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Dancing on Ice starts tonight

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Sparklefizz Sun 15-Jan-23 11:33:20

Just that - I enjoy this almost as much as Strictly.
It's on at 6.30pm on ITV.

Barberdice Sun 22-Jan-23 19:00:19

The outfit Ekin Su wore was a similar outfit to the one Britney Spears wore in the video of the song which Ekin Su skated to. She performed to the requirements of the shows producers. She didn't do much skating due to being ill when they needed to be practising. As for the outfit and complaints being made, can't see the problem when there's hundreds of women on holiday on beaches far and wide, revealing much more.

lemsip Sun 22-Jan-23 19:04:10

oh, so pleased to see molly gallagher or 'nina' from corrie on the show. what a lovely young girl.

lemsip Sun 22-Jan-23 19:07:01

and I see that 'maria' samia is watching over her husband sylvain.

Nanatoone Sun 22-Jan-23 19:14:13

Watching it on catch up and oh dear John Fashanu good effort. All
I can say.

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jan-23 19:36:05

Carley was terrific.

gillgran Sun 22-Jan-23 19:45:51

I was pleased to see & hear Holly speak to & praise Dan Whiston & Karen Barber. They both put a lot of work in during training. Dan was always my favourite when skating (as a professional) with a partner).

gillgran Sun 22-Jan-23 19:59:22

As always, I loved to see Jane & Chris on the ice, (Was their bit pre-recorded)?

Ohmother Sun 22-Jan-23 20:06:53


She may be a nice girl but I feel whoever encouraged her to nearly wear that outfit and do the titillating actions was out of order for a family show. Save it for the later Naked Dancing On Ice Attraction which no doubt will be produced in a couple of years time when this wanes. Poor girl.

Thank goodness they didn’t ask her to pout her way through this week and actually wear something appropriate. She looked nervous but she’s rightly through to next week. Well done. 👍🏻

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jan-23 20:35:16

gillgran Yes, I think Jayne and Chris's skating was recorded. Also I agree with your comment re Dan and Karen. I always remember Dan's ice dance with Hayley back in the day. Absolutely fantastic.

So the right person has gone through and we're on to next week.

Charleygirl5 Sun 22-Jan-23 22:32:17

I did not recognise Karen Barber because of the amount of work she has had done to her face. Dan always was a lovely young man.

Joane123 Sun 22-Jan-23 22:42:29

Good to see Dan and Karen and I enjoyed the show.
The right person went home, such a lovely man John Fashanu, what a big man; he did well.
Looking forward to next week.

Sparklefizz Fri 27-Jan-23 08:35:41

I have just read that the rules are going to be changed this week and there will be no skate-off and thus hopes of being saved by the judges. The person to leave each week will be the one with the lowest votes ie. the judges' and public's votes added together.

VB000 Fri 27-Jan-23 11:14:07


Carley was terrific.

And nice to see the gorgeous Danny Mac (her husband) again!

Sparklefizz Fri 27-Jan-23 11:50:29

Yes, lovely Danny Mac!

Sparklefizz Sun 29-Jan-23 18:09:56

Starts at 6.25pm tonight. No skate-off from now on.

Joane123 Sun 29-Jan-23 19:04:45

No skate-off! Oh dear.
I can see Michelle Heaton being the one to go home tonight. I will be so sorry to see that. She has been through such a lot and her skating wasn't that bad at all.
We will see.

Sparklefizz Sun 29-Jan-23 19:27:07

Yes, poor Michelle ... but she might be safe because Darren wasn't great nor Ekin-Su.

Joane123 Sun 29-Jan-23 20:05:31

How sad Michelle has gone. Should have been Darren or Ekin-Sue. Mind you I never agree with the result (I never got over the lovely Adam Peaty being voted off Strictly!)

Sparklefizz Sun 29-Jan-23 20:38:30

Yes. I remember Adam Peaty well.

gillgran Sun 29-Jan-23 23:07:33

I had to watch on catch up tonight, so just seen tonight's DOI.

Really enjoyed it, (as usual), the music was great, shows my age, that I loved them originally.!! smile

I couldn't choose between the bottom 3, on who should have gone home, (or not). I wonder who the judges would have chosen if it had gone to a skate off?

Roll on next week.

Did I miss a (romantic) story about Joey Essex & his partner?

Sparklefizz Mon 30-Jan-23 08:40:10

Did I miss a (romantic) story about Joey Essex & his partner?

I don't know, and I've never seen Joey in anything (although I've heard of him) but I did notice he seemed very flirty right from the beginning when he was first introduced.

gillgran Mon 30-Jan-23 11:30:13

Ref., Joey Essex, I thought that Holly, Phil & the judges were teasing him, Joey grinned & said he wasn't confirming anything.!!

Sparklefizz Sun 05-Feb-23 19:30:47

Anyone watching tonight? The skate off is back.

TillyTrotter Sun 05-Feb-23 19:35:19

Yes, watching.
I think the male celebs are outshining the females. Love Nile Wilson’s enthusiasm and I hope he wins.

Sparklefizz Sun 05-Feb-23 19:43:28

Yes. I agree.
I never knew cheer leading was a dance form! 🙄