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The Bay on ITV

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Sparklefizz Sat 15-Jan-22 15:12:09

Anyone watching The Bay? It's a bit weird as they've cast a grown man to play a schoolboy, and he's not even boyish-looking. I've googled the actor and he's 25 but quite honestly looks more like 30, yet is supposed to be about 16.

He's deaf so it's really good to see a deaf actor and to see other actors signing to him, but the age differential from the character he's playing is just a bit creepy.

Pittcity Sat 15-Jan-22 15:22:53

I thought that was weird. His Mum looks younger than him.

Welshwife Sat 15-Jan-22 15:24:56

Just what DH said about the mum! We have not watched previous series so just getting to grips with this one.

Gwyneth Sat 15-Jan-22 15:28:29

I watched The Bay too and couldn’t believe how old the sixth form student looked. I thought he looked about 30 actually. I thought the formula was very tired. It was trying too hard to tick all the diversity boxes and just didn’t work. Single parent with a chaotic personal life, stressed out etc. I thought it very unlikely that a FLO would just walk in and be able to sign. The new police officer Jen was very uncaring towards the driver she had just driven into the back of she didn’t even ask if he was ok. If I had been the family who had just lost their son I think I would have asked both the FLOs to leave they really were very irritating.

Gwyneth Sat 15-Jan-22 15:37:16

And yes I agree it was good to see a deaf actor but as I said earlier unlikely that a FLO would just walk in and be able to Sign. That isn’t real life unfortunately.

grandMattie Sat 15-Jan-22 16:44:33

We found the previous one rather silly but we’re prepared to give this one a chance. We decided about half way that it wasn’t for us…

Calendargirl Sat 15-Jan-22 17:02:23

Glad I’m not the only one who thought the actor playing the 16 year old looked totally miscast. I thought it must be my eyes!

Doodledog Sat 15-Jan-22 17:05:21

Oh, I wondered why he had a school blazer on! I didn't realise he was a schoolboy?

Kim19 Sat 15-Jan-22 18:04:04

I persevered all the way through. Boring, predictable and many attempts at 'woke' as I understand it. I won't be revisiting.

Purplepixie Sat 15-Jan-22 19:24:21

It is good to see a deaf actor and sign language but come one? He looks way too old for the part.

Also The previous Bay "family" had problems and this one is just the same. A single mum with 2 children with a bloke who clearly has a daughter who doesnt want to be there. Same old, same old. I am going to give this series a miss.

I have been watching The Disappearance on My5 and really enjoying it.

Doodledog Sat 15-Jan-22 19:29:53

I watched all of the Bay on catchup, and was driven to distraction when the end of an episode continued to the beginning of a non-consecutive one. I'd get to the end of episode three, for instance, and it would start to play episode two. Because of the flashback at the beginning of each one, it took a while to realise what had happened, and then I had to sit through the adverts again (I hadn't realised that it was on Britbox with no ads).

Spoiler - it really isn't worth sticking with it. The ending is frustrating.

mumofmadboys Sat 15-Jan-22 22:32:57

I have watched 4 episodes of this new series. I agree the school lad looks at least 30 odd and is miscast. However I am really enjoying it.

Doodledog Sat 15-Jan-22 22:36:45

Are you watching on the ITV hub? If so, does it keep playing the wrong episode after the ad breaks?

mumofmadboys Sun 16-Jan-22 00:03:04

Yes, watching on the hub. No, the episode just continues after each advert break

mokryna Sun 16-Jan-22 00:39:00

Nadeem Islam, the actor playing the 16 year old, is said on the web, to be 25 years old.

BlueBelle Sun 16-Jan-22 06:41:47

That was the first thing I noticed… a very old child I cannot be live there are no teenagers in the whole country that could play that part it made it ridiculous
I hope things are going to improve

autumnsun Sun 16-Jan-22 14:18:12

The worst thing about that programme was the fact that none of the characters were in the least bit likable

Doodledog Sun 16-Jan-22 14:36:26


Yes, watching on the hub. No, the episode just continues after each advert break

Hmm. I wonder what was going wrong with mine, then. (I'm pleased it worked properly for you though ?)

love0c Sun 16-Jan-22 17:01:55

Really enjoyed the first two series. A bit disappointed to find not the same police character. Watched the first two episodes and it is ok really. A bit 'woke' but then everything seems to be nowadays, unfortunately!

Barmeyoldbat Sun 16-Jan-22 17:40:03

Enjoyed the first series and also the first episode of the new one, even though the 16 year old boy looks older

Sarnia Mon 17-Jan-22 11:47:28

It has definitely 'lost' something from the previous 2 series. Shame because it used to be very good.

NanKate Wed 09-Feb-22 10:57:52

What a disappointment. Watched up to episode 4 and then decided I didn’t like the characters, the casting of the schoolboy son was laughable. The mother kept drinking but never appeared drunk, other when she was found on the floor. All in all a waste of time.

Bea65 Wed 09-Feb-22 11:04:39

Sparklefizz, totally agree with the actor playing the schoolboy looks mid 20s+..and agree NanKate, that amount of vodka would have me in A&E!

annsixty Wed 09-Feb-22 11:46:22

Watched it all now.
Not up to previous series.
Too many “happy endings “ unlike real life.
Not all of course, after all murder took place .

Calendargirl Thu 17-Feb-22 11:01:11

Watched the last one last night.

Have to say I had lost track of who might have murdered Saif, but afraid I wasn’t really interested. The whole series was rather a mess.

At the closing credits it announced there would be a fourth series. I won’t hold my breath.

As an aside, I thought the mother of the university graduate, the ex wife of the detective in charge of the case, (can’t remember their names) was rather mean not to have told him he needed to book a place at the graduation ceremony. I suppose she was hoping he wouldn’t go.