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Dancing on Ice starts tonight

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Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 11:33:20

Just that - I enjoy this almost as much as Strictly.
It's on at 6.30pm on ITV.

HeavenLeigh Sun 15-Jan-23 11:36:42

It’s my fav, really looking forward to it, just got to find out who are taking part I can only remember three, Patsy Palmer who I love, Joey Essex and Michelle Heaton

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 11:39:35

I love watching the skating and I think they're so brave to attempt some of the moves. I can't watch the headbanger and think it should be banned!

HeavenLeigh Sun 15-Jan-23 11:42:21

I must admit I agree Sparklefizz I have to look the other way when they attempt the headbanger, so dangerous

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 12:07:55

Needing to have trust is mentioned a lot on Strictly regarding the lifts, but absolute trust is needed if you're the woman in the headbanger. I know they practice wearing helmets to start with.

gillgran Sun 15-Jan-23 15:16:23

Thank you for starting this, Sparklefizz. I, also, love this programme, ( as I do Strictly). (Agree with you on the headbanger, even the name is scary)!! shock

I've no idea who's on it, look forward to finding out, & then getting to know them! smile

Chardy Sun 15-Jan-23 17:04:15

Thanks for the heads up. I'll record it.

Joane123 Sun 15-Jan-23 18:20:02

Thank you. I am really looking forward to it.

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 18:42:00

Joey a bit full of himself at the start, but actually skated quite well for his first attempt, and I love Mac the Knife song.

Joane123 Sun 15-Jan-23 19:32:08

Enjoyed Joey, think he will get better.
Note to Ekin-Su - this is Not Love Island!

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 19:40:43

Anyone watching?

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 19:41:50

Nile was brilliant. I love Olympians - they have a magnificent work ethic and listen to constructive criticism and go off to work on it.

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 19:47:33

Have you voted Joane? We get 5 free votes online which is 2 more than I expected.

Joane123 Sun 15-Jan-23 19:48:56

Yes, voted for Nile - he was so good.

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 19:50:34

Me too.

Joane123 Sun 15-Jan-23 19:56:45

His story touched my heart.

Loved the professionals at the end, the guys are wonderful.

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 20:01:59

I hope Ekin Su goes home. I know the name but I've never watched Love Island and I just haven't taken to her tonight and didn't particularly enjoy her skating.

Barberdice Sun 15-Jan-23 20:29:09

I did watch Love Island and Ekin Su came across as a lovely person and went on to win the show. Maybe her outfit and sexy antics didn't go down well with the voters but it seems unfair if that's the reason for not voting for her. The production team obviously wanted her to perform as she did and wear what she did to pull in the viewers and get them talking.
It no doubt worked and poor Ekin Su now finds herself in the dance off undeservedly.

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 21:33:31

That's interesting, Barberdice, but did you think her skating was better than the others and vote for her?

Someone has to be in the dance off after all.

Ohmother Sun 15-Jan-23 22:59:14

She may be a nice girl but I feel whoever encouraged her to nearly wear that outfit and do the titillating actions was out of order for a family show. Save it for the later Naked Dancing On Ice Attraction which no doubt will be produced in a couple of years time when this wanes. Poor girl.

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jan-23 10:58:30

There have been over 100 complaints about Ekin Su's routine and costume last week so I imagine she will leave the show this evening. She didn't do much skating anyway.

gillgran Sun 22-Jan-23 17:44:40

I'm planning to watch the whole programme tonight. Last week we had visitors, so I only got to see the first one, (Joey Essex?} & the last one, (Nile ?}?

I've booked my armchair in front of the TV...
Did I hear that Jane & Chris are on the ice tonight?

lemsip Sun 22-Jan-23 18:38:57

i see more complaints coming over that outfit

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jan-23 18:47:48

Yes. (I assume you mean The Viv's?)

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jan-23 18:50:41

John Fashanu did hardly any actual skating!