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Digging for Britain

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Coastpath Mon 10-Jan-22 09:38:52

I've found this show fascinating and can really recommend it. Some exciting finds, interesting characters and lots of history from some amazing archeological digs.

I always enjoy Alice Robert's shows.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 10-Jan-22 09:42:27

She’s brilliant. Love her programmes.

Juliet27 Mon 10-Jan-22 09:48:38

Tonight’s looks fascinating!

Juliet27 Mon 10-Jan-22 09:49:10

Sorry, tomorrow night’s !

MiniMoon Mon 10-Jan-22 10:26:09

I love anything related to history and archaeology. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a little girl.
These programmes are a fascinating look at life long ago.
Tomorrow night's programme looks fascinating, an ichthyosaur, my goodness!

Witzend Mon 10-Jan-22 10:28:25

There’s an article about that ‘sea dragon’ in today’s Times, with a photo. It was enormous!
Looking fwd to the programme.

Kali2 Mon 10-Jan-22 10:30:32

The one in Rutland?

Yes, Alice is amazing.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 10-Jan-22 10:31:00

That was my ambition too MM. Apart from her knowledge and excellent communication skills, something I like about AR is that she’s always wearing the same outfits, not like some I could mention. And doesn’t mind getting messy.

M0nica Mon 10-Jan-22 16:10:07

love it, love it, love it.

AreWeThereYet Mon 10-Jan-22 16:12:08

Love these programs. Mr A isn't that interested in any archaeology programs unless Alice is presenting 😄

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 10-Jan-22 16:35:35

Funny that AreWeThereYet. My husband always takes a great interest in her programmes and never fails to take note of what colour her hair is this time. Hmmm…

Coastpath Mon 10-Jan-22 16:44:13

A few years ago I was in our chip shop in Bristol and a girl leant her bike against the window and came in to buy some chips.

We started talking and she was absolutely lovely - it was Alice Roberts!!! Just as smiley, friendly and chatty in real life as on telly.

Kali2 Mon 10-Jan-22 16:46:43

Can't wait for the BBC2 documentary tomorrow evening about the Rutland dinosaur.

Casdon Mon 10-Jan-22 17:56:49

I love Digginf for Britain, and it’s all happening in Rutland, the Roman villa find in the crop field was also in Rutland, and that was the ‘find of the year’ for archaeologists in the UK.

M0nica Tue 11-Jan-22 22:40:01

I have one niggle with Digging for Britain, it is the seemingly interminable introduction. It is exactly the same introduction at the start of each programme and seems to last at least 5 minutes, if not longer.

lemongrove Tue 11-Jan-22 22:56:07

I love this series.I think Alice Roberts brings a freshness and enthusiasm to history.
The Rutland Water ‘find’ is amazing.

MayBeMaw Tue 11-Jan-22 23:10:35

That Ichthyosaur must have been huuuuuuuuuuge!

M0nica Wed 12-Jan-22 08:00:54

Over 10 metres they reckoned!

TillyTrotter Wed 12-Jan-22 08:06:34

That ichthyosaur was unbelievable! To see the film shots from the air showed just how large it was.

Brilliant programme, absorbing and informative from start to end. Recommend it to anyone who has not yet tuned in.

MiniMoon Wed 12-Jan-22 10:01:25

There is so much to learn from the earth beneath our feet. Light is now being shed upon the Dark Ages.
I am so lucky to live 2 miles from Hadrians wall. It has its 1900th anniversary this year, and all sorts of activities and events are being planned along the length of the wall.
The ichthiosaur was indeed huge, does anyone know when and where it will be displayed after cleaning and examining?

TillyTrotter Wed 12-Jan-22 10:12:22

MiniMoon …….

Caleo Wed 12-Jan-22 13:00:07

I tried to imagine that ichthyosaur's length as compared with the total length of my house and garden . Not a beast I'd want to cuddle!

Caleo Wed 12-Jan-22 13:02:20

I live in the English Midlands, and tried to imagine my house site under sea water. I wonder if there is a map that shows the extent of the sea as compared with higher land in what was the island of Britain.

Witzend Wed 12-Jan-22 18:35:30

Must say I was disappointed in that programme - I had thought there’d be much more about the ichthyosaur. (Sp?).

Hetty58 Wed 12-Jan-22 18:42:03

I really enjoy these programmes and like Alice Roberts, just wish there was more archaeology on TV.