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The Power Of The Dog - Netflix

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Jane43 Sat 18-Dec-21 11:55:12

For me this was an amazing film, for DH not so much. It is set on a ranch in Montana in the 1920s (but actually filmed in New Zealand) owned by two brothers who have a very close relationship, then one brother meets a woman with a grown up son who is studying to be a doctor, marries her and brings her and her son to live at the ranch . The ensuing relationships between the four main characters make up the story which has a very dramatic conclusion. It is slow moving but, for me, compulsive viewing - the cinematography is amazing as one would expect from a Jane Campion film and the performances from Dominic Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst are exceptional.

Namsnanny Sat 18-Dec-21 12:05:50

Thanks for the recommendation Jane43. I skip read most of your post to the last few words. Only because I like to see a film without many preconceptions. After I've watched it I'll reply more fully.
Thanks again for the reminder.

Dinahmo Sat 18-Dec-21 12:16:53

I've been watching it - 20 minutes left to go. I think it's very good. Interesting that it was filmed in NZ - the landscape is stunning.

Boz Sat 18-Dec-21 13:34:09

Fantastic film. Stay with it because the end is wondeful and you realise the point of the Title.

Urmstongran Sat 18-Dec-21 13:38:45

I read & loved the book last summer. Think it was written in ?1939. So of it’s time. I plan to watch it tonight. Himself would rather stick pins in his eyes.

Aveline Sat 18-Dec-21 16:25:38

Tried to like it but just couldn't. Gave up on it. Sorry. Just not for me. Depressing and boring. Self indulgent producer/director?

Urmstongran Sat 18-Dec-21 21:46:18

Director Jane Campion did Thomas Savages’ book proud. I watched it tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty amazing as tortured Pete.

Dinahmo Sat 18-Dec-21 23:01:14

Finished it just before Strictly. Brilliant film. One thing Brits can do very well is show the rest of the world how to act. America produces film stars but the UK produces actors.

Jane43 Sun 19-Dec-21 00:04:21

I agree Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing, he is such a versatile actor, sorry I got his name wrong in my original post.

glammagran Wed 29-Dec-21 17:37:37

I am generally not a fan of Westerns. And I am so often disappointed with films (recently, hated both The Green Knight and Fanny Lye Deliver’d). I can honestly say this is the best film I’ve seen for years. The ending was very clever and the acting superlative.

Kali2 Wed 29-Dec-21 17:44:04

Honestly, watched it the other night and we all thought 'what on earth was that about' ???

humptydumpty Wed 29-Dec-21 18:00:12

Kali2 worth looking it up with Google to get clear what was going on - we felt a need to watch again as we missed vital clues

Kali2 Wed 29-Dec-21 18:04:21

My dil's comment was 'well that was 2 hours I'll never get back again' ... I don't think I could even consider watching it again, and double that time 'lost'.

Boz Thu 30-Dec-21 12:08:38

This is not an Action movie. It is about psychological warfare with your family in order to be top dog. Very deep themes you need to plug into to enjoy this film. Predict Cumberbatch for Oscar win.

Kali2 Thu 30-Dec-21 19:29:43

Who said it was an 'action movie'?

Urmstongran Thu 30-Dec-21 19:39:04

Yet I might watch it again next week Kali2 I loved it all so much!
Good job we’re all different.

granfromafar Sat 02-Apr-22 23:31:25

Just watched this film on Netflix. So many scenes filmed in poor lighting it was hard to see what was going on. Beautiful scenery, not surprising when I discovered it was filmed in NZ. Had to Google the ending for an explanation!

Kate1949 Sun 03-Apr-22 12:25:22

I might give it a go then. My husband watched it and said it was a load of old tripe.

JaneJudge Sun 03-Apr-22 12:29:15

oh I was going to watch this but accidentally watched the lost daughter instead. Will give it a go

Shandy57 Sun 03-Apr-22 12:32:56

I was put off by the description of 'animal dissection' - is it explicit? I can never unsee things once seen.

Shinamae Sun 03-Apr-22 12:34:06

Got about 25 minutes in then gave up,not for me..

FlexibleFriend Sun 03-Apr-22 12:40:40

I thought it was boring and nearly turned it off a number of times but stuck with it and wished I hadn't.

snowberryZ Sun 03-Apr-22 12:44:32

I didn't like it
I tried to, but found it all a bit self indulgent and all a bit try hard.
And very slow.

SueDonim Sun 03-Apr-22 14:23:03

I recently saw this and loved it. Unusually for me, I realised fairly early on what the denouement was likely to be. I thought the sense of menace was palpable. It received mixed reviews from others in my house, I will admit!

My memory might be misleading me as it’s more than 40 years since I saw it, but it reminded me a bit of Clint Eastwood’s film The Beguiled.

granfromafar Sun 03-Apr-22 16:11:58


oh I was going to watch this but accidentally watched the lost daughter instead. Will give it a go

I didn't think a lot of the Lost Daughter either! What did you make of it JaneJudge?