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Alexa or other devices like this. Music suggestions please.

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NanKate Sat 26-Jun-21 21:08:31

We have 4 Alexas as we like music or radio 4 in the main rooms. I have tinnitus and it helps to drown out some of the din going on in my head.

Sometimes I want inspiration for some new/different music to listen to. Perhaps you could make some suggestions.

I’m an old rocker from the 50s/60s so my choices may not suit your tastes.

Here are some of my eclectic favourites.

Memphis Slim all his music
Ali Farka Toure (African music) The River album and Talking Timbuktu
Bird land by Weather Report
Take 5 Dave Brubeck
Little Red Rooster by The Rolling Stones or Willie Dixon who wrote it.
Vanessa May, love her videos on YouTube.

kittylester Sat 26-Jun-21 21:49:19

Have you tried Snarky Puppy? Jazz fusion with a great beat.

Gossamerbeynon1945 Sat 26-Jun-21 21:55:26

Etta James singing "At Last"

Pinkarolina Sun 27-Jun-21 05:10:11

Have you tried Spotify? It can find new music for you based on your choices. If you install it on your phone you can listen to it via your Alexa device.

NanKate Sun 27-Jun-21 07:07:26

Thanks for the suggestions. 💐💐💐

I will definitely try Snarky Puppy Kitty. Followed by the great Etta James Gossamer. I’ll get my DS to install Spotify for me Pink. I like the idea of my preferences being matched to new music.

BigBertha1 Sun 27-Jun-21 07:27:38

Scala Radio has some interesting mixed programmes. For 50s onwards music try Gold London

Gossamerbeynon1945 Sun 27-Jun-21 15:44:47

I love Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. Try Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Cabal singing Barcelona.

MiniMoon Sun 27-Jun-21 16:45:00

Alexa has loads of playlists. I'm currently listening to an oldies playlist, it seems to be hits from the 50's and 60's. When I'm in the kitchen I like 50 great opera arias. In an evening if nothing on TV inspires me I ask Alexa for music for a relaxing bath, it is quiet, light classical music.
You can also create your own playlist, but I haven't bothered with that. I may do in the future.
Happy listening.

MiniMoon Sun 27-Jun-21 16:47:29

By the way, I also have tinnitus. It is really helpful to have music on.

kittylester Sun 27-Jun-21 18:17:38

Kate, do you use Alexa to play music to help you sleep? Dh uses it to mask the tinnitus that was stopping him sleeping. He asks Alexa to play Watery Forests.

crazyH Sun 27-Jun-21 18:25:21

I have a portal downstairs which is supposed to do a lot of things - but it has stopped working. It tells me I’m offline, but I know I’m not because my iPad, iPhone etc is working. I’m not too impressed with Alexa

Grandmadinosaur Mon 28-Jun-21 21:33:10

I listen to whatever type of mood I’m in. Favourites include Classic fm and jazz fm radio stations. ABBA, Stevie Wonder, ELO,Frank Sinatra, Andre Rieu,
Musical compilations ie stage shows. Also if I want to really chill out or am having a pamper if you ask her to play spa music and put a few candles on etc it’s so relaxing.
Never heard of Snarky puppy but will give it a go.

MissAdventure Mon 28-Jun-21 21:44:04

I love these.
Rock with a difference; very relaxing.

Jaxjacky Mon 28-Jun-21 22:17:28

Different years, I just ask ‘Alexa, play 80’s/90’s…music’.

LadyStardust Mon 28-Jun-21 22:23:27

I've just discovered Boom radio, music and chat for Baby Boomers. Mostly its decent but there are times when its all a bit too 'old' for me! I just sneak into the end of the generation! It is really nostalgic to listen to, as its exactly like the radio used to be. Diddy David Hamilton is one of the DJs!

NanKate Mon 28-Jun-21 22:33:09

Kitty I use two different relaxation apps to help me go to sleep through the clattering in my head. CALM is the best and has sleep stories by a variety of excellent presenters. Eric Bra is the best for me. The other app is Headspace which has lots of variety but not such good presenters. I’m listening to Watery Forest now, thanks 👍

MiniMoon tinnitus is not for the faint hearted as you will know. It’s especially loud at present but often is quieter in the morning.

Thanks for all your suggestions folks I’m checking them ALL out. 💐

NanKate Mon 28-Jun-21 22:37:08

CrazyH have you tried unplugging you Alexa for a minute or so them replugging. It works for me whenAlexa is playing up.

nadateturbe Mon 28-Jun-21 23:38:34

I love the Alexa music for a relaxing bath. I also ask it to play music by specific singers and hear a lot of tracks I haven't heard before.
And I make playlists on youtube.

travelsafar Wed 30-Jun-21 08:36:31

I use mine for listening to Country Music and radio stations. Unfortunately i can not receive my local station but i am very happy with it. I have two one upstairs the other down.

MiniMoon Wed 30-Jun-21 11:20:59

Mine are used for radio too travelsafar. We live in a dead area for radio signals, and digital radio was impossible to receive. I listen to Scala radio quite a lot.
For when I need help to sleep I listen to Sleep by Max Richter.

minamino2x2 Sat 10-Jul-21 08:21:58

I also love music and they are the most interesting and engaging.

minamino2x2 Mon 12-Jul-21 04:40:30 is what I want to suggest to you about today's mobile ringtones.

kidstony Sun 25-Jul-21 06:11:23

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kidstony Sun 25-Jul-21 06:12:16

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seacliff Sun 25-Jul-21 07:54:13