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mamaa Wed 22-Feb-23 22:55:11

For those of us who have enjoyed this show and might not be aware that the final series consisting of 2 two hourly episodes is due to be shown with episode 1 this coming Sunday 26th Feb, and the final episode the following Sunday, 5th March.
Yet another great series coming to an end…

mamaa Wed 22-Feb-23 23:00:25

Actually I’ve misinformed you as it’s 3 episodes, last one being on the 12th- sorry about that. See link below

Eloethan Wed 22-Feb-23 23:13:31

Thank you for that information. I watched Sunday's Endeavour, which I had seen before and the plot of which I was able to vaguely remember.

It was quite a ridiculous plot really but I still enjoyed it. The acting is so good and Morse and Thursday's relationship is very touching.

I seem to recall that I found the most recent series, which I think must have been about four years ago, had some seriously silly plots and I was rather disappointed to see it going downhill. Sometimes it's good to know when to stop. I hope the last three episodes end on a high note.

Calendargirl Thu 23-Feb-23 07:22:01

Yes, the last series was not so good, poor plots.

I agree it had better finish before it goes off.

Clawdy Sun 26-Feb-23 22:36:17

Thought tonight's was good, great to see the familiar faces back. And such a feeling of sadness, knowing Morse will end up alone.

Callistemon21 Sun 26-Feb-23 23:08:12


Thought tonight's was good, great to see the familiar faces back. And such a feeling of sadness, knowing Morse will end up alone.

Yes, it's rather poignant, knowing the ending!
Although it may not be the ending as Strange doesn't marry Joan, does he?

Calendargirl Mon 27-Feb-23 07:32:18

And such a feeling of sadness, knowing Morse will end up alone

Well yes, but he had a lot of flings along the way!

Forsythia Mon 27-Feb-23 09:36:41

Sorry this series is ending forever. We love watching it and very little on the box these days to compare. We shall miss it. Fine acting from them all. Will enjoy the last two episodes and then I guess it will be on catch up or itv3 eventually.

LRavenscroft Mon 27-Feb-23 11:22:34

I have really enjoyed all the Endeavour episodes and feel that the acting and camera work are of a very high standard with good storylines. Not sure if it is me getting older but it is one of the few UK dramas I can immerse myself in. I find a lot of modern dramas run along the same lines and I automatically 'switch off'. Hey! Ho!

Aveline Mon 27-Feb-23 17:25:47

I enjoyed it. I wish I could remember the background to all the comments about him having been in the West country. Drying out? I know I've seen every episode but I just can't remember.

Sparklefizz Mon 27-Feb-23 18:04:29

He was suffering from burnout and drinking very heavily, and on the way to becoming an alcoholic.

Calendargirl Sun 05-Mar-23 20:54:18

There doesn’t look to be a lot of passion between Joan and Jim Strange!


merlotgran Sun 05-Mar-23 22:14:23

I wish I could remember everything that happened at the end of the last series.

Clawdy Sun 05-Mar-23 22:34:37

I couldn't remember the ending of the last series really, so got a bit confused tonight. Glad they rounded up the Bullingdon mob, though!

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Mar-23 22:48:49

Wow, what an episode!

Yes, you did need to know several back stories! I'm an addict/frequent viewer so they made sense...

It was iirc not the end of the last series, the shootout at the stately home, but at least 2 back re the bodies dug up.

What a shock at the end seeing the young "dead" copper return to life. and the everlasting sadness with Endeavour and Joan.

Rosalyn69 Mon 06-Mar-23 06:37:02

I found it very hard work and fell asleep during last nights episode. 🙄

Allsorts Mon 06-Mar-23 06:58:27

I missed the dead young copper return to life I’m afraid. I enjoy it, but hate the gory bits in everything, think the series has stopped at the right time though.

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 17:42:08

I'm pretty confused. I don't remember anything about that big case that was covered up.

LadyGracie Mon 06-Mar-23 19:12:46

I don’t remember what happened in the last series either, we’re going to have to watch it again.

Wyllow3 Mon 06-Mar-23 19:19:19

After a bit of blurb and viewing figures, this website gives you the back stories on each series, it might help to pick up on the key themes now all being drawn to a close.

Wyllow3 Mon 06-Mar-23 19:27:14

Aveline iirc....a neighbouring division was involved in some very high level corruption based upon a stately home. Last epidote of that series Endeavour and Thursday end up in that home in a shoot out. Thursday gets shot, but Endeavour is set up as the shooter by the corrupt high ups and ends up in prison. the truth never comes out, but Endeavour has been beavering away on it and suspects many boeis buried in the grounds, and they were found in the last episode, along with a nasty intervention by officers from that division beating Endeavour up a bit. (making Endeavour miss a vital "date" with Joa Thursday, about to get married)

Its now "all come out", and our heroes are determined at any cost to bring the corrupt officers to justice. At the last minute Endeavour opens the door to an officer who was presumed dead in earlier series.....(he had a romance going with the rather nice aptly named Constable Trewlove)

Wyllow3 Mon 06-Mar-23 19:27:58

(Forgive sp's)

Charleygirl5 Mon 06-Mar-23 19:28:15

I also was lost because I had missed at least two episodes of the last series. I will miss it when it finishes next week.

Rosina Mon 06-Mar-23 19:32:12

Wyllow unless I have got this confused, the officer who turned up last night at the end was the colleague who had gone to America and married. Endeavour saw him off at the bus station and gave him some premium bonds for his expected baby. He was one of the abused boys at the hall - can't remember the name, somthing 'Vale' - and he was still extremely traumatised and couldn't bear to even discuss it with Morse.

Wyllow3 Mon 06-Mar-23 19:44:25

Oh yes Rosina! I can exactly picture it now, the coach and the gift.

so who was the officer who got shot and had been in love with Trewlove?