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What would you like to see repeated (but they never do)

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trisher Mon 05-Jul-21 11:43:04

I've just re-read "Cranford" and loved it again. I thought the TV series was good as well and I wondered why they don't repeat it. Are there any things you have enjoyed that never seem to get a second showing?

Flexagon Mon 05-Jul-21 11:51:03

Cranford is on Britbox.

I see that Ballykissangel is coming soon. I'm looking forward to that.

trisher Mon 05-Jul-21 12:05:30

I see Britbox is £4.99 a month! I don't mind paying a licence fee but I do object to paying twice for things!!
But thanks Flexagon

Floradora9 Mon 05-Jul-21 14:38:24

The Barchester Cronicles , Ever decreasing circles, It's a Knockout , It Ait half Hot Mum ( never will not PC ) .

BigBertha1 Mon 05-Jul-21 14:39:14

Oh yes here is a list

Pin to see the Peepshow
A Horseman Riding By
The Citadel
Howards Way
Forsyte Saga
Barchester Chronicles
Dance to the Music of Time
Charles the Second
and so many more - love a costume drama.

Kate1949 Mon 05-Jul-21 15:12:44

Oh good. I loved Ballykissangel. We visited the beautiful village of Avoca where it was filmed a few years back. We went to Fitzgerald's pub.
I would love to see
When the Boat Comes In
Boys from the Blackstuff
Bouquet of Barbed Wire
Although they would be very dated now. Many more will spring to mind.


Kim19 Mon 05-Jul-21 22:12:22

Butterflies for me. I'm always in need of a laugh.

Gwyneth Mon 05-Jul-21 22:17:15

Loved Howards Way and also the Onedin Line especially the introductory music.

nadateturbe Mon 05-Jul-21 22:19:13

I have the complete boxset Kim19 and I've watched it a few times.

I would like The Sullivans to be repeated.

Chewbacca Mon 05-Jul-21 22:41:04

Northern Exposure. But as I no longer have a tv, I'd miss it anyway!

MayBee70 Mon 05-Jul-21 23:46:39


I have the complete boxset Kim19 and I've watched it a few times.

I would like The Sullivans to be repeated.

I’ve never heard of The Sullivan’s so googled it and it looks really interesting. On a similar theme I’d love to see Heimat again. And a one-off drama called The Shutter Falls that I only saw when it was on one night but never forgot it. Not on utube or anywhere.

Ro60 Tue 06-Jul-21 00:06:40

kim19 and nadateturbe Butterflies was my first thought too when I saw the thread. What did happen to Wendy Craig?

Savvy Tue 06-Jul-21 00:29:47

Bernard and the Genie
Hunting Venus as it was just so funny!
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

I'm sure there's more....

BigBertha1 Tue 06-Jul-21 06:29:57

Wendy Craig was in an episode of Midsummer Murders (she did it) and a hospital Matron can't remember the name of the series set in Scarborough in the 60s.

MerylStreep Tue 06-Jul-21 06:39:42

There’s only one: Boys from the black stuff.

Calendargirl Tue 06-Jul-21 06:40:56

McKenzie- a drama from about 1979 I think.

Trouble is, as someone else said, our rose tinted memories have forgotten how dated they will be now, plus probably unacceptable language and behaviour for nowadays.

nadateturbe Tue 06-Jul-21 08:44:19


Northern Exposure. But as I no longer have a tv, I'd miss it anyway!

Did you choose not to have one Chewbavcca?

nadateturbe Tue 06-Jul-21 08:45:06

Sorry Chewbacca

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 06-Jul-21 09:14:20

I'd love to see The Fast Show as I missed out on it.

Line of Duty and Spiral from the very first series to the last ones.

yggdrasil Tue 06-Jul-21 09:18:21

Babylon 5

Greyduster Tue 06-Jul-21 09:23:52

“Auf Wiedersehen, Pet”. Brilliant!

annodomini Tue 06-Jul-21 09:39:49

Drop the Dead Donkey. Brilliant satirical take on a newsroom.

Grandma70s Tue 06-Jul-21 09:49:26

I’ve got Ever Decreasing Circles on DVD. It didn’t cost much and has all the episodes.

Boz Tue 06-Jul-21 09:58:39

A Dance to the Music of time is on Channel four App. As is Sword of Honour and The Chamomile Lawn; all good.

LauraNorder Tue 06-Jul-21 09:59:50

Emergency Ward Ten and Compact. It would be interesting to see just how dated they are.