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What's your favorite TV show from the past 10 years.

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LittleToasterx Sat 10-Jul-21 20:52:47

Mine is definitely the Walking Dead

shysal Sun 11-Jul-21 14:26:19

Downton Abbey
Marriage at First Sight Australia blush

JaneJudge Sun 11-Jul-21 14:31:38

The Missing
The Virtues

and LOTS of comedy smile

Beechnut Sun 11-Jul-21 14:37:30

GrannyGravy I remember Everwood. I loved it.

May7 Sun 11-Jul-21 14:40:46

Handmaids Tale
The Detectorist
Queens Gambit
This is Us
Orange is the new Black

Platypus Sun 11-Jul-21 14:54:12

Call the Midwife
Offspring - Australian

MayBee70 Sun 11-Jul-21 16:39:19

Artaylor. Were you not disappointed by the end of GOT’s. I still haven’t got over it and haven’t rewatched the whole series, something I was planning to do. I usually watched each series several times but haven’t rewatched series 8.

NotAGran55 Sun 11-Jul-21 16:48:25


I used to like that prison programme it was called Bad Girls.
Also Unforgotten, Supervet (with Noel Fitzpatrick) and you
can't beat a bit of Casualty.

Noel Fitzpatrick was on Desert Island discs today .

Artaylar Sun 11-Jul-21 18:08:43


Artaylor. Were you not disappointed by the end of GOT’s. I still haven’t got over it and haven’t rewatched the whole series, something I was planning to do. I usually watched each series several times but haven’t rewatched series 8.

Hi MayBee I havent seen Series 8 of GoT's yet. We've just got round to rewatching the whole Series from the beginning with the intention of including Series 8 in our watch. I'm aware that many many peeps were disappointed in No. 8 and have a fair idea how it pans out. It's probably to do with the lack of a George RR Martin written prepared for it, though looking forward to reriding the roller coaster of a journey on the way to it.
Looking forward to the 2022 (I think) release of the House of The Dragon prequel series. Paddy Considine is in it - he's terrific.

MayBee70 Sun 11-Jul-21 22:03:47

Gosh. Glad I didn’t give too many spoilers away then. Please let me know what you think of series 8. GOT’s had been the best thing I’ve ever seen and I raved about it and recommended it to everyone for years. I’d love to know what you think of the ending.

BHelena Mon 12-Jul-21 21:23:47

Line of Duty
True Detective
Game of Thrones
The Big Bang Theory

BridgetPark Fri 30-Jul-21 20:31:09

Everwood.., I loved that programme so much. Me and DD used to watch it together, lovely gentle viewing with some wonderful storylines.

denbylover Sat 31-Jul-21 02:55:25

Ok here’s ours in no particular order:
Loved loved loved, Gavin & Stacey
All Creatures Great and Small
Darling Buds of May…..what a highlight each week that was!
Call the Midwife
The Repair Shop
Downton Abbey
The Cedar Tree
Family at War
Open all Hours

Have enjoyed so many over the years, we’re in N.Z. and fortunately get quite a few British programs. Keep them coming please.

denbylover Sat 31-Jul-21 02:58:04

Apologies, some of the above much older than the requested 10 years….where on earth does the time go!!

allium Sat 31-Jul-21 03:58:04

Line of Duty and The Night Manager.

nanna8 Sat 31-Jul-21 04:20:05

Line of Duty and A Very English Scandal. I never liked Hugh Grant as an actor until he played Jeremy Thorpe. Superb.

Delila Fri 13-Aug-21 23:34:10


Sweetpeasue Sat 14-Aug-21 00:09:05

As Alima
Happy Valley and
Last Tango in Halifax

Curlywhirly Sat 14-Aug-21 00:14:39

Line of Duty
Derry Girls

Redhead56 Sat 14-Aug-21 00:50:54

Last tango in Halifax
Happy valley
There are more but my memory fails me.

NotSpaghetti Sat 14-Aug-21 01:14:13

The Queen's Gambit
The Bridge
and maybe
Peaky Blinders

Blossoming Sat 14-Aug-21 01:32:15

Game of Thrones

Ro60 Sat 14-Aug-21 01:54:57

10 years ? I'm lucky if I can remember what I had for lunch!

But definitely the Scandinavian ones, especially The Bridge.

With your prompting: Line Of Duty, Killing Eve, Spiral.

A quick look through my tv list also produced:
Martin Lewis, Trust Me I'm A Doctor, 10 Years Younger, Kirstie 's Homemade Christmas, Mrs Brown's Boys, Horizon, Tonight, Baptiste.

Jane43 Sat 14-Aug-21 02:49:44


If I had to pick just one, it would be Game of Thrones. We've just started rewatching it. Everytime - it just takes my breath away.

Others that have been up there for me over the last 10 years

Peaky Blinders
Ripper Street
Call The Midwife
The Vikings
This is England
The A Word
A Very English Scandal
Frankenstein Chronicals
Downton Abbey

Currently very much enjoying season 4 of Fargo.

Perhaps I should give Fargo Season 4 another chance then. I gave up after episode 3.

vegansrock Sat 14-Aug-21 06:14:44

Breaking Bad

emmasnan Sat 14-Aug-21 07:39:18

The Detectorists, Friday night dinner, Killing Eve and Downton Abbey.