are 'odd' at all, I love a bit of quiet

Redhead56 Mon 03-May-21 12:48:01

I constantly ask DH to turn his tv or radio down he always has it too loud. If I am in the kitchen preparing meals I tell Alexa to play my favourite songs. When the weather is nice I like to potter in the garden listening to birds singing.

tiredoldwoman Mon 03-May-21 12:58:52

Most of the time I have the radio on but if I'm stressed out about something I need silence !

annodomini Mon 03-May-21 12:59:23

I wondered why my DS always had the radio on, until he mentioned that he suffers from tinitus. I suppose the sound of the radio - and he likes speech radio - distracts him from the constant sound in his head.

Aveline Mon 03-May-21 13:04:31

People just seem to want a soundtrack to their lives. I don't get it. I like music but certainly don't want it on in the background all the time nor do I want to be plugged in to it on walks or on the bus as so many people seem to be.

AmberSpyglass Mon 03-May-21 13:05:17

I have music on almost all the time unless I’m reading or watching something. I usually listen to podcasts when I’m going for a walk or on the bus.

Oldbat1 Mon 03-May-21 13:23:02

My Tinnitus is overwhelming unless I have radio on in background. Doesn’t have to be loud but louder than the perpetual ringing.

Washerwoman Mon 03-May-21 13:30:01

When I was younger I had music or the radio on all the time.To study,do housework or when I was sewing or painting.Increasingly I value a bit of quiet.And now simply can't read a book or concentrate with lots of background noise. Hence we have made our little conservatory into a reading room so I can escape if DH wants to watch TV .I also get increasingly annoyed if people blast out their choice of music outdoors for all to hear.I love birdsong thank you.
It is something to do with years and years of being so busy and relishing peace and me time I think.
I do still listen to the radio or music in the car.And love spoken word like podcasts,radio plays etc.

ExD Mon 03-May-21 13:31:38

Silence all the time.

Jane43 Mon 03-May-21 13:58:14

Thankfully we both like silence most of the time. Occasionally one of us will suggest listening to some music, we take it in turns to choose but wouldn’t want it on all the time.

Kim19 Mon 03-May-21 14:05:23

Funny one this. In S house the radio is on constantly. Usually chat but I can't understand the reason for it. At first I found it an absolute intrusion but now it goes right over my head. Often meant to ask him about it but never managed. We're having dinner this Wed so will ask. Me? I'm too mean to pay for the electricity if not listening. I do listen to a fair bit of radio but it's selective and not ad hoc.

hamster58 Mon 03-May-21 14:24:07

Ah thank you all for replying. I don’t feel so odd now! I’m not stressed at all but do find unnecessary noise is likely to make me feel so. I even mute the sound on the tv if husband and I are working out what to watch and what to record-otherwise it’s like having a third person interrupting!! I do however love listening to novels while I do the cleaning or am driving

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 03-May-21 14:27:10

I have music on more or less constantly. Radio 6 in the kitchen and lounge or maybe a CD. In the car I play 20 year old trance music CDs. OH gets a bit agitated sometimes, but he likes some of it.

SueDonim Mon 03-May-21 14:31:13

I wouldn’t call it silence but we don’t have tv/radio or music on in the background. We seem to have a cacophony of sounds emanating from household appliances, though.

Washing machine, drier, dishwasher, the boiler, the cooker, microwave, phone and iPads all seem to yell at us, plus two cats vocal in their demands for attention. grin

M0nica Mon 03-May-21 14:39:51

I do not have music on all the time, but my radio is permanently tuned into Radio 4 and I listen to a lot of talk programmes.

silverlining48 Mon 03-May-21 14:40:40

I don’t listen to music but I have a radio in every room, and listen to radio 4 nearly all day/ night ( don’t sleep well). It’s always interesting and it stops me focusing on my tinnitus.

Jaxjacky Mon 03-May-21 15:02:29

Radio on in kitchen most of the time and in the car, channels vary.

Sara1954 Mon 03-May-21 15:11:00

Like Monica, I only ever listen to Radio 4, but most of the time I like silence.
I can’t bear the radio on in the car either.

Bridie22 Mon 03-May-21 15:13:23

Radio on from getting up until bedtime, always need background noise.

Charleygirl5 Mon 03-May-21 15:20:25

Silence for me-I hate reading if there is music on in the background. If I want to listen to something I will switch it on and when finished, switch it off again.

Music blasting outside finishes me off so I retire indoors to peace and quiet.

Lillie Mon 03-May-21 15:23:51

Mainly silence for me.
Although I do like to listen to collections from musicals i have seen.
Usually when doing housework.