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Strictly, Yay! Continued .....

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Sparklefizz Sun 05-Dec-21 20:10:13

We had reached our limit of 1,000 messages.

Sparklefizz Sun 05-Dec-21 20:11:28

but I do wish Adam was still in. If Dan had gone when he should have we might still have had Adam.

Yes, I agree. And Adam had such a strong work ethic that I'm sure he had more to offer.

aggie Sun 05-Dec-21 20:13:23

Such a strong line up , it’s hard to predict a winner

Sweetpeasue Sun 05-Dec-21 20:25:18

Sigh of relief that no good dancer is going home.
So looking forward to semi-final.

Josianne Sun 05-Dec-21 20:36:08

Thankfully the dance off wasn't as nail biting as the Formula One race which delayed my catching up here!
There was no real contest and Dan had to leave.
Did I hear John and Johannes say they were doing "couples choice?" I think that will give them an advantage.

Grannynannywanny Sun 05-Dec-21 20:40:55

I wasn’t confident at the start of the show that Dan would be in the dance off and feared his army of fans might carry him through for another week. So glad he was in the dance off and that AJ survived. Looking forward to a great show next week.

Did you all enjoy the professional dances this evening ? I absolutely loved the opening professional dance last night but the 2 professional dances this evening didn’t excite me at all.

Thanks for opening a new thread Sparklefizz

Kali2 Sun 05-Dec-21 20:43:45

Watching now as we were out last night - wow.

Right decision made, but Dan went out his head high.

GrandmasueUK Sun 05-Dec-21 20:44:32

I’ve only enjoyed a few of the couples dances. I’m afraid I don’t really ‘get’ the story behind the dances. I’m looking forward to the semi-final and will be sorry to see any of them go. Although I am a northerner myself I’m always quite pleased when AJ has run out of breath at the end of her dance and can’t chat with Claudia!

gillgran Sun 05-Dec-21 20:51:32

Goodness, Sparklefizz, onto the next 1,000 messages..!!
Another great programme last night, I always enjoy it.
I think that the judges made the right decision, choosing AJ to go through to the semi-final.
I look forward to the next couple of weeks.

P.S. we're watching the highlights of Grand Prix later tonight, on ch.,4. So thank you for not revealing the result, Josianne. I'd better not look on GN anymore tonight.! smile

Kim19 Sun 05-Dec-21 21:44:20

I want AJ to win with Rose a close second. Hope the lads leave next week.

BigBertha1 Sun 05-Dec-21 22:07:42

Good decision

Casdon Sun 05-Dec-21 22:15:36

For once the voting did follow the performance, I wish it was always like that. AJ was so much better in the dance off than in her first dance tonight.
Claudia usually wears odd outfits, but I thought she looked really good in that silver top tonight too, it suited her.

Calistemon Sun 05-Dec-21 22:26:20


Watching now as we were out last night - wow.

Right decision made, but Dan went out his head high.

Yes, I understand he was a non-dancer when he started.
Well done, Dan.

As for AJ - oh, for legs like hers. I don't know who she is, but wow!

tidyskatemum Sun 05-Dec-21 22:40:42

I really don’t understand the ‘Couples Choice’ dance. It just seems to be an untidy mishmash. As to the finalists, I’m sure it was settled from week 1. AJ and Rose both seem lovely people but I bet they started having lessons the second it was suggested they came on the show. I find the boys tiresome . I’d prefer it if one always took the lead; instead they just seem to be copying each other and there’s no light and shade in their performance.

MerylStreep Sun 05-Dec-21 22:48:08

Everyone who goes on strictly starts having lessons as soon as they know: it’s not a secret.

annodomini Sun 05-Dec-21 23:05:18

It was such a relief when AJ managed to avoid the disaster that overtook her last night! When she finished without mishap, I knew the judges had to choose her. It was good that the voting public at last saved Rhys from the dance-off. He was sensational in the Argentine tango.

tidyskatemum Sun 05-Dec-21 23:05:20

Can they get rid of Motsi please? I can’t stand all the screeching. Cynthia was such a welcome change as a stand-in
- and I think she was a better judge

honeyrose Mon 06-Dec-21 00:34:39

I’m not going to comment too much on who was voted off strictly last night, except to say that the right person went. I just wondered what the difference is between the Tango and the Argentine Tango? Dan (Tango Dan!) and Nadya danced the Tango whilst Rhys and Nancy danced the Argentine Tango. I thought the dances looked pretty similar in style, although the Tango didn’t have the Ganchos (the leg hooking and straightening). The music (on Strictly) for the T seemed more like AT music, I thought. The AT is my absolute favourite dance to watch. I love the drama and the passion of it plus the music is exciting and quite sexy!

Grandmabatty Mon 06-Dec-21 09:18:38

AJ struggles with Latin and John is clumpy with Latin. I don't think he has improved as much as I thought he would. He really suits the strong, powerful dances like Argentine tango and the paso. Rhys is a Duracell bunny which sometimes masks poor footwork. Rose really suits ballroom but she's good at Latin too. I'm not a big fan of couples choice either. It's neither fish nor fowl. Depending on the dance, any one of them could go in the semi final.

Josianne Mon 06-Dec-21 09:31:00

I hope we get a special Christmassey dance in the finals. Don't they usually invite all the contestants back to join in too?

Grannynannywanny Mon 06-Dec-21 10:12:39

I’m looking forward to seeing them all doing 2 dances next week.

grannyactivist Tue 07-Dec-21 20:08:41

I could watch Rose all night long, she just seems to throw herself into every dance with such enthusiasm that she carries me along with her.

I agree with tidyskatemum, I find the dances with John and Johannes too predictable and 'samey'.

AJ is a phenomenal dancer and could make dancing her new career if she chose I'm sure.

Rhys has been a revelation in the way he's matured - his early (over) enthusiastic style has now been tempered with real focus and his dancing is all the better for it I think.

Sparklefizz Sat 11-Dec-21 18:43:05

Everyone ready for Strictly this evening?

I gather John and Johannes are doing their couples dance. I don't think this should be allowed in the semi final as there are no specific dance steps or moves or posture to judge.

TillyTrotter Sat 11-Dec-21 18:49:30

I know what you are saying Sparklefizz but I think it is always difficult to judge say a Latin dance against a Ballroom.
Or a Couples’ Choice.
The Judges points will only count for a proportion of the votes to influence who goes through to the Final - the rest is up to the voting public.
The main thing the Judges will be looking for is mistakes I think, and learning 2 dances in 1 week will be a challenge.

TillyTrotter Sat 11-Dec-21 18:50:17

And “Yes” I have taken a comfy seat and am “Ready” 💃 🕺😊