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Impeachment(Spoilers )

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Pepper59 Thu 30-Dec-21 20:01:52

Given that this was briefly mentioned on the British Scandal thread. Im interested to know what everyone thought who watched Impeachment. It made me see the Clintons in a whole new light. I was absolutely horrified by what Monica went through in that hotel. What a terrifying experience. Does anyone know what became of Paula, or Joanna? I felt sorry for Paula and Joanna. I was quite shocked by both their stories. I do remember Monica being vilified in the media.

Ilovecheese Thu 30-Dec-21 20:18:43

So much bullying, no one really cared about the women, they had their own agenda to get rid of Clinton, not because of his sleasiness (is that a word?) but because of his politics. I felt a bit sorry for Linda Tripp as well, although what she did was unforgivable.

Parsley3 Thu 30-Dec-21 20:20:31

I watched it. It is another example of women being made to carry the can while the men (Clinton in this case) get off lightly. Monica Lewinsky was indeed vilified and has to live with the notoriety to this day. But then someone will be along to accuse her of only having herself to blame, being old enough to know better, only in it for the money, being a good actress etc etc.
It is sickening really.

Ilovecheese Thu 30-Dec-21 20:23:12

I agree Parsley3

Aveline Thu 30-Dec-21 20:44:02

I enjoyed it but as they showed it, it was all very innocent. She just came over as a nice girl with a bit of a crush on the president. No steamy stuff at all until hearing about it at the trial. The details were quite a shock.
Linda Tripp was quite a piece of work! Paula was a poor soul.

lemsip Thu 30-Dec-21 21:42:11

yes I've watched it all....... Monica herself was a very attractive 21 year old.. Clinton of course was a well practised piece of sleaze,. she lived in th uk for ten years after the fall out... I copied and pasted what follows

The ex-political intern then moved to the UK where she became a correspondent on Channel 5.

In 2006, Lewinsky graduated with a master of science degree at the London School of Economics.

She spent the next decade in the UK shying away from the spotlight.

Allsorts Thu 30-Dec-21 21:50:47

What dreadful men they are, having their way with young impressionable women, ruining lives, the equally sleazy wives stick by them, despite working for woman's rights, it’s a joke. It’s all power and money. Didn’t watch it, upsets me. I hope it’s come back on the men.

Pepper59 Fri 31-Dec-21 00:20:38

Thank you for the replies, all your opinions are similar to mine. It was an amazing drama, but at times very disturbing too.

Jane43 Fri 31-Dec-21 02:26:36

It was an excellent series. The thing that struck me most in the last episode was that a group of feminists protested about Clinton’s impeachment, I really couldn’t see the logic behind that one. The way Monica was ridiculed and spoken about on television shows was appalling, Clinton seemed to be Teflon coated. I recently watched a Netflix documentary about cancel culture and it was introduced and co-produced by Monica so I was glad to see that she is making her own way in the world.

Sparklefizz Fri 31-Dec-21 09:53:26

I watched it and found it very interesting. You mention the feminists protesting about Clinton's impeachment Jane43 which is bizarre and yet women loved Trump and voted for him, and I could never understand that either.

This series helped me to understand why Hillary stayed with him (ambition).

It was hideous seeing the women, particularly Paula and obviously Monica, manipulated and bullied.

I'm glad to hear that Monica has made her own way in the world. Well done to her.

J52 Fri 31-Dec-21 10:25:10

I enjoyed the series and found it very interesting. I remember the news coverage at the time and this drama certainly filled in some gaps.
Powerful men, ambitious women and a sleazy attempted cover up. I felt sorry for all the victims, all women.

Kate1949 Fri 31-Dec-21 10:33:32

We enjoyed it. If it's true, Monica was treated appallingly and Bill Clinton was awful. Pepper You can Google Paula and Joanna to see what happened to them.

Chestnut Fri 31-Dec-21 10:45:25

It was a great series, I was gripped from start to finish. You can see what happened to all the people by clicking on their names in this article: Wiki article
I felt sorry for Linda Tripp in a way because she seemed to think she was doing the right thing. I have to say if you Google images of the actress Sarah Paulson she looks nothing like her! What clever make up and excellent acting.

henetha Fri 31-Dec-21 10:52:48

I really enjoyed this series, and felt sorry for Monica as she was naive and foolish, but not evil. What a piece of work Bill Clinton was, seducing, lying and getting others to lie for him.
Who needs friends like Linda Tripp, although I realise she may have thought she was doing the right thing.
Altogether fascinating. And the actors were great.

Chestnut Fri 31-Dec-21 10:53:43

I don't know if anyone picked this up, but Monica Lewinsky produced the series as reported here. So presumably the story was told more from her perspective.

lemsip Fri 31-Dec-21 11:30:26

Monica in her forties talking about what happened and how her life is now.

long advert first,

dizzygran Sat 01-Jan-22 10:37:02

Interesting that Clinton was very friendly with Epstein and Maxwell - picture of him having a massage while on Epstein's private jet - sleazy lot

GrammarGrandma Sat 01-Jan-22 11:12:29

It was a brilliant series and both Sarah Paulsen and Binnie Feldstein (?) were superb in the main roles. The actors playing the Clintons were excellent too. But yes, it was horrible that the blame was so heavily cast on the participant who was not married and was in a very junior role to the most powerful man in the world.

greenlady102 Sat 01-Jan-22 11:15:56

But it WAS a we know how factually accurate it was?

lemsip Sat 01-Jan-22 11:25:45

monica was the executive producer on the film

dragonfly46 Sat 01-Jan-22 11:27:49

greenlady Monica was an advisor on the series and a coproducer so certainly from her point of view it was pretty accurate.

Aveline Sat 01-Jan-22 11:30:16

Absolutely no hint of the sexual nature of their relationship was portrayed. Just phone calls and the exchange of gifts. She was shown as an innocent little person which she absolutely could not have been given what she got up to. Monica, as producer, just glossed over that until the transcripts at the end. So, as a drama, it didn't work for me.
The background political stuff was interesting.

Sparklefizz Sat 01-Jan-22 11:32:32

Did you miss all the discussions about oral sex and the semen stain on Monica's dress Aveline ? She was not innocent but naive - there's a difference.

schnackie Sat 01-Jan-22 11:36:27

It was a great series. I was surprised/very impressed to learn that our own (British) Clive Owen played Bill Clinton! I think they made his nose bigger (?) but his accent and acting skills were amazing.

Peff68 Sat 01-Jan-22 11:45:01

I got to say I’m a little torn, yes men involved are all self serving pigs, but at the end of the day the women knew he was married so why would they start anything with him?
It kind of portrayed him in a better light than I think he is, that may be because Monica still has feelings for him even after all that happened? Her character came across a bit silly and weak and I don’t think she was, she was manipulated and bullied though.