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What's your favorite TV show from the past 10 years.

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LittleToasterx Sat 10-Jul-21 20:52:47

Mine is definitely the Walking Dead

paddyann54 Fri 26-Aug-22 15:52:02

I used to love Holby City ,would record a few and binge watch on sleepless nights I do miss it there were some great characters that grew as the years went by .I still haven't watched the last 6 episodes yet ,I'll get around to it sometime .

Doodledog Fri 26-Aug-22 16:18:04



I forgot about This Is England. It's on 4OD and is a treat in store for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Only a 'treat' if you were a skinhead or want to watch skinheads. I'd rather watch something that makes me happy.

I wasn't a skinhead?

And it wasn't about watching skinheads. It was a heartwarming story about a group of young people who grew up across 3 (?) series. They had ups and downs, and some of the downs were low - it was set in Thatcher's Britain, so bits of it weren't easy to watch - but a lot of it was comic gold, and mostly it was human drama.

Also, nobody needs to be a particular 'type' of person to enjoy TV programmes about people of that 'type'. I also enjoyed Downton Abbey, and I am neither a member of the aristocracy nor a servant. As with everything else on this thread, these things are a matter of opinion - we all like different things.

Eloethan Sun 28-Aug-22 00:40:33

Spiral (I felt I knew the characters)
Line of Duty (only the earlier series)
The Virtues (Stephen Graham was phenomenal in this)
The A Word (brilliant soundtrack too)

Doodledog Sun 28-Aug-22 10:58:49

Oh yes, The A Word was excellent.

Glorianny Sun 28-Aug-22 11:07:52

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (last episode last week sad)
Derry Girls
Schitt's creek
Currently watching Only Murders in the building.